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A200 road


									A200 road
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia                                                              Coordinates: 51.5060°N 0.0882°W

The A200 is an A road in London running from London Bridge to
Greenwich.[1] It runs south-east from the A3 road along Duke Street Hill,
then Tooley Street and Jamaica Road, following the River Thames until
the junction with Rotherhithe Tunnel when it turns south down Lower
Road. It follows the Thames again in Deptford, after passing Surrey
                                                                                                 A200 road
Quays and becoming Evelyn Street. At the junction with Deptford Church
Street it turns due east along Creek Road, over Deptford Creek to finish                       Major junctions

by the Cutty Sark at Greenwich Church Street, part of the A206 road.              West end: London Bridge

                                                                                                         A101 road
 1 Tooley Street                                                                                         A100 road

 2 Jamaica Road                                                                                          A3 road
 3 Lower Road
                                                                                                         A2205 road
 4 Evelyn Street
                                                                                                         A2207 road
 5 Creek Road
                                                                                                         A2208 road
 6 References                                                                                            A2209 road
                                                                                                         A206 road
Tooley Street                                                                     East end: Greenwich

   Main article: Tooley Street                                                                  Road network

The name derives from St Olave's Street, after the Church of St                         Roads in the United Kingdom
Olave.[2] For much of its history the street has been lined with                       Motorways • A and B road zones

warehouses, and in 1861 Scovell's warehouse caught fire, resulting in
the largest peacetime fire in the Port of London.[3]

Jamaica Road
Tooley Street becomes Jamaica Road at Shad Thames. A little over halfway down
(from the Tower Bridge end) lies Bermondsey tube station, which is served by the
Jubilee Line. A thoroughfare of shops follows, and the road continues on until
Culling Circus roundabout, where it turns roughly 90 degrees south towards
Deptford and becomes Lower Road. Alternatively at the roundabout, you can turn
left into Brunel Road or leave by the Rotherhithe Tunnel. Southwark Park lies at the
south-eastern end.                                                                        The western end of the A200 can be seen
                                                                                          on the left of this photo, running between
                                                                                                the river and the railway line
Lower Road
Lower Road runs for roughly 1 mile (1.6 km), past Surrey Quays shopping centre
until it reaches Deptford, where it becomes Evelyn Street. Southwark Park runs the
length of Lower Road, to the west.

Evelyn Street
Named after diarist John Evelyn, the street runs from the Plough Way junction
south to the junction with Deptford Church Street. There is both a McDonalds and a
KFC along this stretch.
                                                                                           Former South Eastern Railway offices on
                                                                                                         Tooley St
Creek Road
Creek Road continues over Deptford Creek until it joins the A206 at the Cutty Sark.

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   2. ^ The London Encyclopaedia, Ben Weinreb, 1983
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                                                                                                        Surrey Quays railway station on Lower

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