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									                              The Maidstone & Medway Cat Club

SUNDAY 10TH JUNE 2012 AT 2.00PM.

1. WELCOME BY THE CHAIRMAN: Brian Gregory welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for giving up
their Sunday. There were 22 members in attendance.
2. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: 16 members had sent apologies for absence.
3. MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD SUNDAY 12 JUNE 2011: These were accepted as a true
record of that meeting. Proposed Georgina Anderson-Keeble; Seconded Vanessa Marriott.
4. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES: There were no matters arising that would not be covered in the meeting.
5. HON. SECRETARY’S REPORT: Anne Gregory reported most business had been routine. The club returns had been
forwarded to the GCCF and receipt acknowledged. The application for the Show License 2013 had been signed by the
Secretary and was handed to the Show Manager, Mrs Shelagh Heavens for completion. The Oaks Veterinary Clinic in
Lordswood, had contacted the Secretary as they are prepared to offer early
neutering to breeders who wish to guarantee that kittens sold on the non-active register are not bred from. There was
a brief discussion where it was agreed that early neutering does sort out the genuine pet owners from those less
6. HON. TREASURER’S REPORT: Shelagh Heavens reported the accounts for the year showed a small loss of £164.03
but this was because there had been expenditure for Welfare where veterinary fees for a rescued cat had been paid
and also there was a donation made in memory of Mary Kalal who had died and also gifts had been given to the
retiring show managers. Overall the club’s finances were in a healthy state. A donation of £1500 had been made for
the GCCFs IT Refresh Project. The donation would be shown in next year’s accounts as our savings account has a 90
days access restriction and it was finally sent to the GCCF Office after the financial year had ended.
The Show had made a loss of £1030.28 which was because the entry was down by almost 100 cats giving an impact of
around £2500 on the entry fees. It was felt this was due to the appalling weather conditions for our shows in 2009 and
2010 making people loathe to commit to the 2011 show.
(6a) TO RECEIVE THE 2011 CLUB, SHOW AND WELFARE ACCOUNTS: The Treasurer was thanked for her work and
the accounts accepted. Proposed Hilary Dean; Seconded Georgina Anderson-Keeble
(6b) TO ELECT THE SCRUTINEER: The Treasurer recommended we have Stephen Bunce as our scrutineer. Proposed
by Vanessa Marriott; seconded by Georgina Anderson-Keeble and unanimously agreed.
7. HON. MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY’S REPORT: Anne Gregory reported the membership has remained steady. On
December 31 we had 207 fully paid members enabling us to maintain 2 delegates to Council.
8. WELFARE OFFICER’S REPORT: Anne Gregory reported a very pretty tabby neutered female cat named Millie was
looking to be rehomed due to a change in circumstances with her present owners. She showed pictures and said full
details were posted on the club website at
9. G.C.C.F. DELEGATE’S REPORT: Brian Gregory had a synopsis of the meetings for every member attending. He also
reminded members that a report on the meetings appeared on the GCCF website and the club website too.
10. THE COMMITTEE 2012/2013: Officers: Susan Hope and Shelagh Heavens were due for re-election and agreed to
stand. Saffi Rabey, Georgina Anderson-Keeble and Nicky Ryan were due for re-election and agreed to stand. Amanda
Lachlan resigned from the committee. Kit Game was proposed and seconded for the committee, there were no further
nominations, so he filled the vacancy on the committee. He will complete Amanda Lachlan’s term of office.
11. ELECTION OF G.C.C.F. DELEGATES AND SUBSTITUTES: Hilary Dean nominated Brian Gregory and Shelagh Heavens
(current delegates) for re-election and they were returned by a unanimous vote. Georgina Anderson-Keeble was re-
elected as substitute delegate.
12. MMCC CALENDAR 2013: 5 pages of the calendar had been reserved prior to the meeting by members who were
not able to attend. The remaining pages were sold to members who were present. The cost of a month is £30 and that
gives the member 2 free calendars in addition. The calendars will be sold at the show and may be booked with show
entries.The calendar contains all the GCCF shows known at the time of printing and also lists the date of the MMCC
AGM. Chris Hazel’s UK & Imperial Grand Champion Wyrewood Conqueror, the Overall Best Exhibit at the Club Show
2011 will grace the front cover of the 2013 calendar.
13. SHOW
(A)     SHOW 2011: There was a smaller entry for the 2011 show but the feeling was that people had been put off by

                              Hon. Secretary – Mrs Anne Gregory
               Beaumaris 52 Hempstead Road Hempstead Gillingham Kent ME7 3RF
the appalling weather encountered in the previous two years. Nevertheless it was a very enjoyable day and the
feedback from exhibitors had been very positive.
DECEMBER. Shelagh Heavens reported all was underway for the 2012 show and it was hoped our entry would be back
to normal after the blip last year. The hall had been booked and the judges. Classes had been allocated and she would
let members know who was judging particular classes during the tea break.
(14a) THE GCCF DUTY VET PILOT SCHEME – The Chairman had downloaded the information on the Duty Vet Only Pilot
Scheme for Shows 2012/2013 from the GCCF website giving full information on the evidence based review to ensure
best practice. There was a thorough discussion on the idea with different viewpoints aired and explained. It was
stressed this was there to investigate the plan and quantify the effects before any consideration of implementing the
scheme. A majority of those present would be happy for the Maidstone & Medway Show to participate in the pilot
scheme. Shelagh said she would listen to the full discussion at the Council Meeting in June before making a final
(14b) CIRCULATION OF CLUB NEWS, PAPERWORK ETC VIA EMAIL: In view of the recent price rises for postage, the
Chairman asked if members would be prepared to receive their paperwork via email and for it to be published on the
club website. Any member who wished to receive paperwork through the post would, of course, still be catered for as
a member of the club. There was unanimous agreement for this idea. The secretary asked if people could email her via she could build up a database of members’ email addresses.

There was no other business so the Chairman closed the meeting.

The AGM was followed by the presentation of the cups and trophies to those successful winners at the club’s
CHRISTMAS CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 2011. The presentation was made by our Vice-President, Mrs Joyce Higgins.
Georgina Anderson-Keeble had also made some very attractive parchment certificates for the cup winners to keep as a
memento of their win.

The Cup Presentation was followed by a delicious tea and a good cat chat! We all joined the Howard Dean fan club ….
Hilary Dean brought along her adorable bloodhound puppy who thoroughly enjoyed the fuss he received and behaved
like an angel! The Raffle raised more than £37 for our Welfare Account so many thanks to those who brought prizes
and those who supported us. Many thanks to all who brought along a wonderful set of prizes and those who bought

                              Hon. Secretary – Mrs Anne Gregory
               Beaumaris 52 Hempstead Road Hempstead Gillingham Kent ME7 3RF

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