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									State 4-H Recognition Awards & More
National 4-H Congress is held each Thanksgiving weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. The State 4-H
Recognition Committee selects Congress delegates based on the member's overall achievement
in 4-H projects, leadership, communication, citizenship, community service and readiness to
benefit from Congress.

National 4-H Congress Application Procedures:
• Members interested in applying to be considered to represent Oregon at the National 4-H
Congress must submit their State 4-H Resume to the Polk County Extension Office by
February 20, 2012. • For further information, please visit:
or contact the OSU Extension Office at 503-623-8395

State 4-H and State Fair Scholarships
 Over 15 college scholarships (worth almost $20,000) are available to 4-H members who are
seniors in high school and college bound in 2012. Scholarship applications and guidelines can be
found at http://oregon.4h.oregonstate.edu/oregon-4h-scholarships . Please call or email for more
information. Due date into Polk Co, Feb. 20th . The process is worth the effort.

State Ambassadors
It’s time for 4-H members in grades 9 through 11 to think about applying to become an Oregon 4-H
Ambassador. To become an Ambassador you must participate in 4-H Ambassador Training at
OSU 4-H Summer Conference, June 27-30. Applications will be due at the Oregon 4-H Office in
May. Check the State 4-H Website for more information,

State Recognition for Leadership, Citizenship and/or Communication
Intermediate 4-H members (7th – 9th grades) are eligible to apply for state awards in leadership,
citizenship, or communications. The application includes a one-page narrative and one page of
photos. Applications are due at the OSU Extension Service, Polk County 4-H office by February 20th .
Check out the State 4-H Website at:

SUMMER CONFERENCE - 2012 Flyer Now Available!
Check out the new flyer advertising Summer Conference. We hope you will encourage youth in the 7th –
12th grades to attend this fun and educational experience! June 27 – 30th on the OSU campus.

T-shirt Design Contest

It’s time again for our annual OSU Summer Conference T-shirt design contest! For all of you creative 4-H
members out there, why not test out your graphic design skills? If your design is selected, you will
receive a reduced rate on your OSU Summer Conference registration.
Guidelines for the Contest:
         • T-shirt design is to include the theme of “Choose Your Adventure.”
         • Design must be created and submitted electronically to the email address below
         • Design should include no more than three colors
         • When you submit your design, please include your first and last name and phone number in
         your email message
T-Shirts designs are due by Friday, March 9th and should be sent to Pam Lundeberg at
lundebep@onid.orst.edu. If you have any questions, please contact Pam Lundeberg by e-mail or by
phone at (541)602-1476.

New Talent Show

                                          Do you have what it takes to be a star?

                           Have you always pictured yourself performing on the “Big Stage?”

                            If so, the 2012 4-H Summer Conference Talent Show is for you!

               Here’s your chance to show your skills, on stage, in front of fellow 4-Hers and 4-H faculty.
      Participants must attend a Performing Arts and rehearsal class on Thursday.
                         So sing a team do a dance, members.
       May enter as an individual orsong, of up to eight tell a joke, or just do something unusual.
      Participants must bring all props and supplies required for their performance. Only a CD player
       will be provided.
      All performances need to be less than five minutes since the major focus of the 4-H Talent Show
       is entertainment. Youth are encouraged to select music for piano and/or instrumentals that is
       entertaining. Youth who opt to perform classical numbers may need to do only one movement
       or part in order to fit in the time requirement.

      Categories:
           o Variety - this category is for dramatic and/or comedy readings, magic demonstrations,
              and other unique talent presentations.
           o Dance – ballet, jazz, tap, square dancing, etc.
           o Vocal – Solo or group singing act
           o Instrumental

4-H Ambassadors Meeting
Monday – February XX 7:00-8:30pm Extension Office. All 8th-12th grade 4-H members are invited.

Camp Counselor Club
February XX Retreat at the 4-H Conference Center, Call 503-623-8395 for more information

4-H Summer Camps
Partial scholarships may be available for youth for most camps. Polk County youth must go through Polk
County Extension Office for the application. If you register online or through another county, we are
unable to cover you with a scholarship – so it’s important to go through our office. You do not need to
be a 4-H member to attend, so you can invite your neighbors and friends to join you.
Read on for info on upcoming Camps!
4-H Wild West Summer Camp
Hold the Date: July XX-XX, 2012. You will even be able to register online this year – just visit the
4-H State Camp Website! 4-H Camp provides opportunities for growth, independence, competence,
confidence, knowledge, developing important life skills, making friends, and most of all, a whole lot of
fun! There will be activities such as horse riding, canoeing, archery, fishing, pond study, and swimming!

4-H Junior Master Gardener Camp
June 18-20 Grades K-5th @ Dallas City Park/Delbert Hunter Arboretum
June 25-27 Grades K-5th @ Monmouth City Park
More info soon.

4-H Summer Conference @ OSU
June 27-30 Grades 7-12

Activate Oregon
Learn how you can be involved and make a difference. Some of the session topics include: Integrating
youth into boards, what youth bring to the table, supporting youth in decision making. The program will
include large and small group activities, hands on community service putting together chemo bags for
cancer patients and developing a Polk County Action Plan for Making a Difference. Dates are March 28-
30th, at the 4-H Center in Salem. Deadline to register is March 16th. Cost is $45 for adults; $30 for youth.
We do have scholarship assistance available if registered before the deadline.

Oregon 4-H Leadership Camp Conference         (Contact Polk County Extension)
Still time to sign up for the Oregon 4-H Leadership Conference at the 4-H Center, March 30th
and 31st. Oregon 4‐H Center, Salem, OR         Cost: $40.00 per partcipant
Key Presenter‐ Michael Brandwein (michaelbrandwein.com) is one of the top experts
and trainers of persons in the fields of camp, education, and youth development.
Michael is the number one natonal bestselling author in the camp field, with
five consecutve bestsellers, including his 2011 book, Skill of the Day: What Great
Youth Leaders Do & Say.

NO BULL Teen Video Contest Invitation for 4-H Members
The largest campaign to combat cyberbullying in America’s history: The Great American NO
BULL Challenge, invites 4-H’s State Advisors to get their youth members involved with the
annual campaign that inspires America’s 25 million teens to stand up and create a video with an
anti-bullying message.

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