System Leader Roles Challenge and Intervention Whole School

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					                                                       System Leader Roles – Challenge Intervention – Whole School

Role                         Activity                                    Accountability              Knowledge, understanding, skills competencies and experience
Challenge Intervention –      Act as a coach and mentor                 Local authority             K&U of:
Whole School                  Build trust and professional respect      Governors                    statutory regulation
                              Provide challenge based on robust                                      whole school leadership and management and governance
                                 analysis of data and information                                     strategic problem solving and decision making
                                                                                                      national and local priorities
Purpose                       Identify areas of strength and
To provide supportive,                                                                                School context, local and national data and trends
                                                                                                      characteristics of effective schools
challenging and agreed        Provide problem solving support                                        coaching and mentoring techniques
intervention with a school       through coaching to headteacher and                                  effective school improvement strategies aimed at raise standards
with raising standards of        senior leaders                                                         and achievement
pupil outcomes as the         Provide direction and intervention in                                  Effective self evaluation and performance management
focus.                           prioritised areas                                                    Change management and project development
                              Facilitate change                                                     Demonstrate the skills of:
                              Facilitate capacity building within the                                being able to work sensitively and collaboratively, and build trust,
                                 school                                                                 including being emotionally intelligent
                              Empower the school                                                     resilience and persistence and objectivity
                                                                                                      effective oral and written communication
                              Provide advice and support to
                                                                                                      effective whole school management and leadership
                                                                                                      critical analysis
                              Work sensitively and collaboratively                                   being able to make judgements and take decisions
                                 with a range of partners and                                         Good judgement and decision making
                                 stakeholders                                                           competency in ICT
                              Work in partnership with the LA                                          resilience under pressure
                              Work within the LA reporting                                           Coaching and mentoring
                                 procedures                                                           Effective questioning and feedback techniques
                                                                                                      A serving headteacher or deputy headteacher in one or more
                                                                                                         schools for a minimum of five years
                                                                                                      A headteacher or deputy headteacher of a school judged to be
                                                                                                      Proven experience of leading effective whole school development
                                                                                                      Successfully leading and managing a whole scholl improvement
                                                                                                         initiative and evaluating impact
                                                                                                      Have made a contribution to education developments or school
                                                                                                         improvement beyond the school
                                                                                                      Have continued developed professionally

System Leader Roles – Monitoring , Challenge and Intervention                                                                                                         Oct 2011

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