Presidency by ufLjf8W


									                           The Presidency
                            Powers & Practice
            Nominating Presidential Candidates
                         Our Self-Inflicted Wound
            Nominating Presidential Candidates
• The Legislative Caucus
• The National Party Convention
• The Issue of Delegate Selection
                        Selecting Delegates
• The Delegate Selection Menu
  – The caucus-convention method
  – The direct primary
  – “Superdelegates”
              The Caucus-Convention Method
                The Direct Primary Election
• Closed Primary Election
• Open Primary Election

                      The Party Convention
                      The Party Convention
• Party Rules
• Party Platform
• Nominates for Presidency and Vice Presidency
      The Presidential General Election Campaign
                  Strategy & Evolving Campaign Styles
                   Factors Affecting Strategy
• Incumbency
• Economic & Political Circumstances
• The “New Politics”
                          Campaign Strategy
•   The “New Politics”
•   Choice of Issues
•   Candidate Image
•   Negative Campaigning
•   TV Debates

                      Powers of the President
•   Head of State
•   Head of Government
•   Head of Party
•   Informal Powers
                              Head of State
• Commander-in-Chief (War Powers)
• Chief Diplomat (Inherent Powers)
• National Symbol
                        Head of Government
• Chief Executive
    – Execute the laws
    – Appointment Power
    – Removal Power
• Chief Legislator
    – State of the Union Message
    – Veto Power
                First State of the Union Message
               Modern State of the Union Message
                        Head of Party
                        Head of Party
• Control of the Convention
    – Platform
    – Rules
    – Leadership Decisions
• Control of the Party’s National Committee
    – Spokesman
    – General Policy Direction
                                 Informal Powers
• Influences his congressional party
• Influences his executive party
• Access to the mass media
                    Roosevelt’s “Fireside Chats”
                    Eisenhower Press Conference
                        JFK Press Conference
                       The “Checkers Speech”
                            Beagle Woes
                      Limits on the Presidency
•   Obligated to uphold prior decisions
•   The size and independence of the bureaucracy
•   “Lame-duck in second term
•   Public visibility
                    A Nixon Press Conference
               Presidential Effectiveness Variables
•   Conception of the office
•   Personality
•   Circumstances
•   Political Skills
         Erwin Hargrove, The Power of the Modern
• Presidents of Preparation
• Presidents of Achievement
• Presidents of Consolidation
                 JFK Press Conference
              LBJ Reacts to JFK’s Death
                 Reagan the Storyteller
          Richard Neustadt, Presidential Power
• The fragmentation of American Government
• The need to aggregate power
• Aggregating power to persuade
          Richard Neustadt, Presidential Power
• The nature of Presidential power is the power to persuade
• The power to persuade is the ability to bargain

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