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					                                                   Good Professional Writers

-Writing infused into             - Make prof contrib to lit       - Success with specific          - Orienting studens to
curriculum                        - Greater faculty sense of       sites/suerpvisors                templates, etc.
-Promoting students getting                                                                         - Rubrics for eval
peer-reviewed pub.                satisfaction                     - Reports in a more timely,      - Opportunites for multiple
- Orienting students/standards    - Access to resources/tools to   efficient, effective writing     types of practice
- Opportunities to ID problems    support writing                  - Writing for reimbursement      - Provide templates
early                             - Improved reputation of         issues                           - Constructive feedback
- Rubrics for eval                program                          - Improves observational         - Admission criteria
- Constructive feedback           - Better academic perf (tests,   skills
- (Grad) pre-assesss of writing
and then creat an earl            etc.)                            - More time for training other
individual plan                   - Success in prof mobility       skills
- Admission criteria-             - Improved oral comm.
Addressing writing in the UG
                                       Adaptive                           Situation-Based
                                  Professional Wrtg                      Writing Skills Only

                                  - Writing successfully for       - Students may not be
- Evidence of plagarism           specific sites                   marketable professionals         - Lack of
- Missing deadlines               - Demand on resources; time-     - Creditability within and       versatility/inconsistent grades
- Lack of technical merit         intensive                        outside profession               across settings
- Poor oral communication         - Students view                  - Creditability for              - Negative community
                                  value/importance less than       individuals/kprograms            feedback
                                                                                                    - Mismatch in academic and
                                  faculty                          - Creating rigid writiers        clinical writing
                                  - Increasing writing demands                                      - Poor oral communication
                                  may push ethical boundaries
                                  - Faculty ends up doing the
                                  - Limits observational skills
                                                    Poor Professional Writers

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