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					                                     ITRC Training Program
                            Internet-Based Training Preparation Matrix
                       (To assist technical teams developing Internet-based training courses)

ITRC’s Internet-based training courses are unique forums for the exchange of technical and regulatory information
primarily focused on environmental technologies and approaches for site characterization, monitoring, and
remediation. These nationwide training courses are supported by ITRC consensus-based technical and regulatory
guidance documents developed by ITRC technical teams. ITRC’s Internet-based courses reach a geographically
dispersed audience of regulators, consultants, and other members of the environmental community (100 to 300
participants is common per course) with the target audience being state regulators. These training courses, along
with the ITRC guidance documents and network of experts, provide resources to assist the environmental
community in making quality, expedited decisions when determining the appropriateness of environmental
technologies as part of effective environmental waste management.
The training materials are developed by ITRC’s technical teams with ITRC State Points of Contact (POCs) serving
as the QA/QC function. Instructors for these training courses are experts in the topic area and are members of
ITRC technical teams with at least one instructor being from a state agency. Training events are typically 2 hours in
length with opportunity for interactive exchange between instructors and participants during question-and-answer
periods. To meet audience needs, significant technical information in addition to that contained in the documents is
built into the presentations and provided in on-line links pages.
The major goal of the ITRC Internet-based training courses is to provide high-quality, cost-effective training on
innovative environmental technologies and approaches to assist the environmental community in making quality,
expedited decisions. The target audience is primarily state regulators but also provides significant value to
environmental consultants, federal agencies, community stakeholders, and responsible parties. The course
curriculum is designed to coincide with the ITRC concurrence process and streamline state review and concurrence
of ITRC technical and regulatory guidance documents. By increasing the awareness of ITRC on a national and
international basis, the training courses serve as a catalyst to bring the environmental community together to learn
about appropriately implementing new technologies and approaches. In addition, the training courses serve as a
marketing tool for ITRC products and resources (including, documents, meetings, the network, and
other material related to the training topic). As a result of this successful training system ITRC is known around the
globe as a leading organization in the environmental technology arena.
Before an ITRC Internet-Based Training course is offered to the public each training course goes through a
structured curriculum development process to ensure course consistency and quality.

Dry Run / Concurrence Session – this session will serve two purposes:
(1) Dry Run – Provides instructors the opportunity to practice in front of a live audience and provides the opportunity
for states to provide input/comments into our training materials. States are asked to add input to increase the
usefulness of the training materials for their state environmental officials and the environmental community as a
whole. Additional offerings allow open participation.
(2) Concurrence Session – Supports state concurrence of ITRC Technical and Regulatory Guidance Documents
(for State POCs and those responsible for reviewing ITRC concurrence documents). For this concurrence session
the team will identify the key items in the document for states to focus their concurrence review - this is intended to
expedite and support the concurrence process of ITRC documents and assist POCs with the concurrence process
in their state.
Please use the following information as a guide to assist your team in developing and scheduling an ITRC Internet-
Based Training Course. Please consult the Training Program early and often to ensure coordination with other
ITRC activities and resource allocations. Additional information is available on the ITRC website (
under “Teams” then “other” then “Team Resources” then “Internet-Based Training Guide”. Please use the ITRC
Internet-based Training slide template when developing your presentation materials.

ITRC Training Program Contacts Michael B. Smith, Training Program Liaison (802-241-3879;, Mary Yelken (402-325-9615,, and Juliana Cheatham (336-

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                                                         ITRC Training Program
                                                 Internet-Based Training Preparation Matrix
                                            (To assist technical teams developing Internet-based training courses)

