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									Tiffany LaTour, US Airways, Manager InFlight Training Curriculum & Program Development

Tiffany LaTour serves as the Manager, InFlight Training Curriculum and Program Development for US
Airways. Having joined America West Airlines as a Flight Attendant in 2004, Tiffany immediately
transitioned in to the InFlight Training organization where she has held such roles as InFlight
Instructor, InFlight Standards Coach and Curriculum Developer. She worked as part of the team who
designed and facilitated the airlines’ merger training program for 8,000 plus crewmembers. Tiffany
possesses over 15 years of training and development experience and has worked in various training
operations leadership roles for Oakwood Worldwide and a private Child Development & Learning

Joint Scenario Based CRM Training in the AQP Environment…Our Solution

What happens when you place Flight Attendants and Pilots together in a cabin trainer, provide little to
no detail or instructions and say to them “Let’s see how well you work together”. While each scenario
is sure to be unique, one thing is for sure – crewmembers will do their best to resolve any situation
that comes their way! AQP provides both the platform and structure needed to construct scenario-
based joint training programs while the training organization provides an opportunity for crewmembers
to work together. Step in to the world of US Airways’ Integrated Joint Training and see how
incorporating this methodology in to a Continuing Qualification Training program can lead to more
effective crew resource management, crewmember performance and training satisfaction.

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