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									 School Improvement Plan
Battle Ground School District

        Laurin Middle School

        JoDee McMillen, Principal

    Steve Hoskins, Assistant Principal

Laurin Middle School serves 651 students in fifth through eighth grade on a campus shared with Glenwood Primary
School. Laurin is in the south central area of Battle Ground School District and our students feed into Prairie High School.
Our rural campus overlooks several acres of raspberry fields, Silver Star Mountain, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Hood.

The main part of Laurin Middle School was built in 1965. A new multi-purpose commons area was completed for the
opening of the 2008 school year. Several repairs and “sprucing” up occurred the summer of 2010 which included painting
exterior doors, new carpet, repair of roof leaks, and replacing broken bathroom fixtures.

Laurin Middle School houses twenty-four full time classroom teachers and ten specialists in the areas of Physical
Education, O.V. (shop), Music, Computers, Media Center, and Art. We also offer the following programs: Special
Education, English as a Second language, Highly Capable, Speech Services, Nurse Services, LAP, a Psychologist and a half
time Counselor. In addition to our certificated staff we have twenty-one classified staff that assists in the office, lunch,
recess, and in the classrooms as special education and LAP assistants.

Laurin continues to grow every year, quickly becoming the largest middle school in the district.


Laurin began their work toward becoming a Professional Learning Community in 08-09 when the Middle School plan was
implemented. A new schedule was introduced that year which provided core teachers with a daily collaboration period.
Through that collaboration process, staff began learning how to work as a collaborative, Professional Learning Community
to improve student learning. Our focus was centered on making teaching more intentional starting with posting the
learning targets, utilizing formative assessments and creating common summative assessments that guide instruction.
Weekly professional development was provided through administration during that collaboration time.

Advisory and Academy classes continue as part of the Middle School plan. Academy has been geared towards students
who need extra support in math, reading and writing. Students failing the MSP continued getting reading support from
our reading specialists. Intramurals continue as an option for students to connect to our school beyond standard course


Student Demographics

October 2010 Student Count                       653
May 2011 Student Count                           643
Gender (October 2010)
Male                                     334   51.1%
Female                                   319   48.9%
Race/Ethnicity (October 2010)
American Indian/Alaskan Native            3    0.5%
Asian                                    26    4.0%
Pacific Islander                          5    0.8%
Asian/Pacific Islander                   31    4.7%
Black                                    11    1.7%
Hispanic                                 63    9.6%
White                                    506   77.5%
Two or More Races                        39    6.0%
Special Programs
Free or Reduced-Price Meals (May 2011)   277   43.1%
Special Education (May 2011)             68    10.6%
Transitional Bilingual (May 2011)        29    4.5%
Migrant (May 2011)                        0    0.0%
Section 504 (May 2011)                    4    0.6%
Foster Care (May 2011)                    0    0.0%
Other Information (more      info)
Unexcused Absence Rate (2010-11)         29    0.0%

Current Situation

To determine student progress and success our staff utilizes formative assessment in daily practice, common summative
assessments aligned to the learning targets/GLE’s and performance expectations. In addition, fifteen teachers are piloting
the use of Standards Based Grading for their grade book. Standards Based Grading uses district determined learning
goals to assess for student progress.

During daily collaboration, teachers intentionally focus on aligning lessons to the learning targets, analyzing the
assessment results and adjusting instruction to meet student needs. Students needing additional support receive help
during academy, before or after school. Specialists collaborate with each other once a week and once a month with
specialists across the district.

Collaboration focuses on the following questions:
   1. What is it we want our students to learn?
   2. How will we know if our students have learned it?
   3. What will we do if our students have not learned it?
   4. What will we do if our students have already learned it?

The administration meets weekly with the grade level teams to support the teachers and provide them with resources. We
offer book studies on needed topics and focus one staff meeting per month on staff development rather than nuts and

The LAP reading teacher continues to work closely with administration to develop a school wide plan for regular reading
assessment throughout the year and provide staff training on reading strategies.

The goal to provide a positive school climate is achieved through intramurals, socials, assemblies, and the Watch Dogs
program. The Watch Dog program invites fathers or male guardians to become more active in their student’s educational
process. Watch Dogs is a part of a national organization for positive mentorship.

Our commitment to Professional Learning Communities and our attention to specific strategies has resulted in meeting
Annual Yearly Progress and significant improvement in MSP test score results.

Action Plans

School Math Goal: For the 2011-12 school year each grade level will increase the student pass rate of the state test by 5%
as compared to the pass rate of the same group of students from 2010-11.

                                                                         Timeline            Plan for
                               Lead       Others       Person                                                Resources you
        Activities                                                    Start   Finish       monitoring                           Evaluation
                              Person     involved    accountable                                             will need/use
Teach lessons that are       General     Special     Teaching and     9/2011   6/2012   Analysis of          Collaboration      Quality math
aligned with math            Education   Education   Administrative                     formative            time               lessons and
learning targets/            Math        Teachers    Staff                              assessments          District           assessments
performance                  Teachers                                                   aligned with         Instructional
expectations/ grade level                                                               lessons to           guides
expectations                                                                            determine growth.    OSPI website

