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					                       Chief Executives Directorate

                    Provider Partnership Coordinator
                      Fixed Term until March 2014

                               £31,754 - £34,549

                             Job reference: CVP 85


1.   Letter from the Human Resources Manager

2.   The council’s vision and objectives

3.   Job description

4.   Person specification

5.   Conditions of service

6.   Pension contribution rates

7.   Information on exempted posts

8.   Equality and diversity sub groups
Dear Applicant

Post of Provider Partnership Coordinator

Thank you for your enquiry about the post at Knowsley Metropolitan Borough

Please find enclosed further details about the post and an application form for you to
complete and return by the Monday 17 September 2012. You can find out more
about Knowsley Council from our website at

Interviews are likely to take place within four weeks of the closing date. If you have
not heard by then you should assume that your application has been unsuccessful. If
you would like receipt of your application to be acknowledged, please enclose a
stamped addressed envelope with your completed form.

The council places great importance on maintaining high levels of attendance at work
and all Directorates operate under well-established guidelines to monitor and control
absence. If you are successful at interview, the council will be seeking references
and your present or last employer will also be asked to give details of your sickness
and attendance record over the last three years.

If you require any assistance during the selection process due to a disability, please
contact us as soon as possible on telephone number 0151 443 3434. For example
you may need a sign language interpreter, require an accessible interview room, or
need help completing a written application (taped applications may be submitted by
prior agreement).

The council is working jointly with the trade unions to implement a fair and
equitable pay and grading structure in line with the 1997 Single Status
Agreement. This will be achieved by reviewing every post within the council
through the job evaluation exercise which is currently being conducted. All
posts are subject to the review and therefore advertised grades are provisional
and will not be confirmed until the outcome of this exercise. You should note
that you are applying for posts with the council on this basis.

You should email your application to:

I look forward to receiving your application and thank you for your interest in this

Yours sincerely

Jaci Dick
Jaci Dick
Human Resources Manager
                                Job Description
Job title                  Provider Partnership Co-ordinator

Grade                      PO 6 - PO 9

Directorate                Chief Executives

Section/team               City Region Employment and Skills

Accountable to             Head of Delivery

Responsible for            No direct line management responsibility

Date reviewed              9th July 2012

Purpose of the job

The role exists to bring supply and demand for employment and skills together
Working in partnership with established provider groups and networks this role will
help in both the dissemination of information and materials developed by the service
as well as bring together providers and businesses to agree what actions need to be
taken to meet our biggest skills challenges.

Duties and responsibilities

This is not a comprehensive list of all the tasks, which may be required of the post
holder. It is illustrative of the general nature and level of responsibility of the work to
be undertaken.


Operational Management

1) Raise awareness of the LMIS with employers and stakeholders including schools,
   colleges and training providers.

2) Lead the development of Apprenticeship Hubs and the contribution LMIS
   produced econometric forecasts from modelling tailored to Liverpool City Region
   can support their development and monitoring of success working alongside
   National Apprenticeship Service and Job Centre Plus..

3) Inform and manage the production of Jobs for Tomorrow Careers Information
   targeting young people with current accessible data on career prospects and
   economic forecasts for Liverpool City Region.

4) Monitor, challenge and actively support the performance of service providers in
   Liverpool City Region in meeting the employment and skills needs of local
   employers and potential inward investors.

5) Work alongside private sector Local Enterprise Partnership, Employment and
   Skills Board and Merseyside Employer Coalition members to oversee the
   development of Local Skills for Growth Agreements, providing data and softer
   local intelligence of growth potential in Liverpool City Region.

6) Oversee and contribute to the production of an Annual Skills for Growth Report
   for Liverpool City Region.

7) Communicate findings of Local Skills for Growth Agreements and other research
   to Colleges and Private providers of training to inform and influence their plans for
   delivery. Hosting and managing meetings and events and making presentation as

8) Demonstrate operational experience and knowledge in all aspects of employment
   and skills policy and market place delivery to act as a point of advice for
   practitioners in sharing good practice in responding to employer employment and
   skills needs.

Organisational and Partnership Co-ordination and Communication

1) Create partnership links to Colleges and private training providers, Local
   Authorities, BIS Local, Job Centre Plus, National Apprenticeship Service and
   UKTI to better inform Liverpool City Region responses to specific employment
   and skills needs.

2) Engage schools, Academies (including University Technical Colleges), Colleges,
   Private Providers and Universities in aligning curriculums to the employment and
   skills needs of Enterprise Zones throughout Liverpool City Region

3) Communicate findings of Local Skills for Growth Agreements and other research
   to Colleges and Private providers of training to inform and influence their plans for

4) Host and manage meetings and events, making presentation as appropriate to
   inform providers of employer needs.

5) Liaise with key stakeholders supporting and developing communications links that
   promote and sustain the Labour Market Information Service and support its
   service delivery.
6) Work collaboratively across Local Authority Areas as the main point of contact for
   providers and other agencies and intermediaries engaging with the Labour Market
   Information Service ensuing quality expectations are met, reputation is
   maintained or enhanced and employer / stakeholder demands are managed.

