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CLDDV-128   Fall 2012   1
                           Welcome To:
              CLDDV 127 – Infant/Toddler Lab Practicum
          “Peace in the world depends on peace in the hearts of individuals.”
                                    Dalai Lama
            “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
                                  Abraham Lincoln

Students are required to call Early Care & Education Family-
Toddler Lab 575-___ before the start of lab if s/he will be late
or absent.
PROFESSOR           Pam Guerra-Schmidt
PHONE               (209) 575-6345 (Office)
E-MAIL              Please utilize the mail feature in Blackboard to send mail messages for this course
WEB PAGE            virtual.yosemite.cc.ca.us\guerraschmidtp
OFFICE HOURS        Daily for 30 minutes following class/lecture (Tuesday, Wed., Thursday)
FAX                 (209) 575-6989
ADDRESS             Modesto Junior College
                    2201 Blue Gum Avenue
                    West Campus, South Hall, Office 157G
                    Modesto, California 95358

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:
       1. Identify and demonstrate appropriate educational methods and techniques for infants/toddlers.
       2. Identify and demonstrate the use of positive techniques in building successful relationships with
           infants/toddlers, including cultural aspects.
       3. Select and plan relationship-based caregiving and curriculum, activities, and materials for teaching that are
           appropriate to infants/toddlers while using facilitation-based teaching.
       4. Demonstrate developmentally appropriate practice while employing routines as a part of the curriculum and
           creating inclusive environments.
       5. Record through authentic observations, documentation, screening and assessment developmental levels of
       6. Discuss and evaluate children’s progress in developmental domains.
       7. Examine and apply appropriate interactions with center staff and families of children with respect to diversity
       8. Apply effective teamwork in planning, teaching and in evaluating activities
       9. Apply positive guidance practices
       10. Identify and demonstrate positive techniques for working with children in routine situations and during
Definition/Outcome is a major piece of knowledge, skill, ability, or attitude that students can demonstrate by
the end of the course.
Definition/Assessment is a major assignment, project, or exam used to demonstrate or apply the outcome.
Student Learning Outcome: By the end of the semester, each student will demonstrate an ability to build
positive, caring, and respectful relationships with children and their families.
Assessment: Lab Instructor will observe daily interactions of student teachers and children and give prompt
feedback individually, during lecture/seminar, and on the two student evaluations.)

All students enrolled in this course have agreed to arrive on time and stay until the end of the course each and
every day. In addition, the students in this course have agreed to arrange appointments outside of the
scheduled class times.

CLDDV-127                                 Summer 2012                                                             2
In the event of an unforeseen situation, students are required to call (NOT EMAIL) the Early Care & Education
Family-Toddler lab before the start of lab if s/he will be arriving late, departing early, or absent on any given day.
Second, students are required to follow up by documenting the date absent, late time arrived with date, or the
time departed early with date on individual attendance sheet.
Students are required to attend ALL training sessions. Regardless of the reason, in the event that a student is
unable to attend every class session during the training sessions, which occur the first six days of the summer
semester, the student will be dropped from the course.
Students who miss more than one (1) class session (or the combined time of one class session due to
absences, early departures, or late arrivals) without making up the missed time cannot pass this course. All
hours missed due to absences, late arrivals, and/or early departures must be made-up before the end of the

Students who are late more than two (2) class sessions or leave early more than two (2) class sessions will be
encouraged to enroll in the lab in a future semester. Students who miss more than one full class session must
stay in daily contact with the instructor. In the event that the student is not communicating daily with the
instructor while missing the class session(s) including absences, late arrivals and early departures, s/he will
either be dropped from the course or if it is past the drop date receive a non-passing grade.

All students are required to have Internet access and submit assignments through Blackboard. In addition,
students are required to log into the Blackboard enhancement part of the course a minimum of TWO times each
week, to check status of graded assignments, receive announcements, and participate in discussions.

Typically in most courses, students attend one class session during final’s week, but for this lab course
students are required to attend both days during the fall and spring semesters and all three days during summer
semester. Students must share with the professor by the end of the second week of the semester, if there is a
conflict with a final in another class. In the event of a conflict, student will arrange another day during final’s
week to make-up the missed class session. It is expected that every student will be present all required days
during final’s week.

Students are responsible for both adding and dropping the course. If you add the course late, the same due
dates apply to all assignments.

