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THETA March Newsletter 2012 by R0p7u6K


									                                          THETA March Newsletter 2012

Presidents Message:

Thank you for those that let their name stand for the Theta Chapter executive and CSAO Executive. Without
these people the association could not survive. Nominations are closed and I wish to announce the 2012-2014
Theta chapter executive and Theta chapter representative on the CSAO provincial executive.

             President Theta Chapter and Theta Chapter Representative CSAO: Michelle Bellefeuille

I graduated from the Sault College Registered Nursing Program in 1988. I have been employed by the Sault Area
Hospital for 22 years. The first 18 years were spent as an operating room nurse in the circulating, scrub and team
leader roles. My specialty was orthopedic surgery. I always had a keen interest in sterile technique, sterilization,
and supply management, so took the opportunity to manage the Sterile Processing Department when the role
became available. I have been the manager of SPD for 4 years. We have undergone many changes in the last 4
years, and have overcome many obstacles. In addition to my management duties, I chaired the SPD team to a
move to a new, state of the art facility. I have been a member of the CSAO for 6 years, and am provincially and
nationally certified in reprocessing. I have served on the Theta executive for 6 years, 4 years as Theta chapter
Vice President, and the Theta chapter secretary for 2 years. I am the new President of the Theta chapter and the
new Theta chapter provincial representative on the CSAO board for the 2012-2014 term.

                              Vice President Theta Chapter and CSAO: Nancy Aelick

I have worked in the Medical Device Reprocessing Department for 20 years, taking a charge position in
June of 2008. Obtaining CSAO certification in April 1997, I served on the Theta Chapter executive since
1997 and served as Theta Chapter president from 1999 - 2001. I currently am serving as the education
coordinator within the Chapter, as well as teaching the CSAO classroom course. I have also served on
the 2010-2012 CSAO Provincial Executive as Theta Chapter Representative, serving as Education
Director. In June 2009 I received National Certification as a Certified Medical Device Reprocessing
Technician through the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). I have spoken at the Accreditation
Canada Conference in 2006 on our hospitals experience with the sterilization pilot project on
accreditation. I am letting my name stand for the CSAO Vice President portfolio for the CSAO Provincial
Executive. I hope that the membership will support me in both of these positions. I was acclaimed as the
2012-2014 Vice President Theta Chapter.

                                          Treasurer: Tammy Bennardo

I have worked in Health Care since 1996. In 2007 I received my CSAO Certificate and a Technician position in
sterile processing at Sault Area Hospital. I became a member of CSAO and Theta chapter Secretary as well. In
2009 I was the successful applicant for the Lead Hand in our Department and obtained my national certification
from CSA and the CMDRT designation. I have served as Theta secretary for 4 years as secretary and will serve
as the Treasurer for the 2012-2014 term.

                                               Secretary Jeff Phelps

I am a 54 year old CMDRT currently working at the North Bay Regional Health Centre in the Medical Device
Reprocessing Department. I began my working life serving eleven and a half years in the Canadian Force Land
Reserve including one and a half tours of duty with the United Nations Emergency Force in Egypt. I then worked
for the next twenty-five years in the trucking and logistics field holding various offices within the same company
up and to including Terminal Manager.
In 2007, I took the CSAO course and have been working at the North Bay Regional Health centre since the
completion of that course. Later, seeking a challenge to my knowledge, I successfully completed the CSA America
CNDRT Beta Exam.
I enjoy a blended family with four stepdaughters and three daughters of my own. I enjoy woodworking, golf,
travelling with my wife and our three dogs. I will serve as the Theta chapter secretary for the 2012-2104 term.
                                    Past President/Education: Colleen Landers

Colleen has been a dedicated member of the Central Service Association of Ontario since 1990, where she
established the northern Ontario Theta Chapter. Colleen was on the CSAO executive for twelve years holding
positions of Secretary, Vice President of Education, Vice President, President and Past President at the provincial
level. Concurrent to holding these positions, Colleen contributed as a classroom coordinator for the past 22 years
and has educated over 3000 students in the province. In 2001 Colleen spent two years developing an Education
workbook that is current with the Canadian Standards for the CSAO. In 2008 Colleen came back to the CSAO
executive as the Director of Education and assisted in writing and publishing the first Canadian textbook and
workbook on “Medical Device Reprocessing”. Colleen became President again of the chapter in 2008 for 4 years.
She has organized the THETA chapter for 22 years which has grown over the years and is one of the most active
chapters in the CSAO. She sits on the Canadian Standards as a volunteer for the past 12 years. Colleen won the
CSA Healthcare Award in 2005 for her work on the Canadian Standards. She has been a CSAO coordinator for 20
years and has taught over 2000 students. She believes education of reprocessing staff will reduce patient risk and
works at providing that education in northern Ontario.

