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									Eighth Grade Hornets                             Tucker Creek Middle School
                                                 200 Sermons Blvd
                                                 Havelock, N.C 28532

Welcome Hornet,

  We hope you had a fun and exciting summer. We are excited and proud to have you on
our team. We look forward to an exciting and challenging school year. The team teachers
are listed below:

Mrs. Martha Bryan                                  Language Arts
Mrs. Stacey Looney                                 Algebra/Math
Mr. Jack Sanford                                   Social Studies

     Our team expectations are high but achievable because we want you to reap the benefits
of a successful year. Hornets, we ask that you be where you are supposed to be; do what you
are suppose to do; say what you are suppose to say and respect others and their property.

       To buzz with the Hornets the following wish list of supplies would be helpful:
             (3) One-inch 3-Ring Binders or 1 large 3-Inch binder
             Flash Drive for saving work
             Blue and Black Pens
             No. 2 Pencils
             (1) Pack of Loose-Leaf Paper per homeroom
             Quad/ruled 4 sq/in Graph Paper (Math)
             Ruler with CM and inches
             (8) Pocket Folders (2 Math; 2 Language Arts;
             (2) Marble Composition Notebooks (Math and Language Arts)
             (4) Spiral Notebook for Language Arts
             Tennis Balls
             Reams of Copy Paper
             Colored Utensils

   Agendas will be issued to all students at the beginning of each quarter. We have found
that these are extremely useful instructional tools when the students use them. We view
parents as allies and desire to keep the lines of communication open at all times through our
individual websites, class wikispaces and the on-line grade site, engrade.

                 “Alone we may be successful but together we can.”

Hornet Team
Planning 1:30-3:00                 TCMS Tel: 444-7200

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