6th industrial revolution test study guide by R0p7u6K


									6th Industrial Revolution


            Match each item with the correct statement below.
____    1. designed a steam engine to power machines
____    2. invented the first telephone
____    3. His discovery led to the invention of electric generators.
____    4. believed angry workers would rise up and overthrow capitalism
____    5. an invention which used foot power to spin a wheel to thread cotton into yarn
____    6. he invented the assembly line
____    7. invented the first airplane
____    8. invented the Cotton gin
____    9. invented the power loom
____ 10. an efficient means of mass producing goods by having workers assemble parts on a moving conveyor belt

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 11. The Industrial Revolution began officially in
____ 12. One of the causes of the Industrial Revolution was a movement that allowed landowners to fence off their
         land, called
____ 13. Which two natural resources did Great Britain have in large supply that helped fuel the rise of industry there?
____ 14. The ____ transported raw materials, finished goods, and people faster and cheaper than any other early
____ 15. This was one of the first industries that grew rapidly as a result of the Industrial Revolution.
____ 16. The rapid growth of cities during the Industrial Revolution was called
____ 17. Which of the following was an invention created by Thomas Edison?
____ 18. This man, along with Friedrich Engels, wrote The Communist Manifesto.
____ 19. Workers sometimes formed these to defend and protect their rights as employees.
____ 20. Which of the following is the belief that competition among social classes is harmful to society?.
____ 21. These were individuals who were violently opposed, or against, industrialization.
____ 22. Which of the following WAS NOT a consequence of the Industrial revolution?
____ 23. Which of the following describes what life was like in Europe before the Industrial Revolution?
____ 24. Which of the following was the result of worker dissatisfaction and unsafe conditions in factories?
____ 25. Which of the following terms is money or wealth used in business, manufacturing, or trade?

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