This newsletter is your official notice of the upcoming spring meeting of the Goldcrest
Homeowners Association. The meeting will be Thursday, March 20, 2008 at Marshall Middle

The agenda for the meeting is as follows: 7:00 p/m - Call to order
       Guest Speaker - City of Olympia New Waste Resources Program Ron Jones - Program
                            Specialist Public Works Waste Resources

       Quorum call - President

       Approval of minutes from Fall Meeting (10/25/07) Treasurers Report
       Committee Reports Old Business
       New Business Member Comments

If you are unable to attend this meeting we strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to
file a PROXIE. The instructions for filing a proxy are as follows as per association Bylaws under
Section 2 - Proxies. "A member of good standing may nominate a proxy to exercise the member's
vote at a given meeting". The member must notify the secretary of the association in writing with
the name and address of the proxy fourteen (14) days before the meeting. The number of proxies
that a homeowner may hold is limited to 2. The proxy can be used only to vote on items that are
contained in this newsletter. Proxies cannot be used to vote on new items that are brought to the

     You must file this proxy by March 6, 2008. Mail or deliver it to Lee Lutz, Secretary of the
Association - mail to 1450 Sunnyvale Court NW or deliver or mail to 3737 Goldcrest Heights. If
you do not know anyone to specify as your representative the Board of Directors will find
someone to carry out your wishes. Only fully paid up members of the Association are
eligible to carry or assign proxies. The proxy form is included with this newsletter. Remember
March 6th is the deadline for the proxy to be received at one of the above mailing addresses.

GHA Fall Meeting October 25, 2007 Library Marshall Middle School

Charlie Lutz, President, called the Fall Meeting of Goldcrest Homeowners Association to
order at 7:15p/m. in the Library of Marshall Middle School.
Charlie asked for new homeowners to stand and introduce themselves to the audience. Five
new ones were present. Welcome to the meeting!
The minutes from the Spring March 2007 meeting were published in the fall newsletter.
Justis Friemund moved to accept the minutes as published and it was 2" d by Phil Schulte -
vote - minutes accepted.
Treasurer's Report - Financial papers for the first six months were available to the
homeowners present - showing each category and amount spent plus the budget amount and
amount spent from April l, 2007 to Sept. 30, 2007. Final expenditures will be available at the
March Spring meeting. The current balance in the GHA checking account as of Oct.25 2007
is $23,553.41. Paul Olson moved to accept the financial report and it was 2" d by John
McKinzie - vote - Treasurer's report accepted.
Committee Reports -

   Architectural Control - David Tradewell again emphasized the need to fill out the
Architectural Control forms. Forms must have Board approval for new fence or replacement
of fences, painting and major landscaping projects. He has the forms - also Kevin Foster and
Charlie Lutz.

   Maintenance - Charlie announced that the entry way to Goldcrest from Road 65 has been
fully landscaped with different types of grasses. These plants were recommended by Bark
and Garden Nursery as they do not require as much water in the summer months as do
planting of annuals there. Also GHA has applied for a Neighborhood Grant to be given by
the City of Olympia each year. They are giving 4 grants this year (07) - each grant worth
$4,000 with matching funds provided by the neighborhood association. We will hear in Dec
if we are to receive one of them. The grant application was for a complete remodel of the
entryway at Cooper Point Road and Goldcrest Drive where the retaining wall on our property
along side of the drainage ditch has almost completely washed out. A new retaining wall
would be constructed and the two large flowerbeds would be reworked. Charlie secured 2
bids for this project and the Board selected the one presented by Bayview Landscaping and
Design Company. If we receive a grant this project would be done in the spring of 08 when
the weather improved to allow for permanent construction of the wall. Drainage ditch –

   Charlie would like to have the landscapers maintain the new drainage ditch behind houses
on Hillview south of Marshall Middle School. This would be put into the contract for the
year 08-09. Contract talks are done in Dec. so the amount can be incorporated into the new
budget for the year 08/09 as the budget is drawn up in Jan. as dues are set for the total budget
amount for all expenditures for the coming year in Jan. or early Feb. This would come under
Landscaping Maintenance Annual Contract Services.

