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  State Officer Election Guide

California Health Occupations Students of America
            Health Occupations Students of America
            California State Chapter

Dear Cal-HOSA Potential Leader

       Being elected as a Cal-HOSA state officer provides an abundance of
leadership experiences and life-shaping positive opportunities. The Cal-
HOSA Leadership Program surpasses none. This is your chance of a
lifetime! If you are ready to pursue the ultimate in Cal-HOSA leadership
then you are enthusiastically invited to run for a Cal-HOSA state office and
join the team that forms the heart of Cal-HOSA service, excitement, and
success in California!

      The 2009/10 Edition of the Cal-HOSA Election Guide is the first step
in unlocking the key to the pursuit of state leadership. This Election Guide
details the duties of officers and provides specific election process,
procedures, and applications. Each year the Officer Leadership Program
aims to remain on the cutting edge. Become familiar with this document to
be sure you are ready!

      All applications for Regional state officer elections must be received
in the Cal-HOSA Headquarters office by October 1, 2009. All applications
for the Spring state officer elections must be received in the Cal-HOSA
Headquarters by February 8, 2010. Applications will not be accepted after
the deadline dates. For more information regarding the election process,
contact Cal-HOSA Headquarters at 909/987-1012 x114 or e-mail

Cindy Beck             Andrea Perry, Chair        Laura Nelson
State Advisor           Board of Director     State Officer Coach                                                       Page 2
                                                             Table of Contents

Officer Leadership Program Overview ................................................... 4

Duties of State Officers ........................................................................... 5

Commitment and Meetings…………………………………………………..6

HOSA Attire .............................................................................................. 7

Qualifications and General Information ................................................. 8

Election Process ...................................................................................... 9

Campaign Rules..................................................................................... 10

Special Election Post-secondary State Officer .................................... 11

Voting Delegates.................................................................................... 12

Application Instructions ........................................................................ 13

State Officer Application…………………………………………………….14

         —State Officers Application Deadlines
              Regional Application Deadline—October 1, 2009
              Spring Application Deadline—February 8, 2010

         —State Officer Application Mailing

                                    Cal-HOSA Headquarters
                                     7945 Vineyard Ave. D4
                                 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
                                       Fax (909) 987-5917                                                                                       Page 3
    STATE OFFICER                             Officer Leadership Program
    ELECTION GUIDE                                     Overview

The Cal-HOSA Officer Leadership Program is divided into three distinct levels of


         Chapter Officers—these leaders serve on the front lines in local schools to
         directly impact the success and involvement of local chapter members. They are
         selected according to their local chapter By-laws and procedures.

         State Officers—these leaders serve Cal-HOSA statewide providing a
         communication link between National HOSA and Cal-HOSA. They work to
         establish goals and priorities for the state and support local chapter efforts.
         Elected twice a year (Region Vice Presidents at the Regional election and
         statewide offices of State President, State Vice President, State
         Secretary/Treasurer, Member-at-Large at the Spring election), they serve a one-
         year term. State officers may serve for two (2) terms providing they completed
         their first term of office successfully.

         National Officers—these leaders serve HOSA nationwide by providing
         guidance, support, and services to HOSA state and local chapters. National
         officer candidates from California must follow specific state guidelines for earning
         the state nomination to participate in the National officer election process.
         National officers successfully elected from California serve as ex-officio members
         of the state officer team and must attend all meetings and events with the state

This Election Guide provides information regarding the responsibilities and process of
becoming a state officer. Questions regarding the local chapter officer process should
be directed to the chapter advisor. Members seeking appointment to a national office
are directed to Cal-HOSA leadership coaches and state advisor.                                                                        Page 4
                                              Duties of State Officers

The officers are governed by the Cal-HOSA By-laws and Policies and Procedures
developed by the Board of Directors. All officers serve as an extension of the state and
national organization with the distinct purpose of advancing the mission of HOSA by
providing dynamic leadership, services, communication, and support to local chapters.

State officers receive leadership training and coaching from experienced professionals
and direction from Cal-HOSA Headquarters and the Board of Directors.

State officers are student ambassadors, leaders, and role models for Cal-HOSA. In
order to fulfill the important responsibility of serving members and advancing Cal-HOSA,
state officers are required to attend meetings and perform specific leadership duties.


   All state officers have voting privileges at all Cal-HOSA Executive Council
    meetings and on designated committees.