Financial Management

1) Make recommendations for improved budget utilisation in relation to City Skills

2) Ensure the effective financial management of contracts and service level
   agreements with partners and contractors, primarily in relation to City Skills Fund.

3) To adhere at all times to the Council’s scheme of delegation, financial regulations
   and standing orders.

4) To use all learning opportunities to develop personal skills necessary to improve
   effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.

Service Development

1) To keep abreast of changing legislation, policy and good practice relevant to
   employment and skills and to reflect this in service developments.

2) To assist in planning and implementation of policies, programmes and initiatives
   stated in the Liverpool City Region City Skills Fund application and progress
   reports / outcomes required for Skills Funding Agency.

3) To use all learning opportunities to develop personal skills necessary to improve
   effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.

Performance Management

1) To manage and maintain records to measure the impact of Liverpool City Region
   Labour Market Information Service in influencing College and private learning
   providers curriculum either through the production of Local Sector Skills
   Agreements or independently.

2) To ensure that timescales / targets for data sharing and inputs into Local Sector
   Skills Agreements are achieved.

3) To promote the understanding of employers of the services provided by Liverpool
   City Region of the Labour Market Information Service to stakeholders.
Key Corporate Accountabilities

1) To work with colleagues to ensure achievement of the service plan

2) To participate in Performance, Review and Development Appraisals and
   contribute to the identification of your own and team development needs.

3) To actively promote the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy and Diversity
   Strategy and observe the standard of conduct which prevents discrimination
   taking place.

4) To maintain awareness of and commitment to the Council’s Equal Opportunity
   Policy in relation to both employment and service delivery.

5) To ensure full compliance with the Health and Safety at work Act 1974. To be
   responsible for the implementation of the Council’s Health and Safety Policy in
   the workplace and on site, and to monitor the effectiveness of health and safety
   arrangements and systems and promote appropriate improvements where

6) To ensure that staff and where appropriate, consultants/contractors, are aware of
   the implications arising from other relevant statutory provisions, and that they
   discharge their duties in compliance with current legislation.

7) To investigate insurance claims associated with the service’s operations and
   accident investigation protocol. To act as the senior point of contact for such
   matters with the Council’s corporate insurance section and outside agencies.

8) To carry out such other relevant duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Health and safety

1) To ensure that relevant health and safety policies, risk assessments and
   procedures are up to date, managed, implemented, communicated and complied

Data Protection and Information Security

1) Implement and act in accordance with the Information Security Acceptable Use
   policy and Data Protection Policy.

2) Protect the council’s information assets from unauthorised access, disclosure,
   modification, destruction or interference.

3) Report actual or potential security incidents.
                                                     Person specification
Post title      Provider Partnership Co-ordinator                      Grade             PO 6 – PO 9
Directorate     Chief Executive’s                                      Section/team      City Region Employment and Skills

Criteria                                                                                                             * M.O.A
           Essential requirements
Skills, knowledge, experience etc
1          Practical experience of working at an operational level in engaging Colleges and training providers and       A, I, T
           matching their curriculum offer to the needs of businesses individually and by sector skills needs.

           Knowledge of local College and training provider intermediary and business intermediaries
2          Good working knowledge of current policy and legislation relating to employment and skills                     A,I
3          Ability to maximise the use of technology within the operational services to aid decision-making and           A,I
           monitor performance
4          Ability to provide effective leadership and be part of a team                                                  A,I
5          Effective communication skills oral, written and presentation skills                                          A,I, T
           Demonstrable experience in communicating findings from data to employers and stakeholders
6          Financial awareness in respect of budgetary control and monitoring.                                            A,I
7          Ability to demonstrate change management skills and implement actions to deliver tangible outcomes.           A,I, T

8         Qualified to degree level or vocational equivalent                                                              A,I
Health and safety
9         Ability to ensure suitable and sufficient risk assessments are carried out taking into account employees        A,I
Personal attributes and circumstances
10        Good knowledge of Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Access and Power Point. Together with ability to               A
          use other IT systems to aid decision-making and operational management preferably Confirm.
11        Ability to work outside normal office hours including weekends and bank holidays.                      A,I
12        Ability and willingness to travel both inside and outside the council area as required.                A,I

*Method of assessment (*M.O.A)
A = Application form         C = Certificate                     E = Exercise
I = Interview                P = Presentation                    T = Test            AC = Assessment centre

Date       Approved by authorised manager                              Designation
09/07/2012 Colin Geering                                               Head of Delivery

Where the post involves working with children, in addition to a candidate’s ability to perform the duties of the post, the
interview will also explore issues relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, including:
     Motivation to work with children and young people
     Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with children and young people
     Emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours
     Attitudes to use of authority and maintaining discipline

        We have a positive attitude to the employment of disabled people and guarantee an interview to those who meet all the
        necessary criteria of the person specification.
                        Conditions of service
                     Chief Executives Directorate

Post                  Provider Partnership Coordinator

Employment status     Fixed term until March 2014

Grade                 PO 6 – PO 9

General               The conditions in the National Joint Council for Local
                      Authority Services (Green Book) will apply.

