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                            JOB DESCRIPTION

Directorate:    Place                Job Title:       Private Sector Schemes

Division:       Housing Resources
                                     Grade:           I

Section:        Private Sector &     Post No:         221506
                Prevention Section

1.   Responsible To:                 Private Sector and Prevention Manager

2.   Supervisory Responsibility:     Tenant Finder Officers x 5,
                                     Tenant Finder Project Officer x 1,
                                     Housing Officers x 2
                                     Housing Assistant x 1

3.   Important Internal              Head of Housing Resources, Private Sector
     Relationships:                  & Prevention Manager, Housing Advice &
                                     Options Manager, Property Inspection
                                     Manager, Homelessness & Temporary
                                     Accommodation Manager, Allocations &
                                     Resettlement Manager, PLS Manager,
                                     Senior Housing Officer (Homelessness),
                                     Senior Admissions Officer, Senior Allocations
                                     Officer, Allocations Project Officers, Legal
                                     Services, Housing and Council Tax Benefits,
                                     Members, all managers & staff in the Private
                                     Sector & Prevention Section, Housing
                                     Resources Division, within Community
                                     Services and throughout the Council.

4.   Important External              Service Users, Private Landlords, Solicitors,
     Relationships:                  Accommodation/Letting Agents, the Rent
                                     Service, the DWP, PCT/Health and
                                     Probation Services, NLA and other Landlord
                                     Representative Groups, LLAS, KCAH,
                                     CABx, and other voluntary agencies.
                            MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB
To supervise the day to day work of the Tenant Finder Service and Housing Officers
(Private Leasing Scheme) responsible for property procurement and handback and
the monitoring of repairs, income recovery & management of privately leased
properties. To ensure the delivery of a high quality service to private sector landlords,
homeless households and social housing tenants with respect to the creation and
management of private rented tenancies for use as temporary accommodation, to
prevent homelessness, as Qualifying Offers and under the Home Finder Scheme to
manage referrals for social housing tenants, particularly overcrowded tenants wishing
to move to privately rented homes.

Prepared By:      Jacky Guddoy                  Agreed by:       Nick Smith
Date:             23 March 2010

                      JOB DESCRIPTION

                                MAIN ACTIVITIES

1.    Departmental Management

      1. To ensure the effective day to day operation of the Tenant Finder and
         Private Leasing (client role) Service.

      2. To contribute to the overall development of the Private Sector and
         Prevention Section, as the Manager of the Private Sector Schemes.

      3. To support the work of the Resources Division Management Team,
         attending meetings as required.

      4. To deputise for the Private Sector and Prevention Manager in his/her

2.    Strategic Planning

      1. To submit to the Private Sector and Prevention Manager, information and
         performance statistics relating to the work of the Service.

      2. To evaluate performance and contribute to the review and development of
         performance targets.
       3. To contribute to the planning and future development of temporary
          accommodation services and private sector housing options for homeless
          households and social housing tenants.

       4. To participate in joint reviews of the Council’s homelessness services,
          ensuring the implementation of all initiatives to maximise the effective use
          of temporary accommodation and promote access to private sector
          housing options.

3.      Operational Service

     1. To provide support and guidance to the Private Sector Schemes Team to
        ensure that a high quality service is provided to private sector landlords,
        homeless households and all other households accommodated through the
        Tenant Finder Service and the Private Leasing Service.

     2. To develop and regularly review Tenant Finder and Private Leasing
        procedures, liaising with colleagues in Private Leasing Management,
        Temporary Accommodation Admissions, Assessments, Allocations, Housing
        Advice & Options Service and all others services where appropriate.

     3. To manage the placement of accepted homeless households, homelessness
        prevention households and social housing tenants through the Tenant Finder
        Service; and the ongoing support and hand-back of tenancies.

     4. To develop and manage the use of Tenant Finder lettings as Qualifying Offers
        & to provide settled homes in the private sector.

     5. To allocate and direct casework and manage a caseload of more complex
        and/or sensitive cases.

     6. To ensure the achievement of performance targets relating to the work of the

     7. To liaise with internal and external partners and contractors as appropriate to
        monitor the repairs, rent recovery and management of Privately Leased

     8. To ensure that data recording and other administrative systems are
        maintained and that accurate computer, manual and casefile records are kept
        for all Tenant Finder & Private Leasing tenancies.

     9. To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of private sector housing law,
        particularly with respect to homelessness, security of tenure, protection from
        eviction, disrepair, rents and debt recovery.

     10. To maintain an up to date knowledge of private sector market rents and
         private sector residential market trends in the local area.
11. To maintain an up to date knowledge of housing allocation policy & good
    practice and the Councils Choice Based Lettings bidding process, including
    likely waiting times for particular property sizes/bands.

12. To provide specialist advice to landlords and tenants regarding Housing
    Benefit and housing law as it relates to Assured Shorthold tenancies, liaising
    where necessary with Legal Services.

13. To ensure the effective referral of households to the Allocations Section
    and/or the Temporary Accommodation Admissions Service in cases where
    Tenant Finder tenancies break down or are terminated by the landlord.

14. To ensure the referral to support services of vulnerable households with
    special needs and, where appropriate, those with dependent children.