   All state officers are required to communicate regularly and respond promptly to
    all inquiries for information. All correspondence must be approved by the state
    advisor and state officer coach. Officers must check their e-mail daily.

   All state officers represent Cal-HOSA. It is the state officer’s responsibility to display
    excellent standards of professionalism, etiquette, and public relations to
    promote HOSA.

   All state officers will communicate with current and prospective chapters and
    members under the direction of the state leadership coaches and the state advisor.

   State officers are required to submit articles for each of the three Cal-HOSA
    newsletters (Fall, Winter, and Spring).

   State officers are required to complete 5th of the Month Reports to the state
    leadership coach.

   All state officers will assist in the planning, preparation and implementation of the
    annual Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) and State Leadership
    Conference (SLC).

   All state officers are required to fulfill the duties of their appointed office,
    including attendance at all required meetings including promotional events and
    conferences.                                                                        Page 5
                                               Commitment and Meetings

   State officer candidates must commit themselves to serving Cal-HOSA for one (1)
    year. This commitment includes mandatory attendance at all events and
    activities as specified below,

   State Officer Training and Meeting Retreats
       o December 11,12,13, 2009
       o April 30, May 1, 2, 2010

   All Executive Council and committee meetings (estimate of 3 meetings for 6

   At least 1 (one) Regional Leadership Conference (1 day in October)

   State Leadership Conference…March 11-14, 2010

   HOSA National Leadership Conference (NLC) while not required is strongly
    encouraged…June 23-27, 2010 (Travel not covered by Cal-HOSA)

   Other conferences as requested: Tech Prep, Partnership          Academy, and
    Distinguished Schools.

* Required travel expenses will be provide by Cal-HOSA                                                              Page 6
                                                             HOSA Attire
State officers are the official ambassadors of Cal-HOSA. As California’s top leaders, their
behavior and professional image sets the standard for the rest of the association to follow. State
officers must be in official HOSA dress at all functions.

It is expected that state officers will not only adhere to official Cal-HOSA dress, but that they will
go above the standard to present a neat, professional, clean and polished appearance. State
officer candidates should campaign in official HOSA attire to demonstrate their commitment and
understanding of the important position they are seeking.

     Cal-HOSA provides a portion of the official HOSA uniform to elected officers as necessary.
      At the conclusion of their term, the officers will donate the entire uniform to their local
      chapter. State officers are expected to treat the uniform with respect, in good repair and dry
      cleaned. The official uniform consists of the following:

                Professional Dress                                Casual Dress
    Official HOSA blazer                                      Cal-HOSA state officer polo shirt
    Navy blue skirt*                                                      Khaki casual pants*
    White oxford long sleeve blouse*                     Corresponding shoes and socks/hose*
    Maroon tie
    Navy low heel dress pumps*
    Natural/flesh colored sheer nylons*
               Professional Dress                                   Casual Dress
    Official HOSA blazer                                        Cal-HOSA state officer polo shirt
    Navy blue trousers*                                                  Khaki casual trousers*
    White oxford long sleeve shirt*                             Corresponding shoes and socks*
    Maroon tie
    Black dress shoes *
    Black dress socks *
                    *Not provided by Cal-HOSA                                                                                Page 7
  STATE OFFICER                Qualifications and General
  ELECTION GUIDE                       Information

 All candidates running for a state office must be an active Cal-
  HOSA member in good standing in a Cal-HOSA local chapter
  at the school/district in which they are enrolled. They must be
  enrolled in a health careers education program and have
  satisfactory academic performance.

 No more than two (2) state officers may serve from the same
  chapter at any one time (serving as a national officer does not
  count toward this regulation).

 Candidates will be elected as an officer based on their overall
  scoring of at least 70% from the application process, interview,
  speech, and presentation and results of the voting.

 High school seniors are eligible to run for office in the Fall
  Region Leadership Conference only. They may not run for
  office at the State Leadership Conference in the spring.*

 Cal-HOSA state officers serve a one (1) year term. At the
  completion of their term they may apply to run for a second
  term. An officer may not serve more than two (2) terms.

 Specific offices (State President, State Vice President, State
  Secretary/Treasurer, and Member-at-Large) will be slated by
  the Nominating Committee at the State Leadership
  Conference.                                              Page 8
                                                            Election Process
    There are 9 Cal-HOSA student officers on the officer team. There are two (2) elections to fill
    these positions and are as follows:

    Regional Election: Five Region Vice Presidents (one from each region) are elected at the
    Regional Leadership Conference.

