Post Jungian Psychology_ Key Texts by paulbudds


									     Post-Jungian Psychology: Key Texts

The key texts concerning Jungian/Post-Jungian psychology are
(in my opinion) Wolfgang Giegerich’s End of Meaning and the birth
of Man paper and his The Disenchantment Complex paper. They
both move the field onto where psyche is at… as opposed to
remaining immersed in some kind of pre-modern meaning

For clarity and simplicity concerning the different strands or
schools within the field, Andrew Samuels Jung and the Post-
Jungians is useful. Note that Samuels has since updated his
thoughts on this topic in Eisendrath & Dawson’s The Cambridge
Companion to Jung Second Edition. Furthermore I think that
Giegerich’s thought needs adding to the schools and that we can
(otherwise) maintain Samuel’s simple and clear version but
develop a more complex structure that includes subcategories.

For clarity concerning Jung’s ideas I recommend Robert Segal’s
Jung on Mythology.

Eisendrath, P. Y, & Dawson, T, (2008) The Cambridge
Companion to Jung Second Edition (Cambridge University

Giegerich, W, The End of Meaning and the Birth of Man: An
Essay about the state reached in the history of consciousness
and an analysis of C. G. Jung’s psychology project

Giegerich, W, (2012) The Disenchantment Complex: C. G. Jung
and the Modern World (International Journal of Jungian Studies,
4:1, 4-20,

Samuels, A, (1986) Jung and the Post-Jungians (Routledge)

Segal, R, (1998) Jung on Mythology (Routledge)

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