   City Liaison - Bob stated again that questions to the City Council have come up as to
where the money appropriated for the widening of Harrison and Mud Bay has gone. Money
was earmarked for this project and it seems that 4.5 million is now going to East Olympia.
What happened to the West Olympia projects?????? Where is the WOBA funding now???
Traffic light hopefully will be installed at Kaiser and Mud Bay by the year 2009. The
guardrails located at 14"' and 20 th streets have put walkers in the street. The local developers
in the area paid for guardrails (Cooper Crest).
    Calming Devices - Charlie introduced Marilyn Sprake as the Chairman of the Calming
Device Committee. She gave a talk on the application that was sent to the City on July 30,
2007 applying for grant money for calming devices to be installed in the Goldcrest area
mainly on Goldcrest Drive. She went over the four (4) steps we have received from the City
concerning the traffic-planning proposal. If we receive one there are various types of devices
to select from. Final steps belong to the homeowners of the subdivision and majority will
rule when the final vote is taken. A straw vote was taken at this meeting by show of hands it
was - 17 for and 6 against.
Old Business - covered by the committee chainmen in their remarks.

New Business - Charlie stated that real estate agents couldn't advertise RV parking on homes
for sale in Goldcrest. No RV parking is allowed and it is bound by our Covenants and this
leads to false advertising. Nancy Bauer suggested that if we are awarded the Neighborhood
grant that we possibly consider new signs also at the Cooper Point entry into Goldcrest and
maybe lighting on them (we do not have connections for electricity in this area). Chris Rose
wants maintenance committee to check on plant growth at Easthill and Goldcrest Drive Hill
between Easthill and Medallion Court.

Since a quorum was not in attendance Charlie recommended that the cash drawing be held
anyway. He polled the Board for a vote and all agreed to proceed with the drawing. The
winners were I 't - Karen Olsen - $50.00, 2"d - Tim Tynan - $30.00, 3`d - Sharon Malsbary -
$20.00. See if you are lucky and come to the next homeowners meeting!!!! These three were!
32 Homeowners were present.
No further business - meeting adjourned at 8:40 p/m.
Lee Lutz, secretary


   It is once again the sincere desire of the Board of Directors to have a quorum at this
meeting. There are several items to be considered and you should plan to attend and
participate. In order to help meet this quorum - the Board of Directors has once again offered
to pay three (3) cash incentives to three (3) lucky homeowners. First prize will be $50.00
cash, second prize will be $30.00 cash and third prize will be $20.00 cash. One ticket will be
given out per homeowner lot. All members present at this meeting will be eligible for the
drawing, including members of the Board. We MUST have a quorum for these prizes to be
given away.

   Included in this newsletter is the proposed budget for the 2008/09 fiscal years. Our year
runs from April 1, 2008 thru March 31, 2009. You, the homeowners, must approve the
budget. If you approve this budget as submitted we are proposing that the dues for the 08/09
fiscal year be set at $300.00 per lot owner. We will thoroughly explain our reasons for these
dues at the meeting. These dues, if approved, become due on April 1, 2008. You have until
May 10, 2008 to pay them. If not paid by May 10th, they begin to accrue a 2% per month
penalty until paid in full.

                                     BUDGET 08/09

Contract                      24,750.00
Maintenance                    7,000.00
Water                               600
Other                          2,000.00
Truck Gas                         1,000.00
Petty Cash                        1,000.00
Tree Removal                      2,000.00
Picnic/Garage                     1,000.00
Flowers/Bark                      2,000.00
Printing                          1,500.00
Insurance                         2,500.00
Sec./Treasurer                    2,500.00
Mailings                            700.00
Business Supplies                   400.00
Legal                             1,000.00
Sp. Projects                      5,000.00
Total                            54,950.00

     We will once again have a chipper provided by the City of Olympia for neighborhood
use on APRIL 12 TH. We will pile the items to be chipped on the north side of Goldcrest Dr.
between Easthill and Medallion Co. It is your individual responsibility to get material to the
site. PLEASE only bring items that are suitable to go thru the chipper. If you have any
questions about what WILL and WILL NOT be chippable, contact me and we can discuss.
NO blackberry or other vines will be accepted. It is primarily for downed limbs from
11 TH.