    Spring Election: Four officers are elected at the State Leadership Conference. The offices of
    State President, State Vice President, State Secretary/Treasurer, and Member-at-Large will be
    slated by the nominating committee and elected by the voting delegates.

    Post-secondary Students must be represented on the office team. In the event that a post-
    secondary student is not elected during the regular Regional election, a special election will be
    called (refer to page 11 of this Election Guide for details).

    In order to run for a state office position candidates must meet all of the criteria (refer to
    Application Instructions of this Guide) and must submit their completed paperwork with all the
    necessary signatures to the Cal-HOSA Headquarters by the required deadline.
                        State Officer Application Due Dates
                          Regional Elections – October 1, 2009
                        Spring Elections – February 8, 2010

                                 Election Process
    Submit a completed Candidate Application Form by the designated date
    Take an exam based on HOSA facts and basic parliamentary procedure
     Participate in an oral interview with nominating committee representatives
     Present a 3 minute speech to the voting delegates
     Participate in a “question/answer” session with the voting delegates
     Are voted on by the official voting delegates
                                   Regional 2009 State Officer Elections
               Chapter voting delegates at the RLC will vote for their region’s Vice Presidents
                and the newly elected officers are installed at the end of the session.
                                 Regions 1 & 2         October 10, 2009
                                 Region 3              October 14, 2009
                                 Region 4              October 13, 2009
                                 Region 5              October 12, 2009

                                     Spring 2010 State Officer Election
                  Chapter voting delegates at the Cal-HOSA State Leadership Conference will
                    vote for their chapter’s top four selections for state office and the newly
                          elected officers are installed at the SLC Closing Ceremony.                                                                             Page 9
                                                       Campaign Rules
   Each state officer candidate is allowed a campaign manager to assist in the
    election and introduction of the candidate during the campaign speech.

   Campaign speeches will not exceed three (3) minutes. The three (3) minutes may
    be divided between the campaign manager and the candidate or may be used
    entirely by the candidate.

   Campaign posters are encouraged but limited to two (2) posters.

   No other campaign materials are allowed.


   Campaign speeches should include your (the candidate) qualifications for
    state office as well as your platform. The candidate platform should
    include goals, ideas, and initiatives that will advance the mission of Cal-

    Campaign speeches should exhibit a thorough understanding of how Cal-
     HOSA works. It should be aimed at what is best for all members of Cal-
     HOSA not simply the needs of a particular local chapter.

   Practice, practice, practice! Effective campaign speeches should not be read or delivered
    impromptu. Do not “wing” the campaign speech! Campaign speeches are the time to inspire
    delegates and win the chapter’s votes. Be creative! Think of an appropriate theme, slogan,
    or acronym that helps voting delegates remember you.

   Deliver with purpose and power! The way the campaign speech is presented is just as
    important as the words spoken. Use good eye contact. Smile. Use appropriate hand
    gestures. Speak with conviction and enthusiasm. Vary speaking tone, rate, pace and
    volume. Speak clearly and enunciate!

   Know the issues and the organization! Following the campaign speech, members have
    the opportunity to ask questions of each of the candidates. Questions will be related to
    HOSA, leadership experiences and what you intend to do if elected to state office. You
    should practice answering questions with your advisor and chapter to prepare.

   Contact a current state officer! The best resource in preparing for the campaign is a
    current Cal-HOSA state officer. They have been through the campaign experience
    successfully and will have a wealth of knowledge and good ideas to share.                                                                        Page 10
  STATE OFFICER                                 Special Election
  ELECTION GUIDE                          Post-Secondary State Officer


Cal-HOSA By-laws state that at least one state officer must be representative of the
post-secondary level of education. There is no limit to how many post-secondary Cal-
HOSA members may serve as state officers during terms.

Post-secondary candidates are elected to state office in the same manner as secondary
candidates during the Fall and Spring elections. However, in order to ensure that at
least one post-secondary state officer is represented on the officer team; Cal-HOSA By-
laws stipulate that:

         “In the event a post-secondary officer is not elected to represent one of the
         five regions, a special election shall be activated.”

                         SPECIAL ELECTION PROCESS
The following election procedure is used for post-secondary members/chapters in the
event that there is no post-secondary officer on the officer team. This process is only
used after the Fall election.

