LIBRARY SCIENCE APPLICATION (must be an 11th or 12th grade student)

Name: ________________________________________

         Library Practice students are expected to shelve books, tutor students on the
         card catalog and other computer services, and publicize new books and library
         services through the web and other software applications. If you are a mature
         student with integrity, good academic skills, solid attendance, and initiative,
         Library Science may be a great elective class for you!

         This is a year long course and is not a class for slackers; former students have
         remarked that this class prepared them for college or the world of work, and they
         benefited from the challenge! Library Science is like other classes; it has class
         objectives, grading criteria, and standards of behavior.
   Please print your current schedule (Class & Instructor’s Name)
1. ___________________________                             _____________________
2. ___________________________                             _____________________
3. ___________________________                             _____________________
4. ___________________________                             _____________________
   What period are you interested in taking Library Science? _______
   Please list three teachers at OHS as recommendations (your work habits,
    attendance, initiative, and ability to work responsibly and independently)
1. _____________________________
2. _____________________________
3. _____________________________

   Interview with the Teacher-Librarian, so we can determine if the class is a good fit for
    you. If it is and there is an opening, we’ll work with your counselor to get you added
    to the class.
   Any questions? ______________________________________________________

   Thank you for your time and interest. After I check your teacher recommendations, I
    get back to you!

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