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									Todos Argos Mini II

Secure identification of the end user and secure data transmission require smart cards of
different security levels. Todos Argos Mini II handles everything from memory cards to the
most advanced asymmetric smart cards for Digital Signatures within a PKI environment.
Todos Argos Mini II is a cost-efficient smart card reader for use with PKI based digital
ID cards, eBanking/eCommerce (EMV cards), Access Control, Loading Electronic
Purse etc. Argos Mini II has a flat design and weighs less than 100 grams including
envelope, thus it is optimised for mass distribution by ordinary mail. Minimum need
for support due to full Microsoft Update compatibility ensures a low life cycle cost.
Todos Argos Mini II is very small, thin and light, and need almost
no desk space at all. Rubber feet provides a steady grip.
Todos Argos Mini II is very easy to install. Simply plug in the USB cable to your computer.
Argos Mini II is certified by USB and listed at Argos Mini II is approved by
Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs, meaning that necessary drivers are supported
by Windows Update and available through Windows for 2000/Vista and XP. The USB port
provides Argos Mini II with sufficient power for reading/writing all types of smart cards.
We can offer OEM/ODM co-operation for the Todos Argos Mini II smart card reader if requested.

Benefits                                                          Dimensions
•	   Easy installation, drivers available                         •	   Width: 73 mm
     on Windows Update
                                                                  •	   Depth: 55 mm
•	   Reads and writes a wide
     variety of card types                                        •	   Height: 14 mm
•	   Multiple useful purposes, such as internet                   •	   Weight: 55 g
     banking, shopping and access control.
•	   Cost effective distribution and support, due
     tp small size and simplicity of installation.                Included
                                                                  •	   Software: PC/SC drivers available for
                                                                       Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Technical specifications
                                                                  •	   Windows 2000/XP driver/Vista updates
•	   Reads and writes smart cards according                            available via Windows Update
     to ISO-7816 and EMV 2000
                                                                  •	   Fixed USB cable
•	   Connection to PC using USB cable
                                                                  •	   Mac support
•	   2 LED:s indicate status for power on/off

     and card inserted/not inserted

For further information about the Todos, the eCode system and our solutions, please contact us at
Todos AB    Fiskhamnsgatan 2      SE-414 58 Göteborg Sweden    tel +46 31 775 88 00

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