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Shoreline Community College
Master Course Outline & Course Proposal Form

                                                           COURSE INFORMATION

Course Name:                ESL 095                                                              CE                Credits:               5
                            Dept.                #                       Alpha                   AU Code
Title: (Limit to 48 characters)       Academic Speaking and Listening

Effective Quarter of Change:                                             A123

Description: (Limit to 320 characters including spaces and punctuation. Do not include title, prerequisites or grading options. Combine lecture/lab

           This course focuses on improving ESL students' academic listening and speaking skills. Students
           practice listening to lectures, taking notes, and preparing speaking assignments based on lectures.
           Students study key academic vocabulary. The course is intended to help students participate in
           regular college classes.

      Appropriate placement on Advanced ESL Placement Test or recommendation of ESL faculty for students
      who are in or have completed ESLAB 050.

            Will registration require instructor approval?                            Yes                  No    X

Grading Option(s):
              Mandatory Decimal                                 Mandatory P/0.0                        Mandatory P/Z            X     Student Option

                                                  DEGREE/TRANSFER INFORMATION
                                                                       (Check all that apply.)

 Degree/Certificate: (Name program)                               Transfer: (Complete: College or University, Course # and Grey Area.)

        AAAS                                                      to                              as                                            Grey Area

        Certificate                                               to                              as                                            Grey Area

Degree Requirements:
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Shoreline Community College
Master Course Outline & Course Proposal Form
                                 Communication                            Quantitative        Multicultural    Integrated
General Education                        Skills                            Reasoning           Education          Studies
                                                 Communication            Quantitative           Human
                 Related Instruction:                    Skills            Reasoning            Relations

                                                      Humanities         IntraAmerican              Social       Science
                            Distribution:                                      Studies/            Science

                                     COURSE OUTCOMES AND COMPETENCIES

General Education Outcomes: (Delete all General Education Outcomes that are not included in this course. Below each
remaining General Education Outcome, type in BOLD the specific competency for this course.)
I.          SKILLS
         Students will be able to demonstrate competence in communication, quantitative reasoning,
         general intellectual (critical thinking) and social functioning skills.

              A. Communication
                 1. Demonstrate the ability to read, listen and interpret, and communicate through spoken
                       or written forms of Standard English.
                 2. Demonstrate ability to recognize and critically examine attitudes and values expressed
                       by others in oral and written form.

Students will be able to speak English in a clear, understandable manner:
         Pronounce words intelligibly.
         Produce sentences with intelligible stress, rhythm and intonation.
         Use connected speech patterns.
         Use appropriate, introductory college-level vocabulary.
         Ask questions for clarification.
         Discuss ideas and information presented in lectures, films, or videos.

Students will be able to prepare and give oral presentations to small groups and/or to the whole class

             Speak with reasonable accuracy and fluency using only brief notes.

Students will comprehend lectures and discussions
         Take accurate notes on academic lectures.
         Identify main ideas and key details of lectures.
         Answer questions orally and in writing on the content of lectures, films, videos, etc.
         Use active listening behaviors.
         Comprehend connected speech.

              D. Social Functioning
                 1. Demonstrate the ability to understand and be open to different viewpoints and
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Shoreline Community College
Master Course Outline & Course Proposal Form
            3. Demonstrate cooperation and teamwork in relating to and working with others.

                 Use group strategies such as turn taking, clarifying, summarizing, acknowledging, etc.

II.               KNOWLEDGE
               C. Demonstrate an understanding and an awareness of the implications of the growing global
                    interdependence of diverse societies and cultures.

Students will work effectively with students from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds

         Acknowledge and respond to others' comments/questions.
         Behave according to expectations implicit in American academic settings

Specific Course Outcomes: (Type in all outcomes and competencies that are specific for this course and not related to General Education Outcomes.)

Course Content/Major Course Topics: (List or outline major topics.)

Live lectures by instructor or guest lecturers
Taped academic lectures
Listening Logs
Videos on current issues or social science topics
Taped conversations or anecdotes

Assessment Tools: (Mark those that apply.)

              Essay Test                       x       Performance Test                       Performance                 x      Project(s)
      x       Multiple Choice Test                     Portfolio                              Paper(s)                   x       Oral Presentation(s)

              Other: (describe)

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