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									Curriculum Vitae
                                                                   Prolongación Brasil 1820
                                                                   Colonia Lázaro Cárdenas
                                                                   Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48380
                                                                   MÉXICO      Teléfono: (322) 223 5933
                                                                   Celphone: 044 322 1173114

Sergio Iván Perera Gorman
Personal Information

                       Date of Birth:                      September 26th, 1962
                       Place of Birth:                     Mexico City
                       Nationality:                        Mexican
                       Marital Status:                     Single
                       R.F.C.:                             PEGS 620926 P53

Experience            From 1982 to date         Diverse         DF, Quintana Roo, etc.
                       English (EFL, ESP) teacher; Spanish for foreigners teacher
                          Private classes;
                          Company classes;
                          Translation of medical, legal, psychology and different texts.

                      January 2004 todate CEPE Universidad de Guadalajara. Puerto
                       Vallarta, Jalisco.
                       Immediate boss: Lic. Julia Parra, Academic Coordinator.
                       Spanish Teacher SFL. SSP
                          Spanish for foreigners; courses from beginning to advance levels;
                          Spanish courses for tourists;
                          Mexican and Latin American Culture.

                      January to December 2004 Proulex, Universidad de Guadalajara.
                       Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.
                       Immediate boss: Lic. José Luis Muñoz, Academic Coordinator.
                       English Teacher EFL. ESP
                          EFL courses, from beginners to advance levels;
                          English courses for children;
                          Saturday classes;

                      January 2002 to January 2004 UNAM CELE Faculty of Chemistry–
                       Mexico City
                       Immediate boss: Lic. Viviana Castilla Coordinator.
                       EFL, ESP teacher
                          EFL courses from beginners to intermediate levels;
                          Reading comprehension courses;
Curriculum Vitae                                               Sergio Iván Perera Gorman

                          Listening comprehension courses;
                          English courses for teachers from different faculties.

                      August 2000 to October 2001 United Airlines- Customer Relation Dep. –
                       Mexico City
                       Immediate boss: Lic. Diana Saraya. Supervisor.
                       Customer Relations Representative
                          Answering telephone calls from the airline’s passengers in the USA;
                          Finding a solution for the problems or difficulties the passengers may
                           have had, or
                          Getting the passengers in touch with the corresponding department
                           that may be able to solve or compensate for the problem the
                           passengers had.

                      January to June 2000 Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí -
                       Unidad Zona Media - Departamento Universitario de Inglés.
                       Immediate boss: Lic. Miguel Cárdenas Academic Coordinator.
                       EFL teacher
                          EFL classes from beginners to intermediate levels, for students of
                           Accounting, Administration and Engineering;
                          Tutoring.

                      January 1998 to January 2000         Escuela Preparatoria de Río Verde,
                       A. C.
                       Río Verde, San Luis Potosí. Senior High School and Language Center
                       Immediate boss: Jorge Robles              Principal
                       Language Center and High School English Coordinator
                          Promoting of the Language Center;
                          Opening new courses;
                          Assigning teachers;
                          Developing of teaching materials;
                          Drawing up, developing and preparing exams;
                          Academic meetings;
                          Evaluating the teachers, students and coordination performance;
                          Coordinating the English teachers from the High School;
                          Organizing academic and training workshops;
                          Drawing up, developing and preparing Teaching programs and
                          Assigning new textbooks.


Curriculum Vitae                                              Sergio Iván Perera Gorman

                        September 1996 to September 1997 Promotora Xel - Ha, S.A.
                        Quintana Roo.
                        Immediate boss: Nicanor Cruz Human Resources Manager
                        Natural Aquarium
                        Academic Coordinator, EFL and ESP teacher:
                           EFL courses from beginners to intermediate levels
                           ESP (English for Special Purposes) classes for employees in the
                            following departments:
                                  Restaurant
                                  Shops
                                  Security
                                  Information
                                  Tour Guides
                           Making teaching materials, attendance lists, examination,
                            performance reports for the managers of the different departments,
                            recordings, tutoring, placement exams, etc;
                           Promoting the courses among the employees of the aquarium;
                           Information brochures about the development of the courses and
                            the opening of new ones.

          Education     1990 - 1992    UNAM Faculty of Philosophy and Languages DF
                        Playwright and Theater (Not finished).

                        1981 Instituto Britannia        Teacher, trainer: Estela Krause DF
                         Teacher’s Diploma

                        1981 Instituto Anglo - Mexicano de Cultura DF
                         First Certificate in English. University of Cambridge.

                        1990 UNAM CELE Comisión Técnica de Idiomas Extranjeros DF
                         College Level English Teacher.

                        1998 25ª Convención de MEXTESOL       Guadalajara, Jal.
                         Workshop speaker: “Voice and Body”.

Interests and hobbies   Theater, music, literature, people, computers.


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