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                    Buck Lodge Middle School
Volume Number 1                 Issue Number 1                        Fall 2009

 WHAT’S AVID ALL ABOUT?                    level questions to help them discover
                                           solutions rather than to memorize
   Advancement via Individual              facts. Working in collaborative
        Determination                      groups, they will learn how to study
                                           together and share ideas. Reading,
That’s what AVID is. Students who          another important part of AVID, will
have been selected for this program        help them discover the importance of
have shown us that they do want to         reading for pleasure, for gathering
be successful now in middle school,        information, and to increase their
on through high school, and when           understanding in the four core
they enter college. Their goals are        curriculum areas.
grand, and they know they can’t
                                             Students share ideas in 8th grade AVID
reach them without hard work. With
                                                         elective class.
help from trained classroom teachers
and tutors, they are determined to
fulfill their dreams of becoming future
doctors, scientists, lawyers, or
teachers. Seventh and eight grade
students are in the AVID elective


Students in the AVID elective class
                                             WHO ARE AVID TUTORS?
are enrolled for the entire year during
the creative arts block. During this       Our tutor, Mr. Marvin Sotoamaya,
year, they will learn to use four          meets with the eighth grade students
fundamental strategies to help them        in the AVID elective class two or
advance      academically:     Writing,    three times weekly. On those days,
Inquiry, Collaboration, and Reading.       students are expected to arrive in
Known as WIC-R, they will learn to         class with at least two academic
take Cornell notes and write learning      questions prepared on a Tutorial
logs. They will learn to ask higher        Request Form. These questions can
be in any subject area, and students      heads with “right answers”. In a
must be prepared with the                 Socratic Seminar, students try to
appropriate books and notes that          get a deeper understanding of ideas
were taken in class. Through              through dialogue, not debate. The
discovery, they are encouraged to         skills that they learn during these
find solutions under Mr. Sotoamaya’s      seminars are crucial for college
guidance.                                 success.

                                                      Field Trips
                                          It is important for AVID students to
                                          visit colleges to get the “feel” for
                                          what higher education offers.
                                          Throughout the year, every effort will
                                          be made to visit different colleges
                                          that offer a variety of programs to
   AVID Tutor, Mr. Sotoamaya, helps
    students with a math problem.         help AVID students focus on career
                                          choices after high school

   WHAT MORE DOES AVID                          WHAT CAN WE DO?
                                                    PARTICIPATE
      Philosophical Chairs                        ASK QUESTIONS
                                                  SHOW YOU CARE
Students in the AVID elective class
will    have     many     opportunities   Plan to participate in the Parent
throughout the year to participate in     Kickoff Meeting on December 18th
activities like public speaking, team     at 6:00 pm. Have your questions
building, time management, and goal       about the AVID program ready.
setting. An interesting format that we    Meet the AVID teachers and tutor.
will soon learn is Philosophical
Chairs, a discussion activity that is
                                          Watch for further announcements
similar to debate. They will engage in
                                          about this as well as other AVID
dialogue with one another to gain a
                                          activities that will take place this
greater understanding of whatever
                                          year. With your support as well as
topic is presented during the activity.
                                          the resources provided at our school,
                                          each AVID student will be on the
       Socratic Seminars                  road to academic success.

Socrates believed that enabling
students to think for themselves was         Georgianne Brickner, AVID Elective
more important than filling their                   Teacher/Coordinator

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