 Canadian Standards:
I attended a full week of meetings working on CSA standards in January 2012.
The new Chemical Sterilization CSAZ314.23 which covers all technologies including EtO will be ready for purchase
by May 1st 2012. This document will provide guidance for all the new technologies and will replace the EtO
CSA Z314.00 Medical Device Reprocessing General Requirements that will contain all the overarching statements
for reprocessing such as manufacturer’s instructions, personnel, education, quality system, design, and other
items will be worked on for the next 6 months and we hope to have it published by March 2013.
CSA Z314.8 Decontamination was reviewed and the plan is to have it ready at the same time as Z314.00 so it will
be ready by March 2013. It will still include flexible scope reprocessing but this section will be expanded. It is
important to email me if there are any clauses in Z314.8 that you feel need more information and what
information needs to be added or changed.
CSA Z8000 Design of a health care Facility This document was published in 2011 and if a hospital is planning any
reconstruction or new build this document is a must resource.

Provincial Vice President from Theta chapter is Nancy Aelick. She was Theta chapter representative for the past 2
years. Theta chapter representative is Michelle Bellefeuille our new President. Congratulations to both of them as
they will provide great input and represent us well. Congratulations to the new President Cindy Coles from Fort
Francis. A thank you to Lorna Coutoulas for her second term as President as the time commitment and dedication
required to be the CSAO President is huge and she has done this twice.
The Theta/Lambda classroom course for 2012 is closed. We have students at all sites which are: Thunder Bay,
Moose Factory, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, North Bay and Orillia. We thank the volunteer facilitators and sites for
providing classroom space, OTN time and tours and invigilating the exam.
Next course is on the following dates May 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th 2013 at the following sites: Timmins, Sault Ste.
Marie, Sudbury, Orillia and New Market. Registration forms will be posted June 1st 2013 on the CSAO website No new sites can be added so please do not call or write to add a site as these must all be
confirmed before May 1st 2012 and approved by the CSAO. .

We are planning our 3rd Education day in May 2013 so if there are topics you are interested in hearing about
please send me an email at Dates will be discussed at the April meeting as well as
topics. Date proposed May 4th or the 25th?

Chapter Meetings:
THETA Chapter meeting and education session was held on Wednesday Feb 8th 2012 and the minutes are
attached and will be posted on the Theta chapter page of our website. The next session is Wednesday April 11th
1:15 sign in 1:30 – 3 pm meeting. Topic education Packaging presented by Julia Cristobal from Trudell Medical.
If your site is not registered yet please contact Nancy Aelick at to register your site and system
for the session.
Topics for 2012-2013 Meetings. Please email me ideas for the education for the 4 OTN meetings and the
education day.
 Meeting dates for 2012-2013 are the following: All Wednesday from 1:30 to 3 pm sign in at 1:15.
September 5th 2012 Topic Need suggestions
November 7th 2012 Topic Flexible scopes Olympus
Feb 6th 2013 Topic Need suggestions
April 10th 2013 Topic Need suggestions

Draws for Theta Members
CSAO conference: September 10th and 11th 2012 Double Tree Hotel Toronto: Winners of the Theta free
registration and expenses with receipts including registration up to $1000.00 are Barbara Langford Parry Sound,
and Erich Von Scheidt Bracebridge. Congratulations.

Recertification: The winners of the $300.00 rebate for their recertification are: Tammy Bennardo Sault, Julie
Martel Sturgeon Falls, and Eric Von Scheidt Bracebridge. Wendy Smith and Mary Joy Roy were drawn but their
hospital paid for their registration so that made them ineligible.

Please ensure that all MDRD staff and managers are CSAO members. New membership forms for 2012-2013
will be posted on the website June 1st 2012. As you see being a Theta CSAO members and attending meetings
makes you eligible for draws totaling $3000.00 per year.

See you all in April at the April 11th Theta meeting 1:30 to 3 pm.

Colleen Landers
President Theta Chapter CSAO
Theta Executive 2012-2014

President: Michelle Bellefeuille, Sault Area Hospital,
750 Great Northern Road, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6B 0A8
(705)759-3434 Ext.5286

Vice President: Nancy Aelick, St. Joseph General, Elliot Lake,
108 Hirshhorn Avenue, Elliot Lake, Ontario P5A 1P4 (705) 848-9230

Secretary: Jeffrey Phelps, North Bay Regional Hospital
174 Kingsway Ave North Bay P1B8S3 (705) 495-6289
E-mail: or

Treasurer: Tammy Bennardo, Sault Area Hospital,
750 Great Northern Road, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6B 0A8
(705)759-3434 Ext. 5230 E-mail:

Past President/Education:
Colleen Landers Weeneebayko Area Health Authority
388 Ross Ave. east Timmins Ontario P4N5X3
(705)267-3048 E-mail:

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