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									Cancer universal knowledge II; the elimination of the ultimate chapter Cancer At no cost methods to treat cancer. Cancer in universal knowledge of one of the lasting expression in the treatment of certain tumors law has, but can not see and touch not the tumor is invalid. Here to elaborate on all the other cancer therapies. Cancer cells from normal cells are produced by mutations in the process of uncontrolled replication. In this selfreplication process requires a large amount of nutrients and oxygen, is missing, the cancer cells are able to survive. Cancer cells compared enjoy a quiet place in the growth camp. Cancer cells also have natural enemies, that is, immune cells. Medical information, there are records, in the normal human body, the cancer survival rate is only one ten thousandth of the probability of 10. Improve when the number of immune cells, the survival rate of cancer cells almost O. Immune cells are therefore not cost-effective natural treatment factor. Improve the number of immune cells directly stimulate one drug, and the other is to use external factors to stimulate the nerve excitability, such as to do some of my favorite things, or to listen to wonderful music, jokes and other stories. Now faced the thorny problem of how to make the immune cells are found in cancer cells and kill cancer cells. There are several ways to deal with, first, hot therapy, the principle is based on heating the blood to a certain temperature membrane rupture caused by cancer cells were found by the death of immune cells. But that required some of the costs. When no-cost and their physician can choose to use a second, nonnormal exercise method. Through a prolonged partial exercise therapeutic purposes. Principles of exercise are generated in accordance with its own blood to accelerate the wall of the outer membrane rupture caused by cancer cells, improve blood contact probability of immune cells. Whatever the tumor, accompanied by the following in tumor blood vessels strong, and cancer cells in the vascular layer between the film protects the cancer cells are not found in immune cells. Some physical discomfort when you check into the hospital and found to have tumor, the first, do not create pressure to the heart, this will lead to your body's immune cells reduced quantity. Second, not an injection, to fight against nerve stimulation has also reduced the number of immune cells. All oral medication to prevail. The third change in the way of life, the original car to work to walk to work. Time to exercise control in 2-5 hours / day is appropriate. Walking to prevail and refused to sport hot. Reduce the water volume of the fourth. Cancer in general will appear in the advanced large area of ulceration phenomena, such ulceration is caused by excessive moisture. Blood in the water will cause high blood pressure too much. Cancer, once the consequences of large-area fester in Cancer burst blood vessels under the phenomenon of massive hemorrhage resulting in death. A week is better to drink one glass of water. Do not eat when the soup, you can eat fruit, but the water content of the prohibition of large fruit. Fourth, changes in sleep patterns.sleep in the yard, like a cat sleeping position, body into a o-type. This approach aims to reduce the oxygen content of cancer cells. Speed to stop the growth of cancer cells. More than the brain tumor treatment by Akira brain exercise, strength their own decisions, exercise time control in the 1-3 hours / day. Do not come to a halt exercise. Brain tumors following treatment with jumping sports, such as skipping. Time to exercise control in 1-3 hours / day. Cancer and the appearance of film experts from the Cancer Act by exercise lasting treatment. Time control in the 1-3 hours / day.

Walking after dinner, he must try to prevail, the time control is better in 2-5 hours. Persist in January-June period, will see the effect.

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