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					                                                                  Leadership Development Programs
Name                                Audience                        Process                  Requirements              Duration                   Purpose                    Cost
                           High-potential DHS                Complete application        Attend all classes ;      Sept-April; 2 days    Develop a pool of DHS
DHS Leadership
                           managers and staff in             Self nominated or           external reading, project per mo.               managers capable of            $1100 per
                           leadership roles, salary          manager-nominated           work; mentoring                                 leading; leadership focus      participant
                           range 27 and above.
                           All state managers;               Agencies select             Attend all classes        Mar-Dec; 2 days       Provide information about
Leadership Oregon
                           minimum salary range 31           nominees; DAS                                         per mo.               Oregon government              $1500
                                                             chooses finalists                                                           statewide
                           High-potential managers           Complete application;       Class attendance; study   Sept ’06 – Nov ’07;   Provide government             $1700-
                           or staff in leadership            manager approval;           groups; homework.         class ½ day per       employees tools for            1800 per
Certificate in Public
                           roles.                            DHS selects; submit                                   week, plus other      effective management of        term;
                                                             to DAS by Aug 15;                                     work. 8 courses       public services                $6800-
(Willamette Atkinson
                                                             DAS selects finalists                                 total.                                               7200 total.
                                                                                                                                                                        pays 1/2
Certificate in Public
                                                                             In development –arrangements announced late Summer 2006
Management (PSU)
                           Public sector executives   Complete application;              Attend residential        Oct 7-14, 2006. 8     Develop catalytic
                           and elected officials      manager approval;                  course; day and           days, Sat. thru       leadership in government       $2995
Pacific Program
                                                      DHS selects; submit                evening activities;       Sat.                  and nonprofit leaders.
                                                      finalists to Luke Ctr.             reading material.
                           Public sector executives & Apply; submit to DHS               Attend residential        Summer for 1 wk       Understand style; broaden
Rocky Mtn Program          elected officials          Asst. Dir.                         course; day and                    or           perspectives; catalyze         $3500
U of CO at Denver                                                                        evening activities;       Fall for 1 week       organization and               (scholarships
                                                                                         reading material.                               community.                     available)

                           High-level demonstrated           Nomination by               Attend all classes,       July-May              Strengthen skills and
                           leadership ability,               organization and by         residential component      July 1 day          commitment of leaders; be      $9500
                           statewide diversity               individual                  (1 wk)                     Aug 1 week          vehicle for implementing
American Leadership
                                                                                                                                         solutions across               (scholarships
Forum                                                                                                               Sep-May             organizations; inspire a       available)
                                                                                                                      (1 day monthly)
                                                                                                                                         lifetime of public

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                                                                  Leadership Development Programs
Name                                Audience                       Process                Requirements              Duration                 Purpose                 Cost
                           Staff with formal or              Pay registration fee     Attend and participate in Winter-Spring      Development of
                           informal leadership roles         per workshop.            workshop.                 terms; ½ day       interpersonal and             $125 per
Chemeketa CC
                                                                                                                workshops.         conceptual skills needed      event
Leadership Institute
                                                                                                                                   to be a truly effective
                           Managers or staff in              Pay registration fee     Attend and participate in Sept – March;      Thought leaders present       $229 per
                           higher level leadership           per workshop.            workshop.                 6 presentations.   new practices, processes      event or
Executive Forum –          positions.                                                                                              and perspectives.             $1168 for
Management Forum                                                                                                                                                 all.
                                                                                                                                                                 Discounts for
                           Managers in government;           Sign up for free         Attend and participate.    Annual 1 day      Educate public managers
                           and staff in leadership           sessions or Pay                                     conference; ½-    on various leadership and     $35-$100
Public Management
                           roles                             registration fee per                                full day          management topics of          (per event)
                                                             workshop.                                           workshops;        current interest.
                                                                                                                 brown bags

                                                                    Also: program-specific leadership studies. Example:

Northwest Public           5 yrs in public health;           Approval from AD for     Attend all sessions;       3 sessions of     Develop and support           $1800
Health Leadership          Application w/ essay              Health                   complete 2-4 hrs work      3 days each       community leaders to
Institute                                                                             weekly                     (Portland and     create healthy
                                                                                                                 Seattle)          conditions.

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