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   Katniss Everdeen is 16 She is a
hunter, a good shot, and she can sing,
but she is sent to fight in deadly arena
• They are the forced participants in the
  Hunger Games ages vary from 12-18

• Strong survive weak die

• They train for 3 days and after that they
  receive a training score 0-12 and are
  thrown into a arena with 24 contestants
  who must fight to the death.
• Mentors are the people that control the
  games to a Point They control the gifts
  their mentee receive and don’t receive.

• The mentors interact with sponsors who
  buy gifts for the tributes.
• The ruler of all 12 districts the capitol is
  what made the games because the rebels
  revolted so as a permanent reminder they
  have the Hunger Games even have Quells
  which are special games one time they
  demanded twice the amount of tributes
  and another year they had the people of
  the districts vote who had to go in the
  Hunger Games.
• The districts supply the capitol
  people with there goods. Such as
  tech., coal seafood, diamonds, grain,
  cattle, transportation, lumber,
  masonry, textiles, etc.

• They also play in the Hunger Games
  for the capitols amusement.
• This is where the tributes fight to the death
  and 23 die and 1 wins

• Each arena contains their own horrors
  including and not limited to poison mutts
  tributes fire smoke pits land mines all that
  and more.
• Katness Everdeen        Peeta Mellark
• gender girl             gender boy
• Skill shooting bow      skill baking, knife and
  and arrow hunting.        spear wheedling,
• Likes lamb stew,          talking and writing,
  fresh meat, her sister.   and drawing.
• Dislikes mines, capitol Likes bread, sunsets,
  and coffee.               paintings Katniss
                          Dislikes killing, starving
                            people, Capitol
              Characters 2
• Rue                      • Thresh
• gender girl              • gender male
• skills feeding herself   • Skills strength
  from the land good,        survival
  shot,                    • Likes unknown
• Likes music,             • Dislikes careers, and
  mokingjays and love.       owing people.
• Dislikes mean people,
  people who harm her
                  Charters 3
• Clove                    • Cato
• gender girl              • gender male
• Skills knife throwing,   • Skills swords play,
  fast, knife arranging,     spear wielding, can
  ruthless.                  snap a neck and
• Likes killing, and the     relatively smart.
  hunger games             • Likes killing and the
• Dislikes every other       hunger games.
  district besides her     • Dislikes every district
  own                        but his own
                Characters 4
• Prim                      • Haymitch
• gender female             • gender male
• Skills healing, playing   • Skills drinking and
  the flute, and singing      being a mentor.
• Likes her cat             • Likes alcohol
  “buttercup” and her       • Dislikes thinking of his
  family                      past games.
• Dislikes sadness,
  despair, and The
  Hunger games.
                Characters 5
• Foxface                    • Gale
• gender female              • gender male
• Skills hiding, fast, and   • Skills hunting and
  smart,                       snaring
• Likes unknown              • Likes hunting and
• Dislikes careers             Katniss
                             • Dislikes the capitol,
                               and the hunger
              Characters 6
• Effie trinket           • Cinna
• gender female           • gender male
• Skills keeping things   • Skills fashion design
  organized               • Likes putting is
• Likes good manners        emotion in his work
• Dislikes bad manners      so he hurts only
                          • Dislikes The Hunger
                  Characters 7
•   President Snow       • Madge
•   gender male          • Gender female
•   Skills unknown       • Likes strawberries
•   Likes suffering        outdoors and flowers
•   Dislikes rebellion   • Skills playing the
    among districts        piano
                         • Dislikes her mom
                           being sick
                Characters 8
• Glimmer                    •   Marvel
• Gender girl                •   gender boy
• Skills being pretty (not   •   Skills spear wielding
  very useful)               •   Likes unknown
• Likes unknown              •   Dislikes unknown
• Dislikes unknown

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