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					             Amended Constitution – adopted on 11th November 2008.

                             PONTHIR CRICKET CLUB
                                  (founded 1881)

1.   The name of the club shall be Ponthir Cricket Club. It shall be affiliated to the Ponthir
     District Sports Club and a member of the Welsh Cricket Association.


2.   The purpose of the Club shall be to play and promote the playing of amateur cricket in
     and for the village of Ponthir and the surrounding area.

3.   To promote Good Behaviour in cricket in accordance with the Sports Council for Wales
     Chwarae Teg Initiative 2001, and any amendments made to those guidelines from time to
     time by that Body or any of its approved successors.


4.   The Club shall consist of Playing Members, Junior Playing Members, Parents and/or
     guardians of Junior Playing Members, Non-Playing or Social Members, Vice-Presidents,
     Business Sponsors and Life Members. The Membership year shall run from 1 st May for
     12 months to the following 30th April. Playing and Non-Playing Membership fee levels
     shall be fixed annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. Other membership
     levels are at the discretion of the individual Vice-President or Business Sponsor. Any
     agreed contribution shall qualify the donor as a Vice-President or Business Sponsor as
     appropriate. The setting of fee levels must be done in accordance with a policy that is
     specific and equitable. Parents and/or Guardians of Junior Playing Members shall
     automatically become Club Members and shall not be required to pay a fee.

5.   The Club shall strive to the best of its ability to ensure that equitable treatment is given to
     all with whom it has contact irrespective of gender, religion, disability, ethnic origin, age,
     language, social status or sexual orientation. The Club will comply with the Equity
     Policy of the England and Wales Cricket Board and any amendments made to that Policy
     from time to time by the England and Wales Cricket Board or any of its approved

6.   The Club shall have the following Officers who are to be elected at the Annual General
     Meeting and who shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting: Chairman,
     Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Development Manager, Auditor, Fixture
     Secretary, Chairman of Selectors, Youth Development Officer, Social and/or Fundraising
     Secretary and Captains of all Teams intended to represent the Club during the
     forthcoming season.

7.   The post of President of the Club is for the General Committee to decide annually and the
     President shall be formally invited and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting. The
     President shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the General Committee but shall not
     have a vote and shall not be counted as part of a quorum.

8.   The General Committee shall have the power to create Life Members to mark particular
     service or achievement or other quality worthy of the honour. Life Members are full
     members of the Club but the requirement to pay membership subscriptions is waived.

9.   The General Committee shall have the power to refuse membership of the Club, or to
     refuse the renew membership or to expel any member if it considers that the person
     concerned is not an appropriate person to belong to the Club, provided that it exercises
     this power in accordance with Clause 5 above.
      Team Selection.

10.   Selection of senior teams to represent the Club shall be carried out by a Selection
      Committee which shall comprise the Chairman of Selectors and the Captains of all the
      teams representing the Club or their nominated representatives. The President and
      Chairman may attend selection meetings as of right but have no voting capacity (unless as
      elected members of the selection committee).

11.   Selection of junior teams (under 15s and younger) shall be entirely at the discretion of the
      manager of the respective junior teams.

12.   If any Captain elected by the Annual General Meeting shall be unable or unwilling to
      fulfil that role throughout the year, or if the Annual General Committee fails to appoint a
      captain of any team, then the General Committee shall have power to appoint one or more
      persons to fulfil that role and that person or persons shall become a member of the
      Selection Committee.

13.   The Selection Committee may take a player’s all-round behaviour and general
      contribution to the club’s activities into account when selecting teams. Any player whose
      behaviour reflects badly on the Club or is prejudicial to the good running of the Club may
      not be selected.

      Child Welfare.

14.   The Club will comply with the Safeguarding Children Policy of the England and Wales
      Cricket Board and the Child and Vulnerable Persons Policy and implementation
      procedures set out in the England and Wales Cricket Board Policy in October 2003, and
      any amendments made to those Policies from time to time either by that body or any of its
      approved successors. For the purpose of ensuring compliance with these policies and
      procedures, the General Committee shall appoint a Child Welfare Officer who shall report
      periodically to the General Committee.


15.   The entire management of the Club (except as otherwise provided) shall be deputed to the
      General Committee. The General Committee shall comprise the elected officers
      (paragraph 6), the President (paragraph 7), the Child Welfare Officer (paragraph 14) plus
      a minimum of 3 other Club members who shall also be elected annually at the Annual
      General Meeting. The General Committee shall comprise at least 9 members and shall
      have the power to co-opt additional members as it deems necessary. A decision-making
      quorum shall be 5.

