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Certificate of Completion of Instruction of Election Judge by ufLjf8W


									                  Certificate of Completion of Instruction of Election Judge
                  Issued each even-numbered year before the primary election. Election judge must possess a current certification of completion of instruction to
                  work as an election judge.


I, ____________________________________, Election Administrator for _________________County, do hereby
certify that at a training session held ____________________________,20________ pursuant to 13-4-203 MCA

                                 ( Name of Election Judge)

attended and successfully completed instructions on (check all that apply):

      Proper Polling Place Set-up
      Use of Polling Place Forms
      Voting Systems
      Hand Counting Paper Ballots
      AutoMARK Voting Assist Terminal
      Precinct Tabulating Systems
      Central Tabulating Systems
      Other Equipment
      Security of Ballots and Equipment
      Provisional Voting and Use of the Polling Place Elector ID Form
      Contingency Planning
      Duties and Liabilities Imposed Upon Election Judges by the Election Laws of the State of Montana

And is hereby declared qualified to serve as an election judge for a period beginning this day and ending before
the next regularly scheduled Federal Primary Election.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this __________day of __________________, 20____.

_________________________________________                                                     SEAL
Signature of Election Administrator

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