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					                     Essentials 4 through 8
                AVID Student Portfolio (page 1of 2)
Suggestions for providing evidence of student work for certification.
       Create a student portfolio for each AVID student in your site’s AVID program.
       Have each student include items listed on the “AVID Student Portfolio” checklist
          (p.2) in order of Essentials.
       For the certification evidence check, provide an AVID student portfolio from each
          AVID elective class. Label each portfolio with the AVID Elective teacher’s name,
          grade level and class period.

Suggestions for classroom use of the AVID student portfolio.
       Evidence of goal setting
       Interviews (ex. for transitioning to next grade level, college admissions, scholarships)
       For students’ work to follow them to the next grade level
       End of the year reflection activity (see below)

AVID Year-End Reflection-suggested prompts for written and/or
oral responses

1. Looking at your academic information, how would you describe your growth as a
   student and what goals might you set for next year? (Essentials 4.2-4.8)

2. How have the writing activities in AVID helped you in your other content areas?
   (Essentials 5.1-5.2)

3. Describe how inquiry activities (Philosophical Chair, Socratic Seminar, and others
   supported or helped you as a student. (Essentials 6.1-6.4)

4. Share a positive AVID experience you have had participating in collaborative
   projects, presentations, community service or a leadership experience. (Essentials 7.1-

6. What impact have tutorials had on your academic performance and why? In what
   ways have you grown in the tutorial process?

7. What were some of your greatest academic challenges? How did you address these

8. Describe in detail your greatest academic achievement?
               AVID Student Portfolio (Page 2 of 2)
Name: ________________________ Grade: _______ Year: _______

Essential                     Item                    Fall   Spring
   4.2      Report cards for each grading period              
   4.3      Current 6 Year A-G Plan                           
   4.3      List of Honors/ AP/ IB classes taken              
4.5 or 4.8  College testing/ test prep. activities            
   5.1      Writing samples from AVID                         
    5.2     Writing samples documenting all steps            
            of the writing process
5.3 and 6.2 A Cornell note sample from each                  
            subject area
    5.4     Learning logs or reflections                     
    5.4     Binder checks                                    
    5.5     Reading strategies                               
6.1 and 8.4 Graded Tutorial Request Forms with               
    6.3     Inquiry activity samples                         
    6.4     Socratic Seminar activities                      
    6.4     Philosophical Chair activities                   
    7.1     Samples of collaborative problem-                
            solving activities not including
            Tutorial Request Forms
7.2 and 7.3 Collaborative projects and study                 
            groups, papers, presentations, or
            community services
    7.4     Leadership Experience                            
    8.2     Sample of student activities completed           
            from the Tutorial Support Curriculum
            Resource Guide
                                                             
                                                             

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