16.   The General Committee may delegate any of its functions to sub-committees or
      individuals but such sub-committees or individuals may only act within the scope of the
      authority delegated by the General Committee and must be subject to reporting back to
      the General Committee.

17.   The General Committee shall meet as frequently as necessary to deal with the Club
      business. The Secretary shall notify all committee members of each General Committee
      meeting in advance of the date.

      Disciplinary Procedure.

18.   The Disciplinary procedure of the Club, including right of appeal, shall follow the policy
      identified in clauses 18-20 0f the Welsh Cricket Association’s Constitution.

19.   The Club shall not play any cricketer during the period of ban by another League or Club,
      provided that the disciplinary procedure, including right of appeal, can be shown by the
      Welsh Cricket Association to have followed the model identified in clauses 18-20 of the
      Welsh Cricket Association’s Constitution.

20.   The Disciplinary Committee of the Club shall comprise three members of the General
      Committee, delegated by the General Committee for this purpose, and including at least
      one of the following Officers of the Club, namely, the Chairman, the Secretary, the
      Treasurer and the 1st Team Captain. Appeals shall be heard by the whole of the General

21.   It shall be a disciplinary offence for any member in connection with, or in the course of,
      any matches, events or activities of the Club to misconduct himself, or to act in a manner
      prejudicial to the good name or interests of the Club.

22.   Any complaint relating to a disciplinary offence shall be investigated and adjudicated
      upon by the Disciplinary Committee and the member concerned shall be entitled to attend
      a hearing before the Disciplinary Committee and to call witnesses. If the Disciplinary
      Committee find that the complaint is justified, they may reprimand that member or
      suspend him for one or more matches or expel him from the Club. The member shall
      have a right of appeal both against the finding and against the penalty and such appeal
      shall be by way of rehearing with the member having the same rights of attendance and
      calling witnesses. On appeal, the decision of the Disciplinary Committee may be
      confirmed, varied or reversed. The decision of the General Committee on appeal or, if no
      appeal, the decision of the Disciplinary Committee shall be final and binding.

      General Meetings.

23.   The Annual General Meeting is to be held between the end of the season and 31 st
      December each year. Members shall be given at least two weeks’ notice of the date of the
      Annual General Meeting. All members of the Club shall be entitled to attend but Junior
      Playing Members aged 15 or less and Parents/Guardians of Junior Playing Members shall
      not be entitled to vote.

24.   The Constitution may only be varied at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting
      and must be carried by a two-thirds majority of those present.

25.   A Special Meeting of the Club may be called by the General Committee at any time and
      the General Committee must call a Special Meeting if so requested by 25% of the
      members of the Club. The rules for notice, attendance and voting at a Special Meeting
      shall be the same as at the Annual General Meeting.


26.   All players may be requested with due notice to take part in tea preparation, bar work or
      groundwork rotas or other work for the general benefit of the Club. Refusal or failure to
      comply without reasonable excuse may be treated as grounds for not selecting the player
      concerned for one or more matches.

27.   The Club’s Treasurer shall handle the Club’s finances through whatever bank or building
      society accounts the General Committee shall decide are appropriate and all moneys
      belonging to the Club shall be paid into such accounts. The persons authorised to sign
      cheques on behalf of the Club shall be the Chairman, the Treasurer and the Secretary and
      all cheques shall require the signatures of two of these officers. The Club’s Auditor shall
      be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

28.   The Financial Year of the Club shall run from 1st October to 30th September each year.
      As soon as practicable after the end of the Financial Year, the Treasurer shall prepare the
      Club’s accounts for that year which shall be audited by the Club Auditor and presented to
      the members of the Club at the Annual General Meeting.
29.   If the Annual General Meeting, for whatever reason, is unable to agree or fill a particular
      appointment, the General Committee shall be delegated responsibility for appointing a
      member to that vacancy.

30.   No member shall be entitled to be paid for playing for the Club, but the Club may employ
      members and remunerate them for providing goods and services.


31.   The Club shall not be dissolved except at a General Meeting specially convened and at
      which votes in favour of the resolution comprise at least three-quarters of the votes cast.
32.   In the event of the Club ceasing to exist, and following the discharge of all debts and
      liabilities, all assets at the time of dissolution shall become the property of the Welsh
      Cricket Association. No member may obtain any asset from the Club.

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