Race and Equality Impact Assessment by bjdpkx


									      Equality Impact Assessment – Template 4 – Summary Report

Department: Adult Services                   Date: 15 August 2011
Workforce Development Team

Completing Officer’s Name: Nikki Griffiths – Head of Workforce
Development ASD

Policy, Strategy, Service or Plan that was Impact Assessed:

Adult Services Efficiency Proforma 12/13

Summary of findings: (Full report attached)

This impact assessment shows that future provision of learning and development
activity has minimal identified potential to exclude or deny fair and equal access to
certain staff groups.
However, the assessment recognises that any potential reduction of L&D provision
that is disproportionate to wider departmental service, team & headcount
reductions may lead to opportunities of access being compromised for certain staff
The assessment acknowledges the need to monitor and continuously improve

Summary of Recommendations: (Action plan/s attached)

All learning & development planning will be undertaken in conjunction with
departmental managers & teams based on a needs & evidence led approach.
Monitoring of commissioning & delivery activity will be undertaken and corrective
actions taken where it is identified that staff groups are being, or potentially being,
denied appropriate access for whatever reason.
Improved assessment & procurement of external venues will be carried out by
L&D staff.
All proposed learning models and approaches involving use of e-learning, or those
that place an emphasis on use of IT to complete the required programme will
include a range of solutions to ensure access to IT does not prove a barrier to
learning, or access to learning.
Communications within the department will be increased through greater use of
the workforce development website which will reflect the re-structured WFD
team and increase access across staff groups, this will seek to improve access for
staff using the HCC Learning Zone portal.

     Published September 2007
 Equality Impact Assessment – Template 4 – Summary Report

The completed impact assessment needs to be published. Please
 send this to the relevant person in your department to ensure that it is
                up-loaded onto your departmental website.

Published September 2007

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