Participation in Government � Assignment One: by R0p7u6K


									Participation in Government – Assignment One:          Know your government!
         Participation in Government is highly student interactive course. You must participate in
discussions and assignments to be successful. Knowing your government and how it works is the necessary
first step. Using the internet or any other source, complete the following assignment. If you do not finish it
in class a due date will be assigned. There is a list of websites at the end of the assignment that may help.
You may copy and paste this assignment directly into Microsoft Word and insert the answers if you choose.

1. The United States has a Federal system of government. What does that mean?

2. Who is the Mayor of Washingtonville?

3. Who is the Town Supervisor of Blooming Grove Supervisor and what is his phone number?

4. Who are the Councilmen of Blooming Grove and what are their phone numbers?

5. There are several Senators who represent the citizens of New York in Albany. They are different from
the U.S. Senators that represent us in the Senate in Washington. Who is our local Senator? What District are
we in? What is his address and phone number?

6. Who is our Assemblyman? What is her address and phone number?

7. Search the New York State Government site and list 3 Legislative Bills. Use their exact citation number
(all bills have a reference number) and briefly describe the intent of the bill. Descriptions should be no more
than 1 -3 sentences.

8. What are the names and political parties of our United States Senators (the ones we send to the Senate in
Washington)? State their address and phone number.

9. Find one news article about each of the above named Representatives (every one in the assignment).
Attach the articles at the end of the assignment. You may use internet articles as well as magazine and
newspaper articles.

10. How many Representatives are in the House of Representatives? How many Senators are in the Senate?

11. Are there more Republicans or Democrats in the House? How about the Senate?

12. The Electoral College actually elects the president. How many electors are there and how many does
New York have?

These websites/Links may help you with this project.                                                                      

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