  Item/activity                           To be completed by: Time line                                        Comments
Step 1 – Prepare Training Materials (for more information see Process Guide on ITRC Website)
  Determination if team will produce      Training Program       Identify Internet-based training course as    Early identification of scope and workplan
  Internet-based Training Course          support / Team         part of team scope in team workplan           will assist with proper allocation of
  (NOTE: the development of a             Leader / Team                                                        resources; (Exceptions made be made for
  technical and regulatory guidance       Program Advisor                                                      developing a training without an
  document triggers the integrated                                                                             associated techreg on a case by case
  development of ITRC Internet-based                                                                           basis as warranted)
  training development/delivery)
  Identify instructors & provide contact  Team Leader / Team Prior to course development                       Select alternates for each section of the
  info. to Training Program support       Program Advisor        (recommend at least 6 months prior to         presentation (either a separate person or
  (min. of 2 instructors, max. of 4; with                        dry run/concurrence)                          one of the other primary instructors) in
  at least one being a state regulator;                          Criteria for instructor selection             case of unforeseen conflicts with
  all instructors should be member the                            - Member of the technical team               schedules; instructors are volunteers
  corresponding ITRC technical team)                              (including IAP member, if applicable)
                                                                  - At least one state regulator
                                                                  - Quality presenters
                                                                  - Can commit to development, delivery,
                                                                  and customer service related to training
  Develop Presentation Overview           Team Program           6 months prior to dry run (to be used for     Examples at click on
                                          Advisor and/or Team    advertising materials)                        “Internet-based training”
                                          Leader with input
                                          from team
  Develop training curriculum/slides in   Instructors / Team     Curriculum should be developed                Slide template available at
  PowerPoint based on ITRC Template Program Advisor              parallel to the development of the   “Team Resources”
                                                                 associated technical and regulatory           section of the ITRC website
                                                                 guidance document (Build curriculum in
                                                                 provided slide template)
  Coach the instructors & team session Training Program          During to first practice session (approx. 6   Approx. 1 hour of the 2.5 hour practice
  (Provided by Training Program           support in conjunction months prior to dry run)                      sessions to provide instructors with
  support)                                with Instructors,                                                    overview to program, expectations as
                                          Team Program                                                         instructor, helpful hints, etc.

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                                                                                         ITRC Training Program: Internet-Based Training Preparation Matrix

  Item/activity                             To be completed by:      Time line                                   Comments
  4-5 internal practice sessions            Team Program             Typically these should be scheduled         Practice session may included outside
                                            Advisor in               about 1 month apart to allow for changes    parties as needed to further development.
                                            consultation with        to be made and schedules to be              For Practice Sessions (use team
                                            Instructors & Training   coordinated                                 conference code)
                                            Program support
                                            (calls set-up by Team
                                            Program Advisor)
  Schedule training courses (dry run        Training Program         Dry Run can only occur after finalization   Plan realistic and achievable schedules –
  with State POCs, and public               support in               of associated technical and regulatory      courses are advertised up to 9 months in
  offerings)                                consultation with        guidance document (document should          advance; Dry Runs (Wed. 12:00 –2:30
                                            Instructors and Team     be posted to ITRC website 2 weeks prior     p.m. Eastern); Public Offerings (Tues.
                                            Program Advisor          to the dry run).                            2:00 p.m. Eastern or Thurs. 11:00 a.m.
                                            (calls set-up by                                                     Eastern)
                                            Training Program
  Announce Dry Run / Concurrence to         State Engagement         Start including in announcements            Announce dry run, request participation,
  POCs/TL (and other targeted               support                  approximately 2 months before Dry Run.      outline POC role; Send reminder a few
  persons)                                                           Send invitation email at least 2-4 weeks    days prior to course
                                                                     in advance (provide schedule to POCs
                                                                     as early as possible)
                                        Team Leader / Team
  Make final doc. (tech/reg) available to                                                               Include a summary of the key points state
                                                                     At least 2 weeks in advance of dry run
  POCs via website                      Program Advisor /                                               reviewers should pay special attention to
                                                                     (tech./reg. doc. needs to be final before
                                        Outreach support /           the dry run / concurrence training)when determining their state's level of
                                        Training Program                                                concurrence.
Step 2 – Put Materials On-Line (in conjunction with EPA-TIP website support) (for more information see Process Guide)
  Instructor Pictures & Biographies     Instructors and Team 14 days before 3 practice session          Provide electronic copy to be converted
                                        Program Advisors      (earlier if possible to ensure adequate   and uploaded to training site
                                        provide to Training   time to build the training page)
                                        Program support
  Post training slides to training site Instructors & Team    Prior to each practice session (slides to Slide template is available in the “Team
  (slides are in PowerPoint based on    Program Advisor in    be provided to Training Program support Resources” section of the ITRC website;
  ITRC Template)                        coordination with     14 days in advance for conversion and     any updates being made between training
                                        Training Program      posting to training site)                 sessions should be provided to the
                                        support (with help                                              Training Program support 14 days in
                                        from Clu-in website                                             advance)

