AFESC Distance Learning Instructor Certification Training by pMTe7o


									                AFESC--Distance Learning Instructor Certification Training

                                      July 28 & 29, 2009

  To address the teacher shortage in our state, many districts are interested in sharing
                    classes utilizing distance learning technology.


      Become familiar with the history and future of Arkansas K-12 Distance Learning;
      Learn the basics of effective design and layout for visual aids;
      Become comfortable using the equipment and troubleshooting;
      Exhibit the ability to present a successful videoconference;
      Be exposed to interactive instructional strategies and technology;
      Receive tips on lesson planning and classroom management in this environment;
      Develop strategies for building relationships from a distance;
      Learn the roles and importance of a good facilitator;
      And much more

**Please note that there is a third day of training to be held in the fall. All three days are
necessary to receive certification.”

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