Quick List of What to Do to Register for Academic ESL (EFL prefix

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					Quick List of What to Do to Register for Academic ESL (EFL prefix) classes:

1. Decide if Academic ESL is right for you.

Academic English as a Second Language is for students for whom English is a second
language, and who want more academic or professional English to further their
education or their career, or for personal enrichment. Students who are interested in
entering a CPCC degree program or a university are encouraged to take these classes.
These classes require tuition.

2. Go to Admissions
       - make sure you have a file in the computer
       - find out if you are in-state or out-of-state
       - get a permission form to take Document 47 (the Academic ESL Placement Test)

3. Go to the Testing Center (Central Campus, Room 248)
       - be sure to take your permission form with you
       - be ready to spend two and a half hours taking a test with reading, grammar,
               writing and listening

4. Two days after you take the test, go to CH 212 (down the hall from the Testing
Center). The advisors there will help you decide your schedule. Students on student
visas should see Elizabeth Cooper or Dotty Holley in Central High Building Room 101.
In summer, and occasionally at other times (due to special circumstances), there will be
longer delays before test results are available. You can also view your test results in your
MY COLLEGE account (under Test Summary).

5. You register and pay for Academic ESL (EFL prefix) classes the same as for all
regular classes at CPCC.

6. More information about Academic ESL can be found at:

7. If you have problems, contact the Foreign Language Division office at

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