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   For the 3rd Kentucky Infantry, Union Army, see 3rd Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry.
The 3rd Kentucky Infantry Regiment was a volunteer infantry
                                                                                    3rd Kentucky Infantry Regiment
regiment that served in the Confederate States Army during the
                                                                          Active            July 1861 to May 6, 1865
American Civil War. It was part of the First Kentucky Brigade through
August 1862.                                                              Country           Confederate States of America
                                                                          Allegiance        CSA
    Contents                                                              Branch            Infantry & Mounted Infantry
 1 Service                                                                Engagements       Battle of   Shiloh
 2 Commanders                                                                               Battle of   Paducah
 3 See also                                                                                 Battle of   Raymond
 4 References                                                                               Battle of   Brice's Crossroads
 5 External links                                                                           Battle of   Franklin

The 3rd Kentucky Infantry was organized in July 1861, at Camp Boone in Montgomery County, Tennessee, under the
command of Colonel Lloyd Tilghman.
At the Battle of Shiloh, the regiment was brigaded with the 4th Alabama Infantry, 31st Alabama Infantry, 4th Kentucky
Infantry, 6th Kentucky Infantry, and 9th Kentucky Infantry. In a charge on the Union Army lines, 174 men from the 3rd
Kentucky Infantry were killed. All regimental officers were either killed or wounded.
The regiment remained at Port Hudson, Louisiana until August 20, 1862, when it was ordered to Jackson, Mississippi. Major
General John C. Breckinridge was ordered to take the 4th Kentucky Infantry, 6th Kentucky Infantry, and 9th Kentucky Infantry
with him and report to General Braxton Bragg. The 3rd Kentucky Infantry, 7th Kentucky Infantry, and 8th Kentucky Infantry
became part of the Army of Tennessee and returned to Port Hudson. The 3rd Kentucky Infantry were en route to Bragg at
Tullahoma, Tennessee when they were ordered to reinforce Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton in the defenses of
Vicksburg, Mississippi.
By 1864, the regiment's strength was severely depleted. The 3rd Kentucky Infantry was ordered to report to General Nathan
Bedford Forrest. Horses were unavailable, so the men followed Forrest on foot. The Kentucky troops that accompanied
Forrest were divided into four brigades. The 3rd Kentucky Infantry was in the third brigade with the 7th Kentucky Infantry, and
8th Kentucky Infantry, commanded by Colonel A. P. Thompson. On March 15, 1864 Forrest moved north toward Paducah,
Kentucky. Three miles from Paducah they encountered Union pickets and pushed them back to their camp on the outskirts of
town. Under fire from a nearby fort, the Kentuckians moved through the streets of Paducah. The fort was discovered to be
impenetrable, and a retreat was ordered. Colonel Thompson was killed by cannon fire while leading his troops. Forrest soon
returned to Mississippi where the regiment was engaged at the Battle of Brice's Crossroads. At some point in the campaign to
Kentucky, the regiment was mounted, becoming the 3rd Kentucky Mounted Infantry.
The regiment participated in the Battle of Franklin and surrendered on May 6, 1865 at Columbus, Mississippi.

   Colonel Lloyd Tilghman - promoted to brigadier general
   Colonel Albert P. Thompson

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