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					                                     My Writing Targets – Level 4/5                                                  Name ___________________
           AF5 SENTENCES             AF6 SENTENCES           AF3                      AF4                      AF1                     AF2 WHOLE               AF7                     AF8
           Variety                   Accuracy                ORGANISATION             ORGANISATION             WHOLE TEXTS             TEXTS                   WORDS                   WORDS
                                                             & STRUCTURE              & STRUCTURE              Imaginative,            Task, Reader and        Appropriate &           Correct Spelling
                                                             Across a whole           PARAGRAPHS               Interesting             Purpose                 Effective
                                                             text                     Construction &           thoughtful
            I use a variety of       I use a full range     I structure texts       I use paragraphs        I develop relevant     I make the purpose     I choose              In my writing I
Level 5
             sentence lengths,         of punctuation          clearly with             to clearly               ideas and               of texts clear. I       vocabulary to         correctly spell:
Across a
             structures and            accurately to show      sentences                structure the main       material, using         maintain the            create particular      Common words to
range of     subjects to make          my sentences,           organised into           ideas across a           some imaginative        purpose throughout      effects.                fit the grammar of
 writing     my writing clear          including speech        appropriate              text.                    detail.                 the text.              I use a reasonably      sentences.
             and to add                punctuation.            paragraphs.             I use a range of        I develop and          I use the features      wide vocabulary.       Most suffixes and
             emphasis.                I can usually          I deliberately           devices to support       shape language          that are                                        prefixes including
            I use a wide range        punctuate and use       control the              organisation, for        and ideas to suit       appropriate to the                              double consonants
             of connectives to         grammar                 structure of a           example, use of          the purpose of my       purpose of a text.                              in prefixes.
             clearly show the          accurately within       whole text, for          pronouns,                writing.                Sometimes I adapt
             relationships             sentences to make       example, I refer         connectives,            I adopt and             the features if
             between ideas.            the meaning clear.      back to the              referring to             maintain a clear        necessary.
            I use some                This includes           introduction at the      earlier parts of         viewpoint across a     I maintain the
             features of               commas to mark          end.                     the writing.             text.                   interest of the
             sentence structure        clauses.               I guide the reader      I usually maintain                               reader by using an
             to build up detail                                through a text           links between                                    appropriate style.
             and add layers of                                 using clear links        paragraphs/
             meaning, for                                      between                  sections across a
             example, changing                                 paragraphs.              whole text.
             the order of words
             and using embedded
            I vary the length,       I punctuate            I organise my           I use paragraphs/       I choose relevant      I usually make the     I deliberately         I spell most
Level 4                                                                                 sections to organise
             structure and             sentences               writing by grouping                               ideas and content.      main purpose of         choose words to         common words
Across a                                                                                my writing. For
             subjects of               accurately              my ideas or using a                              I develop some of       different texts         create an effect on     correctly.
range of     sentences.                throughout a text,      time sequence.           example, I use a         my ideas in detail.     clear.                  the audience.          I spell most
 writing    I use some                including question     I write a beginning      main idea and some      I can write from       I use the main         I experiment with       adverbs ending in
                                                                                        sentences which
             subordinating             marks.                  and conclusion.                                   different points        features of             some new words to       ly correctly.
                                                                                        develop it.
             connectives (e.g. if,    I use speech            Sometimes I link                                  of view and             different types of      suit the task /        I add most past
                                                                                       I use some
             when, because             marks correctly         the beginning and                                 maintain them           writing to suit the     topic.                  and present tense
                                                                                        connectives to link
             throughout a piece        and sometimes           conclusion.                                       throughout the          purpose.                                        endings correctly.
                                                                                        sentences within
             of writing.               other speech           I organise my            paragraphs/
                                                                                                                 writing.               I use a style of                               I spell most plural
            I am accurate when        punctuation.            ideas into a logical     sections.                                        writing to suit a                               endings correctly.
             I use different          I use commas in         order.                  I try to make links                              task. I try to make
             tenses and verb           lists and sometimes                              between                                          the purpose clear
             forms.                    to mark clauses.                                 paragraphs/                                      for the reader.
                                                                                        sections, for
                                                                                        example, firstly,

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