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					                           Alexander Hamilton
                                       •New York Legislator

                                           Main Ideas
                                        The Hamilton Plan

•Strong national government
•The President and Senators will be elected through complex multi-stage elections, in which
chosen electors will elect smaller bodies of electors and then will hold office for life, but can be
removabled for misconduct
•The President will have an absolute veto.
•Congress would retain exclusive authority to make all the laws of the country.
•The Supreme Court will have immediate jurisdiction over all law suits involving the United States
•State governors will be appointed by the federal government and also have the power of an
absolute veto over bills.
•The lower house, the Assembly, was elected by the people for three year terms
•There will be an upper house, which is the Senate, and will be elected by electors chosen by the
people, and with a life-term of service.
•The Senate will also be in proportion to population, being two-fifths the size of the House
•There will be a judiciary consisting of 12 justices to serve for life under good behavior.
•Powerful economic system
•Encourage both foreign and domestic investment.
•Stronger union, the utility of a national taxing power, and the importance of the executive and
judicial branches of the federal government
•New government to be based on British monarchy and parliament.

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