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									                                     Strategic Map: 2012- 2020

                             Mission: To improve the health and safety
       of people in Kentucky through Prevention, Promotion and Protection
                     Vision: Healthier People …. Healthier Communities.

                           We Achieve Excellence through REACH Values:
                    Responsiveness, Equity, Accountability, Collaboration, & Honesty

               P                         Q                      E                      O

                                                          Efficiency &             Improved
           People                     Quality            Effectiveness             Outcomes

                                                          Implement a          Develop & Implement
      Attract & Retain a         Implement a Quality
                                                        Department-wide         A Focused Healthy
1    Competent & Diverse          Improvement Plan
                                                          Performance         Kentuckians 2020/SHIP
          Workforce                 & Curriculum
                                                       Management System              Plan

      Cultivate a Positive                                                    Promote Best Practices
                                                        Strengthen Internal
      Work Environment            Attain and Sustain                           That Support Healthy
2        & a Satisfied           PHAB Accreditation
                                                            & External
                                                                                 Communities &
           Workforce                                                                Individuals

      Develop & Enhance               Support
                                                         Promote Effective      Improve the Health
        Relationships               Public Health
3            with                 Population-Based
                                                        Use of Technology &        of Disparate
                                                       Information Exchange        Populations
         Key Partners            Practice & Research

         Implement a             Support Evidence-       Implement Sound
4    Culture of Customer        Based and Promising         Financial &
     Service/Satisfaction            Practices          Business Practices

    12/9/11 –Adopted

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