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ABB Grain


									ABB Grain
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ABB Grain was Australia's largest agribusiness. Founded in 1939, the company                      ABB Grain Limited
was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange until its takeover by Viterra in
2009. [2] Until recently, the company focused solely on grain accumulation and
marketing. It expanded its focus to other activities, such as grain receival and
storage, malting and fertilisers. ABB buys grain from all growing regions in
Australia and trades in all grain commodities.

ABB traces its origins to the former Australian Barley Board, and due to the
company's expanded operations into different areas, it demutualised to become          Industry       Agribusiness

ABB Grain on 1 July 1999. [3] In 2004, ABB merged with the South Australian            Founded        1939 [1 ]
storage and handling company AusBulk and the holding company United Grower             Headquarters Adelaide, Australia
Holdings. This brought the control of the two major grain handlers, along with
                                                                                       Key people     Perry Gunner, Chairman
several of AusBulk's divisions. [1][4][5]                                                             Michael Iwaniw, Managing
Since its merger with AusBulk, ABB’s supply chain has involved operations in                          Director

storage and handling and logistics. This includes a significant network of silos and   Products       Grain, Malt, Wool, Fertiliser,
export shipping terminals in South Australia and the eastern states of Australia,                     Chemicals, Storage and
                                                                                                      Handling services
incorporating joint ownership of Australian Bulk Alliance, or ABA, with Japanese
trading company Sumitomo.                                                              Employees      1,100

ABB’s malting division, Joe White Maltings, is Australia's largest producer of malt
with the capacity to produce 500,000 tonnes per annum. [6] The eight malting plants located across Australia include the
largest malthouse in the southern hemisphere, situated in Perth, Western Australia.
The company also provides rural services including fertiliser and agrichemical supply and wool and livestock activities. The
latter have been supported by the acquisitions of Adelaide Wool Company, Wardle Co and Stawool in 2007.
The company also has significant operations in New Zealand focused on the trading and distribution of grains and proteins. In
2007, ABB established a joint venture in Ukraine with French malting company Soufflet to accumulate grain, manage supply
chain activities and market grain. [7]
On 19 May 2009 it was announced that ABB would be acquired by Viterra, the largest grain handler in Canada in September
2009, if voted ahead by the shareholders. The Head Office would be relocated to Regina, with the worldwide malting
headquarters remaining in Adelaide. The two companies together are responsible for 37 percent of the world's exports of
wheat, canola and barley. [8][9][10]
On 28 July 2009, Managing Director Michael Iwaniw announced his immediate resignation. [11]

On 9 September 2009, shareholders voted in favour of the merger with Viterra.[12]

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