    1. A notification of the special post-secondary election is distributed to all chapters
       with post-secondary students.
    2. Potential post-secondary candidates submit their application, resume, and essay
       on why they wish to become an officer, to the Cal-HOSA headquarters by the
       determined date. (Post-secondary candidates who ran for office and not elected
       at the RLC may resubmit their materials along with the required 500-1000 word
    3. Cal-HOSA Headquarters distributes a qualifying exam to the local chapter
       advisor who administers the exam and returns it to headquarters for scoring.
    4. Upon receipt of the completed candidate application and exam scores the
       nominating committee slate the candidates and distribute ballots to all eligible
       Cal-HOSA chapters with supporting documentation.
    5. Each eligible post-secondary chapter will have one vote.
    6. The ballots are returned to Cal-HOSA Headquarters and validated.
    7. The special election, if called, will be completed prior to the December state
       officer training.                                                                      Page 11
                                                    Voting Delegates

   Each local chapter is allowed a determined number of official voting delegates who
    will take an active role and vote on various issues and the state officer candidates at
    the Region Leadership Conference and State Leadership Conference.

   Local chapter advisors are expected to educate their chapter members on the
    selection of the voting delegates who will represent the chapter. The chapter’s voting
    delegates must be well-versed on their responsibilities as a voting delegate.

   Voting delegates represent their chapter in the voting process.

   The number of voting delegates each chapter is allowed is in proportionate with the
    chapter’s paid membership.

   The following is the number of voting delegates each chapter is entitle to.

                     Chapter                      Voting
                    Membership                   Delegates
                         5-38                        2
                        39-63                        3
                        64-88                        4
                       89-113                        5
                      114-138                        6
                     139-163+                        7                                                                     Page 12
                                              Application Instructions

The following instructions apply to state officer applicants:

_____ 1. Potential candidates must complete the officer application form. Print clearly or
type all required information.

_____ 2. Applicants must fill out the name of their Cal-HOSA chapter and school. In
some cases there is a difference between names of the school a candidate attends
versus the name of the Cal-HOSA chapter in which they are a member.

_____ 3. Applications will not be accepted without all necessary signatures at the
bottom of the form.

_____ 4. Applicants must write a brief essay (maximum of 100 words) about themselves
and why they wish to run for a Cal-HOSA state office. (NOTE: In the event of a special
post secondary election applicants for the special election will complete a 500 to 1000-
word essay and include a resume.)

_____ 5. Submit Cal-HOSA Officer Application Forms via fax or mail to:

                           Cal-HOSA Headquarters
                            7945 Vineyard Ave. D4
                        Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
                             FAX: 909/987- 5917

                  Fall Application Deadline— October 1, 2009
                 Spring Application Deadline—February 8, 2010

    Applications with essay must be submitted by the deadline! The application
      deadline will not be extended. No applications will be accepted at the
                                  conferences.                                                                    Page 13
             STATE OFFICER
            Please print clearly – illegible applications will not be considered
Candidate’s Name

Birthday (i.e. 00/00/0000)                        Year in School (i.e. junior/senior)

Check one – Secondary student              Post Secondary

Candidate’s Home Address

City                                              State            Zip Code

Home Phone #                      Cell #                    E-mail Address

Cal-HOSA Chapter Name                                                         Region (circle) 1 2 3 4 5

School Name

Chapter Advisor’s Name

Advisor’s E-mail Address                                                      Cell phone #

School Address

City                                              State            Zip Code

School Phone                                               School FAX #

I am currently enrolled in
                                  (Health Science/Careers Courses/Program taking in school)

I understand that if I am elected to a Cal-HOSA State Office, I will be responsible for fulfilling the duties
and commitment of my office (see pages #5 and #6 of this Guide). I certify that I am an active member in
good standing of the chapter listed above, and to the best of my knowledge all information submitted is
accurate and correct.
                                                                             Fax or mail completed application
                                                                             & essay by October 1, 2009 for
                                                                             the Fall election or February 8,
            Candidate’s Signature and Date                                   2010 for the Spring election to
                                                                                  Cal-HOSA Headquarters
                                                                                   7945 Vineyard Ave. D4
            Parent’s Signature and Date (if applicable)                        Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

            Advisor’s Signature and Date
                                                                             FAX 909 987-5917
*Essay to be included on a separate sheet                                                                                       Page 14

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