15. To ensure that property inspections and Home Visits are carried out when
    required, and that the Private Sector Schemes Team adheres to appropriate
    Health and Safety procedures.

16. To assist the Private Sector and Prevention Manager with respect to the
    introduction and ongoing development of an effective IT system, to meet the
    needs of the Private Sector Schemes Service.

17. To provide specialist advice to colleagues within the Council with regards to
    private sector housing issues and the needs of service users.

18. To produce high quality publicity, leaflets and other written information for
    landlords/agents, homeless households, private sector tenants and members
    of the public.

19. To attend all relevant forums, meetings and seminars as required by the
    Private Sector & Prevention Manager. And to represent the Service at working
    parties, meetings and training events as required. This may involve
    occasional evening working.

20. To actively promote the Tenant Finder Service and increase awareness of the
    work of the Service, promoting good working relationships and good practice
    with all internal and external partners & agencies.

21. To deal with general correspondence, and draft responses to enquiries and
    complaints from service users, Councillors’ and MPs’, ensuring that
    correspondence deadlines are met.

22. To convene and attend Professional Meetings and all social services or other
    panels and case-conferences as appropriate.

23. To undertake general administrative tasks, including photocopying, filing and
    maintaining stationary supplies
     24. To provide cover within a duty phone rota to the Private Sector Schemes
         Team and as required within the Private Sector & Prevention Section and to
         provide any other appropriate phone cover required within the Housing
         Resources Division and other Council Services.

4.      Housing Contracts

       1. To supervise the arrangement, re-negotiation and ending of leases with
          private landlords.

5.      Financial Management

       1. To submit expenditure requests to the Private Sector and Prevention
          Manager for authorisation in line with budget management procedures.

       2. To maintain an accurate record of all Private Sector Schemes expenditure,
          monitoring spend and providing monthly budget control reports.

       3. To administer the Tenant Finder Loan Fund, ensuring the maximum
          recovery of monies from landlords and tenants, during and at the
          termination of tenancies.

       4. To raise expenditure orders on the Agresso IT system and liaise with
          Finance to ensure the prompt payment of Private Sector Schemes invoices.

6.      Staff Management

       1. To direct and supervise the day to day work of the Private Sector Schemes

       2. To conduct regular one to one sessions to provide ongoing casework
          supervision, support and guidance to members of the Team and to ensure
          the achievement of high standards in all aspects of casework.

       3. To appraise staff in line with the Housing Services’ Appraisal Policy.

       4. To organise and participate in the recruitment of staff as required
          by the Private Sector and Prevention Manager.

       5. To monitor individual and Team performance and ensure that targets are

       6. To identify training needs within the Team and train staff, where
          appropriate, through the provision of in-house and external courses.

       7. To organise and attend regular Team Meetings and policy and procedure
          reviews, chairing as required.

       8. To monitor and record staff leave, sickness and other absences for the
7.           Other duties

         1. To represent the Council at meetings with a broad range of external

         2. To ensure equality of opportunity in all aspects of service provision.

         3. To comply with the Council’s Health and Safety Policies and encourage
            best practice within the Private Sector Schemes Service.

         4. To work effectively with Members and implement Housing Services’
            ‘Strategic Objectives’.

8.       General

         1. To carry out any other duties commensurate with the grade of the post.

         2. To actively promote and work in accordance with RBK’s Equal
            Opportunities, Health & Safety and relevant procedures

9.       Milestones

         You will move up your grade by annual Progression Increments provided your
         performance meets the expectations set out in the Milestones below and the
         following triggers have been met:

     -   Your Induction Appraisal (if joiner) or Annual Appraisal is complete
     -   Any Training agreed at your previous Appraisal is completed or arranged
     -   No action has been taken under Disciplinary or Capability procedures during
         the last 12 months
     -   Your attendance has been satisfactory in the past 12 months

For this job the Milestones are:

         -     Competence in, and understanding of, departmental procedures and
               IT/other recording systems/or any legislation/external standards which
               impact upon the role. An appreciation of how the role contributes to the
         -     Efficient and effective staff management including absence, performance
               and conduct issues using the Council’s procedures. Evidence of effective
               casework management and direction, staff supervision and staff
               development and completion of appraisals for staff
         -     Provision of accurate and timely information, performance statistics and
               analysis reports. Efficient management of resources and effective
               management of budgets. Proven ability to produce quality reports and
               prepare replies to more complex correspondence including Members
               enquiries/complaints. Evaluation of performance and contribution to the
               review and development of performance targets and team plan.
-   Evidence of efficient work planning and objective setting to achieve targets.
    Demonstration of commitment to continuous improvement & personal
    development. Proven contribution to the continued overall improvement
    and development of the Private Sector Schemes Service to meet changing
    supply/demand and to maximise the effective use of private sector
    accommodation for homeless households/ to prevent homelessness or to
    meet the needs of other identified groups. Proven ability to undertake,
    direct and complete project work.
-   Proven ability to meet internal and/or statutory deadlines/targets and to
    contribute to the overall development of the Private Sector and Prevention
    Section and support the work of the Resources Division. Proven ability to
    competently deputise for the Private Sector and Prevention Manager

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