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									                                                     Albany State University
                                  Assessment for Bachelor of Science with a Major in Management
                                                  Assessment Period – 2006-2007

Expanded Statement of        Program                 Means of Program               Results                     Use of Results
Institutional Purpose        Intended Student        Assessment
Unit Mission:                To provide              1.      Ninety percent of      Students in ECON 2105       The assessment means
                             students an             students will develop a        were assigned to write      with a focus on ECON
The fundamental mission      opportunity to          research topic that is         papers in accordance        2105 students clearly
of Albany State              conduct an APA-         clearly stated with at least   with APA standards. All     demonstrated that
University’s College of      approved research       three objectives.              students submitted          students in this course
Business is to create a      paper in the field of                                  papers but the majority     must be given remedial
vibrant learning             Economics.                                             of papers only included     support on writing
community of quality                                                                a broad purpose             research papers .
business education,                                                                 statement and only a few    Insufficient guidance was
primarily through the                                                               papers, 5%, incorporated    given and as a result the
scholarship of teaching,                                                            at least three objectives   papers written were not in
for a diverse student                                                               .                           accordance with
population desiring skills                                                                                      standards. The
and competencies                                                                                                department also learned
demanded by the dynamic                                                                                         that a specific grading
global economy.                                                                                                 rubric must be set up and
In accordance with its                                                                                          used consistently among
mission, Albany State                                                                                           faculty teaching the same
University’s College of                                                                                         course. The rubric must
Business displays the                                                                                           include specific
following characteristics:                                                                                      guidelines on establishing
•       Emphasis on                                                                     the purpose and
teaching excellence;                                                                    objectives of a research
•       Technology-                                                                     paper.
enhanced learning               2.      Fifty percent of    For students enrolled in    The faculty have
environment;                    students will earn a        ECON 2105, faculty          recommended that
•       Functional              minimum of .80 on           were not consistent in      required workshops be
education for students of       worksheet used to           their development and       given to students who are
all backgrounds;                demonstrate the six         use of a worksheet.         enrolled in specific
•       A commitment to         components of research      Faculty did, however,       courses that are
student’s success and           (introduction, literature   outline the components      highlighting the use of
outstanding                     review, method of           of research needed for a    formal research including
professionalism of              approach, data analysis,    formal paper, and at        research papers. The
students, faculty, and staff.   and conclusions/further     least 50 percent of the     workshops will be
                                research) on a faculty-     papers graded did           designed to include the
Goal Statement:                 approved topic.             included at least four of   very basic requirements
Graduates of the                                            the six required            of writing a research
Department of Business                                      components.                 paper, including acces to
Administration will know                                                                sites at other universities
principles of effective                                                                 that provide very helpful
communication and be                                                                    guidance and assistance
able to demonstrate                                                                     in writing papers. In
effective written and oral                                                              addition, the department
communication skills.                                                                   is recommending that
(Developed: June 23,                                                                    ASU's English
2006 during Departmental                                                                Department be notified of
Faculty Meeting)                                                                        the writing weakness
                                                                                        noted among most
                                                                                        students enrolled in
                                                                                        business courses and
                                                                                        explore ways and means
                                                                                        to improve the
                     3. Fifty percent of students   A faculty and peer         Faculty are being
                     will earn a minimum of .80     evaluation was not         encouraged, to create very
                     on their oral, power-point     established; however,      psychologically safe
                     based presentation of their    the faculty for ECON       classroom learning
                     research paper (faculty and    2105 did require           environments in which
                     peer evaluated).               students to make           students are encourage to
                                                    presentations of their     speak. More work needs
                                                    paper before the class.    to be done in providing
                                                    The presentations were     feedback mechanisms and
                                                    very weak, with the vast   formal skill development
                                                    majority of students not   for oral communication.
                                                    making satisfiactory       Under the new student
                                                    presentation grades. The   learning outcomes
                                                    oral communication         assessment plan, students
                                                    skills of many students    will be introduced to oral
                                                    taking courses at the      presentation skill-building
                                                    2000 level, especially     in BISE 2010 and BISE
                                                    formal presentation        2040. These courses are
                                                    skills, remain weak, and   traditionally taken before
                                                    the experience with this   ECON 2106, which will
                                                    objective reconfirmed      be the new course in
                                                    this.                      which writng and
                                                                               presentaitin skills are
To engage students   1. All students will know      Faculty used informal      The lack of a
in classroom         the guidelines for             guidelines announced in    standardized rubric was
discussions.         classroom participation        their classes, and         clearly a disadvantage in
                     and the corresponding          incorporated a certain     letting student know up-
                     grading schema for             percentage weight for      front what was expected
                     different levels of            participation in the       of them in class
performance.   overall final grade        participation and
               calculation. The course    discussion . It also
               lends itself to open       resulted in inconsistency
               classroom discussion as    between classes, with
               well as to small group     different instructors, and
               discussion as learning     would lead to
               teams meet to prepare      inconsistency over time
               comprehensive case         from semester to
               analyses. Instructors      semester.
               report that all students
               understood the
               importance of classroom
               discussion, as one form
               of participation in the
               class. The syllabus
               included the following
               statement as one of the
               exit competencies
               expected: Develop
               analytical and
               communications skills
               and demonstrate these
               through case analysis
               and the major case
               project. Moreover, the
               course syllabus included
               the following statement
               under the side-head of
               participation : Every
               student is expected to
               participate and
                               contribute to the class
                               learning experience in a
                               consistent, accurate and
                               constructive manner.
