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Use Case Diagrams

           Online National Polling is an information
management system that has been developed for
automating the process of election proceedings that
deals with people and the Government.

    In current situation we are having both manual voting and electronic voting.
Because of this scenario all citizens must be applied for voter id and by using
this they can go for manual voting. To do this operation every time voters must
go to outlets and at the same time politicians also must go to outlets for
processing nominations. This is the main disadvantage in present scenario to
avoid this problem we are going to introduce a web based application called
“Online National Polling”.
    In the rural areas the influential people keep their men at the polling booths
to threaten the common man to vote for them
 There are many portions of the country like the North East where there is locally
sponsored terrorism, at such places the security conditions are also not very
bright, so naturally people feel afraid to come out of their houses and go to vote

  Online National Polling is an information management system that has
been developed for automating the process of election proceedings that take
place between the people, and the government. The system needs consistent
flow of information at different levels within the Online National Polling,
any interruption in the flow of major data can cause the final verdict to get
stalled or pending. These kinds of situations should be holding our Online
National Polling system.

 By using this system voters can apply for voter id through online based
on his date of birth.
 Nominators for elections can go for online nomination.
 Voters can go for online voting.

            The system after careful analysis has been
identified to be presented with the following modules:

  The modules involved are:

 Admin Module
User Module
Voter ID Application
Reports Module
Candidates Module
     Admin Module

This module deals with election department.

By using this module election department can do
following activities:
    Elections schedule for:
    Nomination starting date and ending date
    Election starting date, ending date.
                         User Module
       This module tells all about voters.
       Voter Registration: Any citizen who crosses 18
       years can register their names to get electoral
       Online Voting: Using Voter ID citizen can go for
       online voting.
Candidates Module:
 Candidates have facility to modify selected portions of their profile after
registration for nomination like the promises they make about the things to
do after winning the election, their previous works, their experiences and a
comprehensive about me, etc

By using this module user can go for different types of
reports as follows
•Voter Enquiry
•Result Enquiry
•Schedule Enquiry
•Voter List
Level 0 DFD for Election Commissioner:
Level -0 DFD for Election Communication:
Level -1 DFD for set Dates:

   Level -2 DFD for Nomination Dates:-
Level -2 DFD Election Dates:-
Level -1 DFD for Reports [Election Commissioner]:-

    Level -0 DFD for Voter:-
Level -1 DFD for Enquires [Voter] :-
       Use Case Diagrams

Use Case Diagram for Election Commissioner:
Use Case Diagram for Candidates:
Use Case Diagram for Voter:

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