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					                             COCONINO COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                  PROGRAM OUTLINE
Prepared by:        Monica Baker; Joseph Costion                                              Date: April 12, 2010

A. Program Title:              Associate of Applied Science in Electricity

B. Program Type:               Occupational/Technical

C. Catalog Description: The Associate of Applied Science in Electricity is a 4 year apprenticeship program run in
partnership with Northern Arizona Electrical Contractors Association (NAECA). Students wishing to enroll in this
program must become an apprentice with NAECA. The apprenticeship program provides students with training in
the electrical field and enables students to work as electricians.

D. Program Outcomes:           Students who complete the Associate of Arts in Electricity will be able to:
       Read blueprints
       Plan construction jobs
       Select materials
       Select and use correct tools
       Install electrical systems and equipment
       Solve electrical construction related problems on the job site
       Understand and apply the National Electric Code
       Sit for the state electrical licensing examinations
       Gain certification by the National Center for Construction, Education and Research (NCCER)

E. Program Outcomes Assessment:

F. Program Requirements:
   Minimum credit hours required:                         60 credit hours

        1.     Degrees
               a. General Education Core Requirements:             25-26

                                                 Prefix/Number                                Credit Hours
                      (1)   Composition:         ENG 101                                      3
                                                 ENG 102                                      3
                      (2)   Mathematics:         MAT 142                                      3

                      (3)   Arts/Humanities:                                               6
                            Any approved General Education courses in the Arts/Humanities category

                      (4)   Social/Behavioral:                                             6
                            Any approved General Education courses in the Social/Behavioral Science category

                      (5)   Lab Science:                                                   4-5
                            Any approved General Education course in the Physical/Laboratory Science category.

               b.     Degree Core Requirements:     credit hours
                      (1) Required:           35
                          ETC 107 Mathematics for Electricians                                     3
                          ETC 110 Commercial & Industrial Electrical 1                             4
                          ETC 120 Commercial & Industrial Electrical 2                             4
ETC 130   Commercial & Industrial Electrical 3   4
ETC 140   Commercial & Industrial Electrical 4   4
ETC 250   Commercial & Industrial Electrical 5   4
ETC 260   Commercial & Industrial Electrical 6   4
ETC 270   Commercial & Industrial Electrical 7   4
ETC 280   Commercial & Industrial Electrical 8   4

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