TC57 Overview by R0p7u6K


									 TC57 Overview
Presented 12 June 2008
   Vasteras, Sweden
           WG13 – EMS API
Convener - Terry Saxton, Xtensible Solutions
The principal task of the IEC 61970 series of
  standards is to develop a set of guidelines and
  standards to facilitate (1) the integration of
  applications developed by different suppliers in
  the control center environment and (2) the
  exchange of information to systems external to
  the control center environment.
              WG14 Scope
Convener - Greg Robinson, Xtensible
Scope - The IEC 61968 series of standards
 facilitate inter-application integration of the
 various distributed software application
 systems supporting the management of
 utility electrical distribution networks.
 Utilities often refer to this as standards-
 based enterprise application integration.
              WG16 Scope
Convener – Jim Waight, Siemens
Scope -
  – Develop Standards for Electricity Market
  – Promote use of TC 57 CIM as basis for
    communications standards
               WG19 Scope
Convener – Paul Skare, Siemens
Scope: Interoperability within TC 57
Vision: (1) All new TC57 standards should
  use/extend the CIM as the common semantics
  for their configuration/engineering modeling, and
  61850 for [SCADA oriented / IED / field]
  communications. (2) Other existing standards
  would likely take a mapping approach. (3) Foster
  a common data modeling approach across TC
  Important Standardization Activities
Standards &
 Technology      Open                                              Component Container
___________    Application              TC57                          Technology
  ISO ODP        Group                                             _________________
    IEEE                 WG3            Hydro Power                   CORBA (OMG)
   CIRED                 RTUs           Plants                     Enterprise Java Beans
                                                                   COM/DCOM (Microsoft)
  Open GIS                                            WG17
                                    CAG             Distributed
DistribuTECH                     WG 19: Arch        Resources
   GITA                         WG 15: Security

   T&D                  WG14
                                                    WG 10
  CIGRE                                           Substations
                                   WG 13, 16                       UCA2
          Service                    EMS
                     EPRI                                          Project
            Bus                                            OLE
                    CIM Planning                         Process
                    Project                              Control
                             Object       UCA             (OPC)
                             Mgmt.      User Group

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