Utilize district pre-        General     Special     Teaching and     9/2011   6/2012   Pre –assessment      Collaboration      District end
assessments and end of       Education   Education   Administrative                     will determine       time               of term
term summative               Math        Teachers    Staff                              lesson focus.        District           summative
assessments                  Teachers                                                   Formative            Instructional      assessments
                                                                                        assessments will     Guides             results
                                                                                        be used to           District end of
                                                                                        determine growth     term
                                                                                        throughout term.     assessments
Using differentiation        General     Special     Teaching and     9/2011   6/2012   Re-teaching is       Academy time       Students are
strategies, re-teach         Education   Education   Administrative                     done when            Access to math     increasingly
concepts and skills          Math        Teachers    Staff                              students are not     resources          meeting
(targets) when necessary     Teachers                                                   meeting standards    List of teacher    standards as
during class and math                                                                   as shown on their    resources for      shown on
intervention courses.                                                                   formative and        formative          formative
                                                                                        summative            assessment and     assessments,
                                                                                        assessments.         differentiation    MSP.
Using SMART Goals at         Grade       Special     Teaching and     9/2011   6/2012   Grade level          Collaboration      Students are
the grade level to adjust    Level       Education   Admin Staff                        collaboration will   time. Data on      increasingly
teaching to student needs.   Teams       Teachers                                       determine SMART      student progress   meeting
                                                                                        goal adjustment.     and from           standards as
                                                                                        Periodic teaming     previous year.     shown on
                                                                                        with Admin.          MSP Scores         MSP.

School Literacy Goal (Reading & Writing): For the 2011-12 school year each grade level will increase the student
pass rate of the state test by 5% as compared to the pass rate of the same group of students from 2010-11.
                                                                Timeline         Plan for
                    Lead          Others        Person                                           Resources you
   Activities                                               Start   Finish     monitoring                         Evaluation
                   Person        involved     accountable                                        will need/use
Teach lessons     General     Reading        Teaching and   9/2011 6/2012    Daily               Collaboration   Quality
that are          Education   Intervention   Admin Staff                     collaboration.      time            lessons are
aligned with      Teachers    Specialist                                                                         created,
literacy                                                                     Alignment           District        aligned with
learning                      ELL Teacher                                    through the         Instructional   standards
targets/                                                                     year using          guides
                                                                                                                 and used by
performance                                                                  district
expectations/                                                                curriculum and      OSPI website    teachers.
grade level                                                                  other
expectations                                                                 resources.
Using             General     Reading        Teaching and   9/2011 6/2012    Small group         Reading         Students are
differentiation   Education   Intervention   Administrative                  instruction is      Intervention    increasingly
strategies, re-   Teachers    Specialist     Staff                           on a daily basis.   class.          meeting
teach concepts                                                                                                   standards as
and skills                    Academy                                        Re-teaching is      Access to       shown on
(targets) when                Teachers                                       utilized when       reading
necessary                                                                    students do not     resources
during class                  ELL Teacher                                    meet standards                      formative
and math                                                                     as shown in         Extra time      assessments
intervention                                                                 assessments.        with small      and MSP.
courses.                                                                                         groups during
                                                                                                 academy time.
Students          General     Students       Teaching and   9/2011 6/2012    Monthly recap       OSPI released   Students are
analyze           Education                  Administrative                  of common           items           increasingly
answers on        Teachers    ELL teacher    Staff                           assessments                         meeting
year long                                                                    taken in class      OSPI teacher    standards as
reading                       Reading                                                            resources       shown on
assessments.                  Specialist

Generate      All        All Teaching   Teaching and   9/2011 6/2012   Daily             OSPI released   Staff
unified       Teaching   Staff          Administrative                 collaboration.    items.          generated
language to   Staff                     Staff                                                            resource for
be used                  District                                      Vertical          OSPI teacher    teaching
school-wide              Curriculum                                    Teaming.          resources.
                                                                                                         writing in all
while                    Staff
teaching                                                                                 Training from   content
writing.                                                                                 experts.        areas.

                                                                                         and resource

Using          Grade     Special        Teaching and   9/2011 6/2012   Grade level       Collaboration   Students are
SMART          Level     Education      Administrative                 collaboration     time            increasingly
Goals at the   Teams     Teachers       Staff                          will determine                    meeting
grade level to                                                         SMART goal        Data on         standards as
adjust                                                                 adjustment.       student
                                                                                                         shown on
teaching to                                                                              progress and
student                                                                Periodic          from previous   MSP.
needs.                                                                 teaming with      year
                                                                                         MSP Scores

Additional Efforts:

                                                                           Timeline           Plan for        Resources
                                          Others          Person
    Activities        Lead Person                                       Start  Finish       monitoring         you will       Evaluation
                                         involved       accountable
                                                                                           effectiveness      need/use
Focus to provide     Classroom                         Administration   9/2011   6/2012                       Staff          Lab use
teachers with        Teachers                                                                                 Training
technology that                                                                                                              Classroom
will support track                                                                                                           observation
student progress.

Parent               Teachers and     Administration   Administration   9/2011   6/2012   Administration      Navigation     Number of
Involvement          Administration   parents;                                            will check in       101 material   parents
including                             students                                            with staff to       on student-    attending
- Attendance at                                                                           monitor             led            Spring
Student Led                                                                               support             conferences    Conferences
Conferences                                                                               organization
- Watch Dogs                                                                              efforts of parent
- PTO                                                                                     involved
- Info Nights                                                                             activities.
- Parent Advisory
Development of       Staff            Parents          Administration   9/2011   6/2012   Student             Student        Decrease
Safe and                                                                                  Feedback            training       student
Supportive           Students                                                                                                behavior issues
Learning                                                                                  Track number        Parent         requiring
Environment                                                                               disciplinary        involvement    administration
- Peer Mediator                                                                           referrals for                      intervention
- ASB                                                                                     bullying.           Teacher
- Peer Helpers                                                                                                training
- SOAR Mentors                                                                            Student
- School-wide use                                                                         involvement in
of “Respect Rules”                                                                        programs and
- Bullying                                                                                scheduled
Prevention                                                                                mediations


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