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                                                                                         ITRC Training Program: Internet-Based Training Preparation Matrix

  Item/activity                            To be completed by:         Time line                                  Comments
  Links -supporting information for        Instructors / Team          14 days before 3 practice session          Example available at: http://www.clu-
  training materials (e.g., websites,      Program Advisor             (any updates being made between  
  documents, case studies)                                             training sessions should be provided to
                                                                       the Training Program support 14 days in
  Feedback Form                             Team Program               14 days before 3 practice session          Make it specific to training course;
                                            Advisor                    (any updates being made between            example available at: http://www.clu-
                                                                       training sessions should be provided to
                                                                       the Training Program support 14 days in
  Course information listed above           Training Program           10 days prior to 3rd practice session (the All materials are packaged and sent to
  packaged for posting                      support (provide to        training site is updated throughout        Clu-in Support Contractor
                                            website support)           remaining process)
Step 3 – Concurrence / Dry Run Training (for more information see Process Guide)
  Hold Concurrence / Dry Run Session Training Program                  Designated Date – 6-8 weeks prior to       Typically offered on Wed. (12:00 p.m. to
                                            support / Instructors / public offerings                              2:30 p.m. EASTERN)
                                            State POCs and
                                            Team Leaders (other
                                            invited guests)
  Reconfirm Instructor availability and     Training Program           Prior to each course
  provide assistance                        support
  Update course materials based on          Instructors / Team         All changes need to be completed 14        All updates completed – another internal
  Concurrence / Dry Run Feedback            Program Advisor /          days prior to first public course offering dry run may be needed if significant
                                            Training Program                                                      changes are made
Step 4 – Announce and Register Participants (for more information see Process Guide)
                          This step is handled by the Training Program support, & ITRC Outreach support & Clu-in web support.
                                         (Registration for public offerings should be open 4-6 weeks prior to course
                                    date and will not open until dry run / concurrence session is successfully completed.)
Step 5 – Hold Internet-Based Course (for more information see Process Guide)
                                                    HOLD TRAINING EVENTS AS SCHEDULED ABOVE
                                                   (Tues. 2:00 p.m. Eastern or Thurs. 11:00 a.m. Eastern)
                                                             Course maximum length (2 ¼ hours)
Step 6 – Perform Post-Training Activities (for more information see Process Guide)
  Review Feedback form results              Instructors/Training       Available after training event             Most comments are completed within 24
                                            Program support                                                       hours of course offering
  Feedback form action items                Training Program           Within one week of course                  Summarize feedback / request follow-up
                                            support sends actions                                                 from instructors as needed
                                            to instructors

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                                                                                     ITRC Training Program: Internet-Based Training Preparation Matrix

  Item/activity                        To be completed by:      Time line                                    Comments
  Unanswered Simulcast Questions       Training Program         Within 2 days after training event           Questions submitted on-line during
                                       support sends                                                         training course but were not answered
                                       questions to                                                          due to time constraints
                                       instructors for action
  Training slide and course material   Instructors provide      14 days prior to next course in final form   Update slide to resolve timing issues to
  updates                              changes to Training                                                   and address participant feedback
                                       Program support

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