Hours of work         36 hours per week

Salary                £31,754 to £34,549

Basic annual leave    25 days

Medical               The successful applicant will be required to complete a
                      medical questionnaire and may also be required to undergo
                      a medical examination.

Training              The Council is a recognised ‘Investor in People’ and
                      encourages training and development for all employees.

Pension               You are automatically entered into the Local Government
                      Pension Scheme, unless you elect not to join. Employees
                      with contracts of employment of less than three months are
                      not eligible to join the scheme. Contributions rates are
                      dependant on salary as per the contribution rates shown

Childcare vouchers    The Council is in partnership with a childcare voucher
                      provider which offers employees a salary sacrifice scheme.
                      Further details are available from Human Resources

Car status            Casual
                       Pension contribution rates

The table below sets out the contribution bands which will be effective from 1 April
2012. These are based on the pay bands for 2011/12 as increased by the September
2011 CPI figure of 5.2%, with the result rounded down to the nearest £100.

Pay Bands from
 1 April 2012
    Earnings Band Range
1     £0      to £13,500        5.5%
2   £13,501 to £15,800          5.8%
3   £15,801 to £20,400          5.9%
4   £20,401 to £34,000          6.5%
5   £34,001 to £45,500          6.8%
6   £45,501 to £85,300          7.2%
7     More than £85,300         7.5%

The pay ranges in the Contribution rate column of the table is increased on the 1st
of April each year by applying the rate of pension increase applied to public sector
pensions on the 1st of April that year and rounded down to the nearest £100.

If an active member has a permanent material change to his or her terms and
conditions of employment which affects his or her pensionable pay, the employer
may determine a different contribution rate to reflect that new annual pensionable
pay. This can be either an increase or a decrease.
Exempted posts – Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council aims to promote equality of opportunity for
all with the right mix of talent, skills and potential. We welcome applications from
diverse candidates.

Certain posts are subject to a Criminal Records Bureau check due to the nature of
the work being undertaken. All candidates who are successful at interview for one of
these posts will be asked to complete an application form for a ‘disclosure’ check by
the Criminal Records Bureau before the appointment is confirmed.

Whilst the council supports the rehabilitation of ex-offenders, it is obliged in the
recruitment of all employees to use an Exemption Order of the Rehabilitation of
Offenders Act 1974 in order to ensure safe recruitment to posts where working with
children, vulnerable adults or other positions of trust are involved. If you apply for a
post that is subject to a disclosure, you will be advised in the recruitment job pack.

Having a conviction or a record of some type of unacceptable behaviour would not
necessarily bar you from being appointed to the post as any decision to employ will
be considered on the individual circumstances of each case.

If you are in doubt about what you should declare, you can ask advice from a
member of the Human Resources Division 0151 443 3434.

Further information about the Criminal Records Bureau, including how information is
assessed in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 can be found on their

Where the post involves working with children, in addition to a candidate’s ability to
perform the duties of the post, the interview will also explore issues relating to
safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, including:
      Motivation to work with children and young people
      Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries
       with children and young people
      Emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours
      Attitudes to use of authority and maintaining discipline
                        Equality and Diversity sub groups

Knowsley Council has four established sub groups to support the equality and
diversity agenda, details below.

The groups are supported by the Corporate Equality and Diversity Manager, Paul
Peng who can be contacted on 443 3073.

Knowsley Black and Minority Workers’ Group (KBMWG)
The group's vision is to 'promote respect and value diverse cultures within Knowsley',
and they are committed to challenging all forms of discrimination, racial harassment
and bullying to promote race equality in employment and in the delivery of services.
Through development days, members of the KBMWG have established and
discussed terms of reference and decided on ways to be involved with the council

Knowsley Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Forum
The group aims to promote the council positively as an employer which is supportive
of the LGBT workforce, as well as promoting LGBT within the larger community.

It acts as a consultation forum on new and exiting policies and strategies and
participates within equality impact assessment processes with the view to improving
and influencing change. Through the group there is a robust and systematic process
for exchanging ideas, problem solving and information sharing, this then raises
awareness and reduces discrimination within the workplace.

Disability workers' group
This group meet to discuss issues surrounding disability within Knowsley. The
council recognises that people are disabled by society and not their impairment.

The group advises on all policy and procedure, whether related to employment or
service delivery for the council and the Primary Care Trust. They also provide a
networking opportunity across the groups to discuss common issues and link with
similar employee forums in other local authorities.

Women's operational workers’ group
The group's primary focus is the consideration of gender equality issues relative to
every aspect of employment and service delivery. As with the other groups, there will
be representation at the Directorate Implementation Group which then feeds into the
Corporate Equality and Diversity Strategy Group meetings. The advice and guidance
which this forum is anticipated to contribute will be a valuable asset to the Equality
and Diversity agenda of Knowsley Council, particularly as women make up 63.9% of
the total workforce.

Equality and diversity information is available to view on

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