Final grade is a total of all points earned. It is in the best interest of the student’s grade to attempt and submit
each assignment; in addition it is REQUIRED that students submit each and every assignment in this course.
(90% of total points possible is an “A”; 80% of total points possible is a “B”; 70% of total points possible is a
“C”; 60% of total points possible is a “D”; and 50% or less of total points possible is an “F”. Child Development
majors are required to pass this course with a “C” grade or better to use the course for graduation, certificates,
and the Child Development State permits.

All portfolio assignments are given points for the very first correction; when work is returned with errors
corrected, points do not change for that assignment. Once professor returns portfolio assignments to the
students, students have 4 days to make ALL corrections and return to professor as points are awarded
contingent upon corrections being made. If the assignment is not returned to instructor within seven calendar
days with corrections, the contingent points are reduced by 20% for every four days late. The contingent points
will be revoked if the assignment is not submitted error free by the date noted in the syllabus. If this date is not
met, the assignment receives zero points. Even though an assignment is awarded 0 points, it still must be
corrected and submitted in order to pass this course. Students who do not completed each and every portfolio
assignment will receive an “F” grade in the course regardless of overall points earned.

This is an experiential lab and seminar course where students are graded on their ability to appear and be
approachable while building caring, supportive, mutually respectful, and kind relationships with the children and
adults (family members, teaching team including other lab students, lab assistant and lab instructor) while
looking at the frequency of use of positive guidance techniques and the ability to facilitate conflict resolution
with children and adults; on professionalism including responsible and cooperative teamwork where active
communication, arriving on time, staying until class has ended, planning, setting up, facilitating/interacting, and
cleaning up curriculum activities is highly valued; plus completing in a timely manner written work and projects.
The physical and psychological safety of ALL children and adults is a priority while working in the infant toddler

CLDDV-127                                Summer 2012                                                           3
                                          Written Work (50% of points-280 points)
ASSIGNMENTS:                                                        POINTS:                           DUE DATES:

T.B. Clearance/must be dated within the last year                                                 0   Due second week
Declaration of eligibility to work with children & sign
acknowledgment of child abuse training
Submit phone number & email address                                                             0     Due first week
Training tests (i.e. facilitating snack, facilitating small group,                             50     As provided throughout
facilitating transition after clean-up, facilitating large group, set                                 the semester both in-
up/clean up/daily schedule, facilitating conflict between                                             class and on Blackboard
children, open communication between adult team members,                                              Dates for Blackboard
computer-sending and receiving attached documents for                                                 TBA
portfolio, overall knowledge on philosophy,

Curriculum Activity Assignment/hand in word processed copy              6 curriculum activities       -due weekly and in
in class                                                                10 points each =              advance of activity by
-In order to carry out your curriculum activity, please try to use                                    SATURDAY midnight
materials that already exist in the lab. If in the event, there is an   60 total points               (June 9, 16, 23, 30, July
item that is not in lab, discuss with lab instructor and with                                         7, 14)
permission, write out on supply list, a list of supplies and exact      10 points for overall self
amount needed by Thursday of the first week of class.                   evaluation                    -Activity evaluation due
                                                                                                      SATURDAY, July 21
-When turning in the activity evaluation, please staple it to the                                     before final’s week
original proposal and the instructor’s evaluation of the activity.                                    (Blackboard)

ITERS                                                                           Scored Form-35        -Word processed
-Complete form/handwritten-turned in during class                                                     paragraphs (Blackboard
-Paragraphs/strengths, improvements/word processed-turned                     Strengths/areas to      SATURDAY, July 21
in during class                                                                      improve-15       before final’s week)
(This is part of the final and must be completed in order to pass                                     -In class: Tuesday,
the course.)                                                                    Total Points= 50      during final’s week -
                                                                                                      handwritten form with
                                                                                                      THIS REQUIRED
                                                                                                      ASSIGNMENT WILL NOT
                                                                                                      RECEIVE POINTS IF
                                                                                                      TURNED IN LATE

Final Exam                                                                                        5   Last week of class
(Oral presentation of child portfolio & ITERS including listening                                     during final’s week, both
to other student presentations; environment improvements                                              Tuesday and Wednesday
including cleaning/organizing center.)                                                                regular hours

