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									                                             Frank E. Booma Post 6
                                               American Legion
                                                         February 2011
                                                             Founded 1919
                                             POST COMMANDER FRANK DESPER
                                                      (603) 436-7575

  Publisher Post 06                Volume No. 08                 Issue No. 2                     February 2011

                                          COMMANDER’S MESSAGE

We had several members pass away after the January newsletter was printed and mailed. During that time I
was quite educated and need to inform you as to what I have learned. If you do not have your affairs in order
in preparation for that final hour, I strongly encourage you to do so.
I haven’t said it enough, if you are not enrolled in the V.A system they cannot help with your health care as far
as the advance directive outlines. If you are enrolled the V. A. will honor your request as filled in. This form
can also be used for hospitals outside the V.A. health care system. At the end of the form there is a block you
need to have notarized. A downloadable copy of this power of attorney for health care can be obtained at
VA.GOV. Click on benefits booklet then type “living will” in the search block. Scroll down to VA Forms – VA
Advanced directive: Living will & durable power of attorney for health care. If you do not have a computer you
can contact the Veteran’s Affairs at 1-800-892-8384 for a copy to be mailed to you. After completing the forms
make copies to serve as a backup and/ or secure them for safe keeping. Be sure you notify those handling
your estate the location of the documents in the unfortunate event you suddenly become hospitalized. Maybe
select a second person to backup your backup plan to follow through your wishes. Other documents you need
to consider is a last will and testament. These documents need to be prepared by a legal attorney of your
choice. In closing and recap, if you have any life insurance policies that you haven’t looked at recently you
might want to check them for any updates such as entitlements to the beneficiaries, etc. As mentioned, keep
these and all of your paperwork together, secure and inform those closest to you of their location. I’m sure you
don’t want your plans wrapped up into a bureaucratic river of tape.
It’s my sad duty to report that William (Bill) Decker (16 Year member), and Bob Sterns (22 Year member) have
all been called by our Supreme Commander. May their souls go marching on? As a tribute in memoriam to
our past comrades who are enrolled in that Great Spirit Army whose footfalls cause no sound, let us remember
Richard (Mickey) Tessicini.

                                        Frank Desper, Post Commander

                                  SENIOR VICE COMMANDER’S MESSAGE

We had our Membership Dinner on Sunday January 23, 2011 and all that attended had a tasty meal followed
by quite a list of awards and recognition of Post, Unit and Squadron members. Thank you all for your support
and help with your membership and participation.

Next on our calendar is Valentine’s Day. This year we are going to have a Valentine’s Day brunch on Sunday,
February 13, 2011 from 11:00-1:00 pm. The brunch is free for ladies, all men including guests will be required
a $5.00 donation. There will also be some drink specials for ladies. As a reminder, this brunch is for the Post 6
family and bonafide guests, all other American Legion members and guests will be required the $5.00

                                   John Moulton, Post Sr. Vice Commander
                                             ADJUTANT’S MESSAGE

It is my sad duty to report the passing or Bill Decker and Bob Stearns, may their souls rest in peace.
I would like to welcome the newest members to our Post family: Priscillia Clark, Allen Corey, Anthony Alcorn,
Eric Galliher, Scott Skibitsky, Michael Girouard, James Marier, Douglas Foster, Matthew Pongrace, Chan
Conrad, Jonathan Eckerman, Shawn Kimball, Pete Tupper and Peter Cholwea.
At our next Post meeting we will be having first nominations for officers, if you are interested in a position
please attend the meeting or have a letter of intent to me prior to the meeting, second nominations will be held
on March 17, 2011 and elections will be on April 21, 2011 from 0700 to 1900.
At the special meeting on January 12, 2011 it was voted to change the hours of the Grille opening from 0600 to
0900 due to the unprofitability of these hours.
Our next E. Board meeting is on Thursday February 3, 2011 at 1800 and our next Post meeting is on
Thursday February 17, 2011.
Our installation of officers will be held on Friday April 29, 2011 at 1900.
I would like to report that our membership is coming along well we are presently at 91.2% for 2011 and the
target date for 90% is March 9 so we are well ahead of our goals for the year. If you know of someone that has
not renewed, please encourage them to do so today. If you have not renewed by February 1, 2011 you will
lose your accidental life and dismemberment insurance if you have it and you will also be ineligible to vote for
the officers. This is in accordance with Article II Section 6 of our by laws.
I want to remind everyone that your key fob for the doors will not work if your membership has not been paid. If
you have any problem with them, please let me know. We do have a couple of glitches now and then but for
the most part all is working well. Respectfully,

                                     Richard “Brooksie” Brooks, Post Adjutant

There will be a meeting of the Color Guard on Wednesday February 2, 2011 at 1800.

                                       POST 6 COLOR GUARD MESSAGE

Our next Fish Fry will be Friday, February 4, 2011 from 4-7 p.m. Thank you for your loyalty and please
continue to support us.

                                    Your 2 Time National Post 6 Color Guard

                                     SQUADRON ADJUTANT’S MESSAGE

We hope you all enjoyed the holidays. If you have not paid your 2011 dues yet, please try your best to pay
them as soon as you can. A special meeting will be held on Saturday, February 5, 2011 at 11:00 AM for the
third and final reading of the new S.A.L. Bylaws. Also remember that S.A.L. meetings are held the 3rd
Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM unless otherwise posted. At our next meeting on February 16, 2011 we
will be having first nomination for officers. If you are interested in a position please attend or have a letter of
intent to me prior to the meeting. Please try to attend the meetings. Stay safe always, especially during the
winter storms.

