Report on ICT Compass for EFL Teachers ELTeCS project by bjdpkx


									      Report on ICT Compass for EFL Teachers ELTeCS project

From 28 May to 31 May the ’ICT Compass’ workshop was held in Tiszafüred in
Hámori András Secondary Technical School where I work as an English teacher.
Participants were from Serbia-Montenegro (Olja Milosevic, Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic),
from Romania (Monica Milea and Carmen Costina) and from Hungary (Andrea
Ádám, Tünde Füstös, Erzsébet Csibi).

Planning seemed to be easier because we followed the pattern of last year.
Participants lived in the local church house that proved very cosy and an ideal place
to relax after a hard day’s work. The title ’Compass’ originally meant a guide in ICT
but during the workshop it gained its original meaning as participants came to
Tiszafüred from different directions. One of the output movies deals with the story of
this ’Compass’ project. These movies will be seen on very soon. To view them you will need RealPlayer
installed on your computer.

The project started on Friday morning with a short introduction of the lab. Our
computer staff worked well when preparing the computers and we found that the
conditions were close to perfect. Every computer had an English version of Microsoft
XP and Office. Our computers were in a local network so it was very easy to share
the materials we created. There were no language barriers because of the computers
any more. That very day the school got the broadband internet connection.
Participants were given a ’Workshop CD’ that contains all the programmes necessary
to install and work with.

It seemed that everybody knew everybody as all participants took part in one of the
summer schools (Developing as Teacher Trainers and ICT in ELT) held in Esztergom
last year. At the official opening ceremony Elek Máthé represented the Hungarian
Ministry of Education. He spoke about the World-Language programme emphasizing
the ICT module. Fortunately, he could spend some more time with us and after
lunchbreak we could discuss our project in details and its possible connections to
WL programme.

As it is shown on site the compass has got
several elements. Recording, editing audio and video materials were in the focus. In
addition we could discuss the security elements as well. Everybody learned how to
handle these pretty free programmes and effective and creative work was started. A
short presentation on ICT was asked in advance and we enjoyed all. They were
PowerPoint presentations, some meant the basis of the final movies.

A short audio introduction was recorded then and we got acquinted with the digital
camera functions, too. A lot of spontaneous photos, videos were taken. Images had
to be uploaded 4 times to a computer even though the camera has got a memory
card. We could record the most favourite part of the ’Little Prince’. Converting it into
mp3 we tried out the ’Send File’ Messenger function that is extremely useful when
you are working in a regional team and you would like to share your files that are too
big to attach to an e-mail.
Besides working hard we always had enough time to talk about our schools,
students, plans, family, hobbies etc. We had a lot of fun especially while walking to
have lunch or dinner or some ice-cream. On Sunday the whole group took a trip with
a yacht on Tisza Lake and on the river. The scenery was such beautiful that we all
were sorry for that it lasted only for an hour. Later that evening we had the official
farewell dinner which ended on early Monday. Participants could taste some special
dishes of the local cuisine.

We could discuss the possible follow-ups of this project. A lot of suggestion were
arisen: workshops, competition, movie festival…. and of course the output CD which
will be published in July this summer.

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