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					Minnesota Council/Board on Aging -- PUBLICATIONS
                                  Title                                    Date   Category
Community Services Report and Survey                                     1986       SR
Community Services Report and Survey                                     1987       SR
State Plan on Aging Under Title III of The Older Americans Act           1992        M
Final Report: Assessment of Title III Legal Assistance Programs          1993       FR
Final Report: Assessment of Indian Elder Access to Services              1993       FR
Report on the Congregate Housing Services Projects                       1993        M
Minnesota Senior Citizens Program Directory                              1968        M
A Guide: Home Care Services in Minnesota                                 1994        M
Survey of Older Minnesotans; Statewide Results Vol. I                    1995        S
Report to the 1977 Minnesota Legislature                                 1977        R
Second Minnesota State White House Conference on Aging                   1971       CP
Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Conference on Aging                    1965       CP
Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Conference on Aging                      1964       CP
Lectures Delivered at the Fourteenth Annual Institute on Aging           1972        L
Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Conference on Aging                     1966       CP
Nutrition Program Survey: Results and Analysis                           1991        S
Annual Report                                                            1987       AR
Legislative Program                                                      1990       LP
Annual Report                                                            1991       AR
Annual Report                                                            1988       AR
Nutrition Site Directory                                                 1993        M
Annual Report                                                            1985       AR
Annual Report                                                            1984       AR
Annual Report                                                            1980       AR
Annual Report                                                            1979       AR
Annual Report                                                            1975       AR
Annual Report                                                            1976       AR
Report of the Minnesota Governor’s Citizens Council on Aging             1973       AR
Report of the Minnesota Governor’s Citizens Council on Aging             1974       AR
Seminars for Seniors: Films (2 doc.)                                     n.d.        M
Seminars for Seniors: Prospectus on a Television Series for Senior       circa       M
Citizens                                                                 1968
Aging Curriculum for Secondary Schools                                   1983       M
Caring for the Visually Impaired Person                                  1970       M
Survey of Older Minnesotans; Statewide Results Vol. II                   1995       S
Pilot Dental Care Program                                                1980       M
Community Guide to the Development of Congregate Housing                 1987       M
Congregate Housing Service Programs                                      1990       R
Statewide Standards for Minnesota’s Title IIIB Legal Assistance System   1993       CP
Audio-Visual Resources on Aging                                          1987       M
Minnesota Age-In-Place Project: The On-Site Coordinator Study            1992       R
Comparison of Home Care and Nursing Home Care                            1980       R
Preliminary Report on County Profiles                                    1986       R
Report of the AD HOC Committee on Home Health Services                   1966       R
Report on Statewide Hearings                                             1990       R
Senior Citizens Speak Out at Area Hearings in Minnesota                  1964       M
Legislative Program                                                      1991       LP
Legislative Program                                                      1988       LP
Legislative Program                                              1987    LP
Legislative Program                                              1989    LP
Recommendations on State Policy on Aging Programs and Services   1988    M
Planning for Incapacity                                          n.d.    M
Your Law and Your Rights                                         circa   M
Governor’s Citizens Council on Aging                             1974    M
A State Agency at Work                                           1965    R
The Status and Needs of Minnesota’s Older People                 1971    S
General Information on the Minnesota Board on Aging              1978-   M
Image of Welfare Study and Pilot Study Instrument                1962    R
Minnesota Board on Aging Misc.                                           M
A Rural County, A Rural View: Aitkin County Program on Aging     1965    R
Strategic Plan: 1996-2000                                        1995    R
Minnesota Council/Board on Aging -- SUBJECT FILES
                   Folder title                   Date                NOTES
Aging Division Materials                       1990-1995   budget, grant approval,
                                                           MBA duties
Bemidji Advisory Committee                    1994         Headwaters 1993-1994
                                                           Area Plan amendments
Commissioner of Public Welfare                1957-1965    activities
Intercom                                      1993-1994    agenda, policy
MBA Work Plan                                 1991-1992    Activity description
NRVC -- (National Retiree Volunteer Center)   1991-1993    Newsletters
Seminar for Chairman of State Commission on   1967         schedule
Peer Counseling                               1985         History, current status,
                                                           program proposal
Senior Linkage Line                           1991-1993    telephone program
Senior Organization Network                   1988-1992    Health Care,
SSI Alert                                     1974         Final Report
Staff Work Plans                              1984         activities of 1983
State Retirement Sessions                     1975         Pre-Retirement Planning
MBA Silver Anniversary                        1982         History, White House
Title III Brijects                            1970’s-      Project Grants, Funding
MBA Training Plan                             1992-1993    Development, grant
White House Conference on Aging               1991         Topic Outlining
White House Conference on Aging               1981         Topic Outlining
White House Conference on Aging               1971         Topic Outlining
White House Conference on Aging               1961         Topic Outlining
Agenda                                        1990-1992    Public Policy Newsletter
Senior Spotlight                              1976-1988    Newsletter of the
                                                           Minnesota Board on Aging
Senior Spotlight                              1982-1996    Newsletter of the
                                                           Minnesota Board on Aging
H. Etta Saloshin, Ph.D.-- articles            1973         articles on working with
                                                           aging people
Institutes on Aging                           1973-1992    programs over the years
Minnesota Council/Board on Aging -- REFERENCE FILES
                                Title                                Date
Artists and the Aging                                            1976
Older People in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area                1991
Minnesota Ford Foundation: Project on Aging                      ca 1960
Drectory of National Organizations Concerned with Older          1977
Alternatives for Action: Income; Forum State Legis. on Older     1972
Living with Care, Caring for Life: Inventory of Life Strengths   1991
Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Gerentological Society         1964
Federal Long Term Care Reform                                    1988
Retirees: America’s Untapped Resource                            1985
The Crystal Quilt: Older Women’s Voices and Visions              1987
Handbook of National Organizations with Aging Plans, Programs,   1960
and Services
85 and Beyond: The Challenge of Minnesota’s Elderly              1984
Care of Older People: Family Roles and Responsibilities          1984
Plan for the Aging System in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area   1994
Older Adults in Minneapolis                                      circa 1991
Explanations of Changing State Policy Efforts for the Aging      1982
Minnesota Governor’s Commission on Aging Report                  1956
Minnesota’s Aging Citizens                                       1953
Minnesota’s Aging Citizens Second Report                         1955
The First Governor’s Conference on Aging                         1956
The Second Governor’s Conference on Aging                        1958
The Fourth Governor’s Conference on Aging                        1962
Keep On Living! A Guidebook to Senior Communtiy Resources        1961
Interim Message                                                  1960
Committees in Action Guidelines and Establishment                n.d
Report to Governor on New Minnesota Program on Aging             1957
State Action in the Field of Aging                               1958
As Senior Citizens See Themselves                                1961
Minority Elders in Minnesota                                     1990
The Minnesota Senior Study                                       1989
Older Minnesotans                                                1989
Older Minnesotans                                                1989
Department of Public Welfare                                     1972
The Image of Welfare: Impact on Programs for the Aging           1964
Mailing Lists                                                    1962
“Someone to Lend a Helping Hand”: Older Women in Rural           1987
Conference on the Role of Education for Aging and the Aged       1961
Twin Cities Workplace Eldercare                                  1992

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