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94 Diskont


									94 Diskont
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94 Diskont is an album by the experimental electronic music group Oval. The
vinyl version of the album comes with a remix LP that contains remixes by Mouse                        94 Diskont
on Mars, Scanner, Cristian Vogel, and Jim O'Rourke.[2] It was released in 1995
(see 1995 in music) by Mille Plateaux in Europe and in 1996 by Thrill Jockey in
the United States.
Oval received both praise and controversy for its styling methods, such as literally
deconstructing music and digital audio by using exacto knives, paint, and tape to
damage the surfaces of compact discs, only to stitch the sound back together in
loops of melody punctuated by the disc's physical skips. [3]
94diskont was released as a companion piece with Oval's previous album,
Systemisch. The album centers around "Do While," a 24-minute track originally
composed for the group's 8-channel, 128-speaker modular sound installation
                                                                                                    Studio album by Oval
named Wohnton (translates into home tone) in a stereo mixdown. The installation
was shown throughout Europe between 1994 and 1996 on various occasions,                Released                1995

ranging from art exhibitions to techno raves.[2]                                                               October 1996

                                                                                       Genre            Electronica
         Contents                                                                                       Microsound
 1 Reviews and influence                                                                                Glitch (music)

 2 Track listing                                                                       Length           51:56
 3 External links                                                                      Label            Thrill Jockey
 4 Notes and references                                                                                 THRILL036

                                                                                                        Mille Plateaux
Reviews and influence                                                                                   MP13

At the time of 94 Diskont's release, The Wire placed the album at No. 5 on its                        Oval chronology
1995 of top albums of the year.[4]                                                       Systemisch      94 Diskont             Dok
                                                                                           (1994)          (1995)              (1998)
Allmusic awarded the album five stars and stated, "94 Diskont is undoubtedly a
standout in the field of electronically advanced, glitch-heavy music." [5]
                                                                                                    Professional ratings
In a 2003 feature, the webzine Pitchfork Media placed 94 Diskont at No. 47 on its
                                                                                                      Review scores
top-100 albums of the 1990s list. Mark Richardson of Pitchfork declared,
                                                                                          Source                      Rating

 “       Sounds appear as multi-layer holograms, with both sources and
         ghosted copies simultaneously vying for attention, a piece of
                                                                                         Allmusic                               [1 ]

         sonic trickery used to create some of the most serene and
         aquatic music of the ’90s. [6]                                        ”
Track listing
 No.   Title                                                                                                                     Length
  1.   "Do While"                                                                                                                 24:04
  2.   "Store Check"                                                                                                               3:58
  3.   "Line Extension"                                                                                                            3:02
  4.   "Cross Selling"                                                                                                             6:06
  5.   "Commerce Server"                                                                                                           4:56
  6.   "Shop in Store"                                                                                                             4:00
  7.   "Do While X"                                                                                                                4:50
External links
  94 Diskont     at Thrill Jockey

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