We have three (3) Board members whose term on the Board will expire March 31St. The 3 members
whose terms will expire are Maha Ablson, Bob Jones and Alicia Liston. All three have agreed to
serve another two-year term, if you agree. They along with any member who would want to serve on
the Board can run for election at this meeting. If anyone desires to run for one of these positions. I
ask that you notify the Secretary prior to the meeting so that we can be prepared to have an election
at the meeting.

   We will discuss all projects that we have accomplished this past year and strongly urge your
comments (Good or Bad!)

     It has once again been my pleasure to serve as your President and look forward to working with
and for you in the coming year.

Charlie Lutz 360-866-3587 leelutz@comcast.net

               Neighborhood Information Committee Report by ALICIA LISTON
Since our last newsletter, we have had only one home that sold, while several others are still on the
market. We would like to welcome our new neighbors:
      Tom and Faye Crabill             1815 Cameo Court NW

Garage Sale
There has been a very favorable response from those participating in the past sales, so it was decided
by the Board to continue to sponsor the Neighborhood Garage Sale. This year's sale will be held on
Saturday, June 14. We decided to change the weekend to the 2°a weekend in June (rather than the lst),
due to neighbor requests. That Saturday is the same as the Evergreen State College's "Super
Saturday" event. We thought this would probably bring a lot of traffic our way - and hopefully good
The Board will take out an ad in the Olympian advertising the sale, post a large wooden sign at our
Cooper Point Road entrance several days in advance of the sale and a smaller one at the Road 65
entrance, and post signs within the neighborhood directing traffic to the participating homes on the
day of the sale.
We will remind neighbors with a sign on the mailboxes when the garage sale is a week away. Please
mark your calendars, if you plan to participate. Also, contact Alicia Liston at 866-40$6 so I can add
your address (only) to a directory to be given to people driving through the neighborhood. We don't
want any garage sale shoppers to miss your house!
This will be our third year and it's been a lot of fun for us so far. We've had fair weather each year
(no rain), good participation, and it's a great way to recycle some treasures.
Alicia Liston 360-866-4086 alicialiston@msn.com

City Liaison
It is Spring Time in Olympia and the building of homes in West Olympia continues. The flooding of
our streets took its toll and the City will soon be planting trees along the_ middle medians of Cooper
Point Road, through the commercial area. Check out the flier from Neighborwoods on the planting of
"1000 Trees in One Day" in Olympia on March 29, 2008. Come to the Spring Meeting to learn how
folks in Goldcrest can help.
Traffic continues to build on Cooper Point Road and Mud Bay/Harrison Avenue. The City does have
the funding, for improving the intersection of Mud Bay/Harrison and Kaiser Road. Watch over the
next 1 to 2 years for that intersection to be improved, probably by 2009. They are studying the
intersection now. The number of housing developments is on the upswing and road and sewer
improvements like those on 14th Avenue last year may cause some delay in your travels.
Now is the time to call your favorite City Council members and ask them what they plan to do about
traffic congestion in West Olympia. You can call the City Council and ask them, as well, what they
plan to do about flooding in West Olympia. Call them at 7538447.

Regarding things that happen in Goldcrest, if you wish to call the non-emergency dispatcher to report
something to the Police, like parked/abandoned cars or other violations of City Street Code call 704-
2740. You also can call Georgia Sabol, Code Enforcement Officer at 753-8393 for other than street
violations of City Code. Come to the Spring Meeting to get updated on these and other events
impacting your lives in West Olympia. See you there...then. I will update you on our membership in
the Coalition of Neighborhood Associations in Olympia.
Bob Jones 360-867-0867 360-866-3520 (Fax)

Architectural Control by Kevin Foster and David Tradewell
As a member of Goldcrest community and being on the board I find it helpful to review our
covenants at least once a year. At times throughout the year David Tradewell and I are called on to
respond to small and large issues in regards to architectural control. As spring nears we are asking
that you could take the time to read the Goldcrest covenants before taking on any projects, or feel
free to contact us and well discuss any items that could put a project in jeopardy. Or if you need a
copy of the covenant, I'm sure we could get you one! Thanks from the Architectural Control
Kevin Foster 360-866-3759 kdfoster366@msn.com

David Tradewell 360-867-9899 d-tradewell@msn.com
Secretary / Treasurer by Lee Lutz

It is almost that time for letters to go out and dues to come in!

