00am news on BBC1 by R0p7u6K


									The 7:00am news on BBC1, the Today programme on Radio 4, Nick Ferrari's breakfast show on LBC and
the World Service all opened with Paul Wiffen's scathing diatribe on the 'public hanging' of Nick Griffin
on Question Time, delivered as he exited Television Centre after witnessing the recording, a ludicrously
expensive piece of misdirection by the Beeb, which prevented serious issues like banker's renewed
bonuses, Labour MPs threatening a winter of by-elections if forced to return their expenses and Vaclav
Klaus' heroic lone stance against Lisbon, from being debated on the program.

The rest of the day saw sound bites of Paul on rotation every 20mins on BBC News 24. Paul was
recognized and congratulated over the entire weekend on the Tube, buses and at the London Film
Festival where he was screening a film.

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