                                         Sonny St. Louis, S.A.L. Adjutant

                    BAND SCHEDULE                                           SURF & TURF SCHEDULE

                February 5th- Echo Tones                                       February 5th – Post
          February 11th – Karaoke w/DJ Darlene                               February 12th – S.A.L.
             February 12th – Dirty McCurdy                                    February 19th – Unit
                February 19th– 52nd Street                                 February 26th – Color Guard
          February 25th - Karaoke w/DJ Darlene
               February 26th – Bill Vendasi
                                           GRILLE STEWARD’S MESSAGE

Hello again and welcome to the arctic! It sure is cold. I hope everyone is warm and well? We have a great
line-up for this month so be ready to mark your calendars as always we have karaoke with DJ Darlene as well
as some rocking bands. Come in and stay warm, dance your holiday calories off. We had a blast welcoming
the new year in with the Jen Thayer Band. As always we have a designated driver. She will bring you home
within a 5 mile radius so get dropped off or you can leave your vehicle. If you are leaving your vehicle, please
park on the left side of the lot and make sure you are not double parked. On Sunday, January 30, 2011 at 5
p.m. we will be doing a benefit Spaghetti Supper for Donna Leclair who has been battling breast cancer for 4
plus years. The cost will be $10 per person and if you want to make any donations, they are welcomed. We
will deliver you a dinner if you can't make it so call the post @ 436-7575 and we will get it to you. Donna is an
Auxiliary member and the donations will help in her time of need. You can also send a donation to the post @
96 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH. 03801 with a notation marked for Donna Leclair. I hope to see you there.
Remember we have free coffee as well as popcorn and other snacks, so come on in and enjoy your post! Until
next time stay safe and warm.

                                          Sue Desper, Grille Steward

                                              UNIT MEMBERSHIP

The following Unit members are showing up as having undeliverable addresses. Diane Pizz, Tammy
Burrington, Cynthia McCall, Melinda Dobe, Dorothy Sandford, Darlene Deblois, Christine Royal and Marlene
Morgan. I need your help in getting in touch with these ladies so that I can update their address. I can be
reached at 603-988-8267. Just leave a message.

                                    Karyl Horn, Unit Membership Chairman

                                           PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

Wow! 2011 is done in a couple of days. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New
Year! I pray 2011 will be a whole sight better than 2011 for all. I would like to thank all that attended the
Children's Christmas Party. It was quite an experience. Thank you to all that made goodies for the after
Christmas Parade gathering. After talking with members of the USS Virginia crew and their wives, I found out
that the applause and noise made by those that stood outside the Legion as they passed by caused a rash of
Goosebumps and overwhelming pride. I was even told there were a few misty eyes amongst the sailors. Well
done, ladies and gentlemen!! Thank you to all that bought cherries from our Cherry Tree. We raised a little over
$800.00 to go toward our scholarships. I had to work that day and missed the entire parade, seems I missed a
A BIG thank you to all that donated items for the families of the USS Virginia. They are greatly appreciated.
To start the new year off, there is the After Holiday party for the Veterans at the Tilton Home on the 8th of
February. The American Legion Auxiliary National President, Carlene Ashworth will be in the state of New
Hampshire from February 7 thru the 10th. Please plan to attend one of the events to meet this sincere,
dedicated lady. Her itinerary will be published in newspapers across the state. The next Unit #6 meeting will be
held on Thursday, February 13 at 7:00 pm.
   The Surf N Turf and Sunday breakfast is taking a short hiatus. Please note that the Surf N Turf will resume
on February 8 and the breakfasts will resume on the 9th. With warm wishes and loads of prayers

                                         Sheila Brooks, Unit President
Frank E. Booma Post 6                                                                      Non Profit Organization
The American Legion                                                                        US Postage Paid
96 Islington Street                                                                        Permit #15
Portsmouth, NH 03801                                                                       Portsmouth, NH

                                                     FEBRUARY 2011
        S                 M                 T                W                   T                  F              S
30                 31               1                  2                 3                 4              5
Sunday Breakfast                    Grille Meeting     Groundhog Day     E.B. Meeting      Color Guard    Surf & Turf
8 a.m.-12 p.m.                      6 p.m.                               6 p.m.            Fish Fry       3-5 p.m.
                                                                                           4-7 pm         Echo Tones

6                  7                8                  9                 10                11             12
Sunday Breakfast                                                         Unit Meeting      Karaoke        Surf & Turf
8 a.m.-12 p.m.                                                           7 p.m.            w/DJ Darlene   3-5 p.m.
                                                                                           8-11 p.m.      Dirty McCurdy

13                 14               15                 16                17                18             19
St. Valentine’s                                        SAL Meeting       Post Meeting      FULL MOON      Surf & Turf
Brunch                                                 6 p.m.            6 p.m.                           3-5 p.m.
11 a.m. - 1 p.m.                                       1st Nominations   1st Nominations                  52nd Street

20                 21               22                 23                24                25             26
Sunday Breakfast   Presidents Day                                                          Karaoke        Surf & Turf
8 a.m.-12 p.m.                                                                             w/DJ Darlene   3-5 p.m.
                                                                                           8-11 p.m.      Bill Vendasi S!

27                 28               1                  2                 3                 4              5
Sunday Breakfast                    Grille Meeting                       E.B. Meeting      Color Guard    Surf & Turf
8 a.m.-12 p.m.                      6 p.m.                               6 p.m.            Fish Fry       3-5 p.m.
                                                                                           4-7 pm         T.B.A.

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