Sequel to Success: The Follow-up to Abatis Systems

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					Sequel to Success: The Follow-up to Abatis Systems
Casewriter: Michael Crump

Case Abstract                                                                 9B04M040
After selling their high-tech company, three entrepreneurs decided to form an angel
investor group. The process of generating and researching new business ideas narrows
their search to two possibilities: a technology for Internet data centres and a new
supercomputer. Both projects were discussed with venture capitalists that were willing to
fund the project, only if the three partners managed the company. The partners must
decide whether to leave their angel investment group to become full-time entrepreneurs
and which of the two concepts they should pursue.

Teaching Note: 8B04M40
Industry code: Electric & Electronic Equipment Supplies
Issues: Entrepreneurship, New Venture, Technology, New Products
Country: Canada
Size of business: Small
Year of Event: 2002
Pages: 16
Author: Eric Morse, Casewriter: Michael Crump
International based: yes
Entrepreneurial: Yes
Decision Maker: Male
Functional Area: General Management
Difficulty Level: MBA/Post-Graduate and Undergraduate

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