                               Attendance, active
                               participation in class
                               discussions and group
                               work, and the quality
                               demonstrated in
                               preparation of
                               assignments will be
                               significant factors in the
                               determination of the
                               final grade (10% of final
                               grade). The vast
                               majority of students
                               successfully completing
                               the Fall 4199 course
                               earned over 90% to
                               100% percent of this
                               portion of their grade.
                               The instructors report
                               high levels of
                               engagement between
                               faculty and students and
                               among students.
2. At least seventy-five       See above, regarding the     The comments above
percent of the students will   grades received by           apply here as well.
meet the C level of            students in MGMT
participation in classroom     4199.
                       3. Students in their          This assessment was         A committee is being
                       graduating senior year will   difficult to implement as   formed to reconsider the
                       make journal entries          graduating seniors were     portfolio requirement, and
                       reflecting on the progress    from both academic          if it is decided to keep it,
                       and confidence they have      departments, and no         a formal system will be
                       made in presenting their      formalized approach was     implemented in order to
                       ideas and opinions orally     developed to ensure that    ensure that specific
                       in a group setting. Journal   students presented          requirements are outlined
                       entries will be               journal entries. Student    and that students are
                       incorporated into senior      were not notified in        notified of the
                       electronic portfolios.        advance of the              requirements. A grading
                                                     requirements and the        rubric will also be
                                                     college was unable to       required if a portfolio is
                                                     begin development of        consideered usefull.
                                                     the required electronic
To require students    1. Students complete case     A case analysis             The worksheet is seen as
to conduct a           analysis worksheet and 75     workshoeet was              a very helpful resource
comprehensive          percent earn a grade of .80   provided to students        for students as they
case analysis,         or better.                    enrolled in the course.     prepare for their
complete a term-                                     The worksheet               comprehensive case
paper based on the                                   requirements were           analysis, as well as for
analysis, and make                                   outlined by the faculty     their individual case
a power-point                                        and examples were           analysis on a selected
presentation as part                                 shared with the students.   company.
of a learning team                                   The grades for the          Faculty have made
project.                                             worksheet averaged          recommendations to
                                                     between 85 to 95 with a     improve the content and
                                                     majority, 90%, earning      structure of the
                                                     B+ to A grades on their     worksheet, and have
                                                     work.                       incorporated the
                                                         worksheet electronically
                                                         so that students will be
                                                         able to complete the form
                                                         by computer and send it
                                                         electronically. A grading
                                                         rubric will also be
                                                         developed by the faculty
                                                         in order to better ensure
                                                         consistency of grading
                                                         and improved
                                                         understanding of what is
                                                         expected in order to
                                                         achieve a high score. In
                                                         addition, the faculty will
                                                         provide a completed
                                                         worksheet that reflects an
                                                         actual case so that
                                                         sutdents can read a
                                                         sample case, and see how
                                                         a worksheet ought to
                                                         be completed in order to
                                                         receive a grade of A .
2. Students make               Student presentations of The grading by peers was
presentation to class, using   cases this past Fall were not effective as guidelines
power point effectively        of exceptional quality in were not clearly
and having peer and            both classes. Faculty     articulated, and students
faculty grading with at        took greater effort to    tended to award high
least 20 percent earning a     explain requirements,     grades based on
grade of .90 or better.        and that, coupled with    friendship and not
                               the particular make up of objective criteria. Only
                               the classes, resulted in  the instructor of the class
                               very high scores on       was involved in the
                               presentations, the vast   faculty level grading and
                               majority (90%) earning    in the future more efforts
                               grades of B+ and A.       will be made to involve
                                                         non-classroom instructors
                                                         in the grading of
                                                         presentations in order to
                                                         better ensure objectivity
                                                         and consistency across
3. At least fifty percent of   This assessment was       A committee is being
the students make              difficult to implement as formed to reconsider the
graduating senior,             graduating seniors were portfolio requirement, and
portfolio journal entries      from both academic        if it is decided to keep it,
regarding reflections on       departments, and no       a formal system will be
their improvement and          formalized approach was implemented in order to
accomplishments in             developed to ensure that ensure that specific
written communication as       students presented        requirements are outlined
well as in formal              journal entries. Student  and that students are
presentation skills, with      were not notified in      notified of the
note given to their learning   advance of the            requirements. A grading
in teamwork                    requirements and the      rubric will also be
communication skills           college was unable to     required if a portfolio is
gained in MGMT 4199.           begin development of      consideered usefull.
                               the required electronic

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