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A-SQUARE COMPANY, LLC is a manufacturer of rifles, ammunition and bullets                               A-Square
based in Chamberlain, South Dakota in the United States. The company is one of
                                                                                          Type          Private
19 that are members of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturer's
                                                                                          Industry      firearms
Institution. [1][2] The company's focus is on its firearms for hunting large
dangerous game. This is reflected in the selection of larger caliber chamberings          Headquarters Chamberlain, South Dakota,
in the company's rifles.                                                                               U.S.

                                                                                          Area served   Worldwide
A-Square manufactured rifles usually come with stainless steel barrels as a
standard feature. [citation needed] The barrels on the rifles use epoxy resin to bed      Products      Firearms, Ammunition,
the barrel to the stocks. [citation needed] Magazine boxes are manufactured from
plate steel for rigidity and are also welded to the receiver.[citation needed] A-Square   Website       a-squareco.com

rifles are also engineered to allow the firing pin to retract further into the bolt body
than other firearms (.400 in (10.2 mm) ). This increases the force of the firing pin on the cartridge within the chamber.
Available calibres for A-Square firearms range from those designed for large, dangerous game (curiously including the
somewhat obsolete .416 Taylor) through to smaller calibre rifles (.243 Win).

A-Square also holds the patent for the Monolithic Solid Bullet. [3]

 1 Change in Controlling Interest
 2 The Closing of A-Square
 3 References
 4 External links

Change in Controlling Interest
From 2010 to February 2012 Sharps Rifle Company LLC owed a 80% controlling interest in A-Square of South Dakota LLC
and 67% controlling interest in A-Square of Wyoming.

The Closing of A-Square
In October 2011, all A-Square employes were let go from both the Chamberlain, South Dakota ammunition plant and the
Glenrock, Wyoming rifle plant.
On 15 February 2012, the A-Square Company ceased to exist. Owner and founder Art Alphin led Sharps Rifle Company LLC,
CEO Michael Blank to shut down both A-Square of South Dakota and Wyoming along with Sharps’ main operations in St.
M. Blank conveyed ownership, all of the equipment and intangible assets belonging to A-Square of South Dakota LLC and A-
Square of Wyoming LLC to the new Sharps Rifle Company Inc., CEO Kevin Tierney and his partner William Martin.
Due to fiscal insolvency and a new company vision neither the ammunition plant in South Dakota or rifle plant in Wyoming will
be reopened.
   Sorce: http://www.scribd.com/doc/87203859/Sharps-Rifle-Company-Inc-Introduction-Document

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