                                               Child Portfolio Assignment
Word processed/submitted through Blackboard before midnight on SATURDAY due dates. Paper copies are not
accepted for portfolio assignments. All portfolio assignments are given points for the very first correction; when
work is returned with errors corrected, points do not change for that assignment. Once professor returns portfolio
assignments to the students, students have only 4 days to make ALL corrections and return to professor as points
are awarded contingent upon corrections being made. Any assignment that is not turned back by the student within
4 days with all corrections made loses 20% of contingent points for every four days late. If not corrected by date
noted in syllabus, the portfolio assignment is awarded 0 points. Even though an assignment is awarded 0 points, it
still must be corrected and submitted in order to pass this course. All anecdotes, summary, work samples, pictures,
etc. will be placed in the appropriate tabbed domain areas in the portfolio binder; the completed binder must be
presented to class during final’s week and turned in order to pass this course.
Various anecdotes for portfolio                                      8 anecdotes @ 5 points Submit Blackboard
8 assignments                                                               each = 40 points SATURDAY, July 14

Two Portfolio Pictures                                                   2 pictures @ 5 points =      Submit Blackboard
-8 X 10 of child                                                                              10      Sunday, July 14
-8 X 10 of child and student teacher

        CLDDV-127                                  Summer 2012                                                              4
Ages & Stages Questionnaire                                                               25   Submit Blackboard
(Complete with family)                                                                         SATURDAY, July 7

Summary of collected work/write summary of child’s strengths                              20   Submit Blackboard
and select 1 to 2 areas for child to work on plus child’s                                      SATURDAY, July 14
Note: this must be completed before presenting portfolio to

Note: ALL portfolio assignments must be 100% corrected and
in final draft by this Saturday final due date in order to receive
points. See “Grading” in this syllabus for more information
about how completion of the portfolio assignments impacts the
grade in this course.
Family Conference/Present Portfolio to Family                                             10   Last week children are
(Do not give portfolio to family.)                                                             present
                                                                                               Select a date and time
Hand family survey sheet to finish after portfolio presentation.                               with the family to
                                                                                               present portfolio during
Each student writes time and date on a large paper in planning                                 this two week period
room, so there is always sufficient supervision of children.
Total Portfolio Points –120 Points (Up to 5 points extra credit awarded for portfolio. Extra credit assignments such as
extra pictures, anecdotes, work samples, etc. must include word processed anecdotal information, turned in through
Blackboard and are aligned with portfolio due dates, and displayed professionally while identifying the appropriate
domain area. If extra typed work is not submitted within due dates above, it cannot be added to the portfolio. Each
and every portfolio assignment is required to be completed, error free in order to pass this course. See “Grading” in
this syllabus for more information about how completion of the portfolio assignments impacts the grade in this

                                Self/Instructor Evaluations (50% of points-280 points)
Two Instructor evaluations & two student self-evaluations to          2 @ 140 points =    Mid-semester
assess interactions with children, families, & staff (word                         280    (Blackboard, SATURDAY,
processed-hand in during class                                                            June 23 of semester

Building relationships with children & interactions with                                  Second Evaluation/
teaching team & professionalism (see evaluation for detailed                              (Blackboard, SATURDAY,
list of items evaluated)                                                                  July 21 before final’s week)

Use same form for both self-evaluations. If form is lost from
mid-term evaluation, 10 points are deducted from second

                                                  Extra Credit Points
Extra Credit –2% allowed of total possible points offered in                          0   Submit Blackboard
class                                                                                     Saturday, July 7 last day to
(Word processed/no late work)                                                             submit extra credit work
Student Teachers can propose suggestions such as community                                except for extra credit for
presentations geared toward children and families                                         Portfolio which has due
                                                                                          dates on same dates as
                                                                                          portfolio assignments
TOTAL POINTS                                                                        560
While class topics may change during each class session, due dates for assignments typically will not change.
Students are encouraged to be proactive rather than reactive participants in this course. Each student has the ability to
calculate his/her own grade throughout the semester. Simply add up all of the points that you have earned, and then
divide the points earned by the points possible. This will give you a percentage; see grading area in the syllabus to
determine the actual grade. Lab Instructor can meet with you to help you calculate your grade. Blackboard will
calculate you grade throughout the semester; if you are in the process of correcting errors, and the assignment is not in
the final draft, grade is impacted. The good news is that once you complete the assignment in final draft, error free,
then the points are entered and you’ll see you overall points increase.

Students are welcome to turn in assignments earlier than posted due date! Please let me know, if you would like any
information added that would help you to follow the course syllabus. Thank you!

       CLDDV-127                                Summer 2012                                                        5

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