Nothing But the Truth by 2ZTlEmO


									Nothing But the Truth
         Chapter 12
   II Thessalonians 2:13 – 3:5
• Paul was a balanced Christian who had a
  balanced ministry. He moved from
  prophecy to practical living, from
  negatives (Satan’s lies) to positives
  (God’s truth), and from warning to
  thanksgiving and prayer.
• Four Responsibilities to God’s truth:
  – Believe the Truth (2:13-14)
    • Paul reviewed the stages in salvation experience.
       – God loved them (2:13 a)
          » From eternal love of God: His salvation is rooted
            and grounded in God’s love John 3:16 & Romans
– God chose them (2:13b)
   » Love reveals itself in grace and mercy
– God sanctified them (2:13c)
   » Sanctification means “to set apart”
   » This sanctification refers to the Holy Spirit’s
     work in leading the unbelievers to Christ
   » Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the
     father through the sanctification of the Holy
     Spirit (I Peter 1:2)
   » It is the work of the Holy Spirit to convict the
     sinners (John 16: 7-11)
– God called them (2:14) ?
   » The same God who ordained salvation is the same
     God who also ordained the means to salvation: the
     belief of God’s Word
        » God uses the human beings to bring the Gospel to
          the lost such as Paul, Timothy, and Silas to
        » By trusting Christ we proved our election of God
          (I Thess 1:4)
        » Call is effective only in those who believes in the
          truth and trusts in Christ like in Thessalonica
     – God gave them glory (2:14b)
        » What begins with grace leads to glory
        » Believers already possessed God’s glory within
          (Romans 8:30 & John 17:22)
– Guard the Truth (2:15)
  • God works in the world through the truth of His
    word while Satan opposes the truth by
    substituting his lies. Human beings are prone to
    believe a lie and resist the truth “form of
    godliness but no power”
• Traditions: “that which is handed down from one
  person to another person” The truth as an oral
  message proclaimed by Jesus and the apostles
  before they were written down by the
  inspiration of the Holy Spirit
• Dual responsibility in guarding the truth:
   – “stand fast” and “hold” the traditions (2:15)
   – Stand fast: do not move away from the truth of the
   – If we stand, we hold
   – Hold: to hold fast, to hold firmly
   – In Greek it means strength, might, power
   – Satan knows how to use lies to oppose God’s truth and
     finds the solution within the fellowship
  • Word of caution:
     – First, the faith handed down to us must not be
       confused with man’s ideas and interpretations
          » Not all believers agree om minor matter of
            interpretation, especially in prophecy or matter of
            church order
     – Second, we must not embalm the truth so it losed its
       life and power
– Practice the Truth (2:16-17)
  • Paul wanted God to encourage (“comfort your
    hearts”) and establish them (“stablish you” in
    every good word and work
  • Encouragement
  • Establishment in the Lord ( I Thess. 3,: 2, 13)
     – It is God who establishes, but He uses people to
       accomplish His work in establishing the believers
     – Establishment through group Bible studies, worship
       services, and also individual discipleship
  • Two aspects of Christian life: word and work
     – Saying & doing; talk & walk
     – Talk & walk must agree
     – Works don’t save us (Titus 23: 3-7), but they are the
       evidence of salvation (II Thess 2: 11-15 ?, Eph. 2:10)
     – Words must be backed up by the deeds (I John 3:18)
     – Steady practice
  • To guard the truth is to practice the truth
     – The defenders of the truth are also the
       demonstrators of the truth
– Share the Truth (3: 1-5)
  • We guard the truth and practice the truth so
    we can share the truth
– The Word of God is alive (Heb. 4:12)
– Ps 147:15:
  • The Word of God is glorified in the lives of
    those who shared it and those who received it
  • Many Christian works are accomplished by
    human plans and promotion rather than God’s
  • The universe was created by God’s Word
  • Entertainment on the platform often replace
    the preaching of God’s Word
  • “It is the pastor’s task to feed the sheep – not
    entertain the goats
  • There is always opposition to God’s Word and
  • Paul asked to pray for him from evil including
    the men
  • Each Christian must be a part of the ministry
  • Motivation for obedience: God’s love and
    Christ’s return as soldier’s motivation is loyalty
    and fear

– Believe, guard, practice, and share the

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