As of today we still have 3 homeowners who are delinquent in payment of dues for the year
07/08. One has not made payment at all and the remaining 2 have made partial ones.
Hopefully by the end of the fiscal year we will be caught up with all of them. Please no dues
sent in prior to April 1st. If you do mail them in early I will hold all checks until that date.
You will receive a letter stating the amount of dues due following the close of the spring
meeting. Also include on your check your lot number (if you do not remember your lot no. it
is located on the upper left hand corner of the address label). Remember proxies must be to
me by March 6`" if you cannot come to the spring meeting. The current Goldcrest checking
account balance is $15,549.00 as of Jan. 19, 2007 and we still have 2 more months of bills to
pay so it will be somewhat lower by the March meeting. I will have at the March meeting a
complete list of all expenditures for the 07/08 year if any one cares to look at them. They
will be done by category and you will be welcome to see them. As you can see - the budget
now includes the line items or categories that were suggested at the spring meeting last year
and have been in use all year.

Lee Lutz 360-866-3587 leelutz@comcast.net

Picnic News by Maha Ablson
Mark your calendar - duly 26, 2008 for the 4"' Annual Goldcrest Homeowners Picnic put on
by your Board of Directors. Time will be 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the park area between
Briarwood and Hillview. Games for the kids, good food and a lot of neighbors to meet and
greet - So please plan to attend. More will be sent out about the picnic the first week of July.
So plan now and we hope to see you then!
Maha Ablson 360-867-1411 mablson@hotmail.com

What can I chip?

.   Limbs and branches up to 6" in diameter (longer is better).

.   Woody debris from shrubs and plants.
What can't I chip?
.  Vines like ivy and blackberry.
.  Holly or other thorny material. Juniper.
   Twisted branches like rhododendron. .
    Limbs with wide forks.
.   Dirt-covered branches.

.   Lumber-we can't risk damaging the machine with a nail.

How to prepare your pile: Stack limbs pointing the same direction and have the pile ready
before the session starts, as shown in the photo. This will make the most of your 2-hour

Safety Tips:

Whether you're watching the action or helping pull branches from the pile, please remember:
 Only the contractor can operate (feed) the chipper.
 Supervise children and keep them at a safe distance from the chipper machine at all times.
 Hearing protection-the chipper machine is noisy
 Safety glasses-chips can fly quite a distance.

Gloves-protect your hands.
                                          Proxy Form
Note: You must be "a member in good standing" (your annual assessments must be paid) to
vote or assign your proxy to another member of the Goldcrest Homeowners Association.
Further, the association member that you assign your proxy to must also be a member in good
standing for them to vote at the meeting. No member may hold more than two (2) proxies.
I, __________________________________ , lot # _________, being a member in good
standing of the Goldcrest Homeowners Association, do hereby assign my proxy to

Lot #__________________________

This proxy is valid for voting on agenda item at the Spring 2008 GHA meeting. This proxy
expires March 20, 2008.
MAIL THIS FORM TO THE GHA NO LATER THAN March 6, 2008 to validate the proxy.
                                   DUES PAYMENT FORM
I enclose my Goldcrest Homeowners' Association dues, which are due April 1, 2008 and cover
the 2008/2009 fiscal year. I understand that late payments accrue late fees of 2% a month if not
paid by May 10, 2008.
NAME                                               : Lot #
Please make you check payable to Goldcrest Homeowners Association and write you lot# on
your check.

Mail to:                                    OR    Deliver to:
 Goldcrest Homeowners Association                  Lee Lutz, Sec/Treasurer GHA
 1450 Sunnyvale Court NW                           3737 Goldcrest Heights NW
 Olympia, WA 98502                                 Olympia, WA 98502
Thank you!

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